University Mental Health Day: 1st of March 2018

University Mental Health Day 2018

Students choose to attend university for a number of reasons. Reasons may include, wanting to pursue a desired degree, discovering a potential career pathway, their parents went to University or simply seeking a new chapter in their life. With that in mind, being at university presents students with many avenues of exciting and challenging experiences. … Read More “University Mental Health Day: 1st of March 2018”

Settling Into Southampton: A City Guide of Activities

image of boats in the docks

The largest city in the county of Hampshire, England, Southampton boasts of endless qualities that continue to attract its visitors. One of the most notable features of this major port city is its long-lasting association with the deep blue sea, spanning decades and even centuries. Additionally, it comes as no surprise that Southampton is full … Read More “Settling Into Southampton: A City Guide of Activities”