4 handy hints for freshers moving to Birmingham

Birmingham City University Has Multiple Campuses

Unlike Aston and University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University have campuses in the city centre and at millennium point.

New students attending Birmingham City University can often be confused.

The millennium point campus also boasts a cinema, Think-tank Hub and a fashion gallery.

Your Nightlife May Be Better In Arcadian

Most students living in Birmingham will quickly discover Broad Street, where walkabout, Prizm and other big nightclubs are however, the more experienced night-goers start realising that you may have a better night at Arcadian, with clubs such as Snobs, Club 101 and Bambu.

You start realising this a few months after moving into university after going to nearly every club on Broad Street.

The FREE Museum

The museum in Birmingham is a cracking day out with free entry, wide range of artwork and even some dressing up opportunities.

The museum is located in the city centre approx 3 minutes walk from New Street train station.

China Town

This is definitely a place worth visiting in Birmingham as students are spoilt for choice, from food and drink to a great night out.

You can find the iconic Hippodrome towards the entrance of China Town and the Gay village.