Show the family why Durham is home away from home

If your family are due to pay you a visit soon, chances are you are keen to impress them.

Flying the nest to become independent is a watershed moment in life, and although it is daunting at first, living in a new city is an exhilarating experience.

There is so much to explore, and often the events that take place throughout the year offer a fascinating insight into an area’s character and quirks.

Durham is no different, and if your loved ones are heading over soon to check out your new home away from home, next month provides the perfect opportunity to knock their socks off.

Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice weekend, on 16 and 17 February, promises to be a spectacular occasion that is suitable for all ages. A stunning fire and ice trail will make its way around Durham, where you can expect to be dazzled by hand-carved ice sculptures and flaming beacons that bring literary characters to life.

Leading ice sculpture champions Glacial Art – the brains behind the ice sets seen on mega-hit television show ‘Game of Thrones’ – have inspired the techniques used to build the sculptures for this eagerly-anticipated event, which is completely free of charge.

The trail will take in the castle and cathedral, the bustling high streets and riverside walks, before the grand finale in Durham Market Place. The crescendo is a 30-minute multimedia show featuring music, fire and dancing waters.

Your family also has the chance to get involved, with live demos taking place throughout the weekend and interactive sculptures adding to the party atmosphere.

Fire & Ice weekend is part of Durham Bid, an innovative project geared towards improving the city through a series of creative and inclusive events which are crammed into a busy calendar.

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Give mum and dad a weekend to remember and they will let you off the hook for leaving home!