Our Top Tips for Making Friends at Straits Village

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If you are moving into our Straits Village student accommodation in Nottingham, you are in for an exciting time.

Nottingham is an amazing student city, with loads to do and see, great art and culture, music, sport, and nightlife.

Moving to university might be a bit daunting at first, but there are friends to be made in the city, on your university course, and in our student accommodation.

Here are some of our ‘make friends tips’ that will help you to meet new people within Straits Village and have a great time getting to know people.

There are a few things you can do to meet like-minded people when first moving into your new student accommodation.

We find that this is often the best way to get started in a new place and to make new friends, finding those with a common interest.

Although, there are always good friends in your life who you have no idea how you became best buddies because you have nothing in common – often it’s just about who can make you laugh the most!

make friends tips

1. Cook Together

The communal kitchen facilities at Straits Village are extensive, but an added bonus is that there is also a private dining room that you can book out for a special event.

A fun, delicious way to make new friends on site is to plan a dinner party, cooking together or asking each person to cook a dish for the night.

If it becomes a regular thing, you could promote different themes to keep things interesting and to allow every person to bring their own flavour to a dinner party night.

Go Tacos Tuesday one night, a pizza night on a Friday, and have baking competitions to see who can make the best cake.

There are loads of different options when it comes to student cooking and baking, and it’s a lot of fun!


2. Organise A Cinema Night

Everyone loves a movie, right? Now, imagine that there is a cinema room that you and your new friends can book out to watch your favourite films? Imagine no longer because Straits Village has exactly that.

If you’re looking to meet new people who have a similar interest in cinema as you, organise a regular cinema night and invite people along.

It could be that you create a different theme each time, maybe doing double bills of similar movies, so a Rom-Com night one week, a Superheroes movie night the next, and a Horror theme the week after.

Start out with your favourites and go from there, asking other people to get involved as more people attend, helping you to curate mini film festivals that get everyone talking on site.


3. Host A Games Night

The games rooms and communal spaces at Straits Village are awesome, very big and comfortable.

If you fancy setting up a tournament for table football or pool, we are sure you’ll get plenty of takers.

Even if you’re not hosting a tournament, there will always be people hanging around these and looking for someone to play against.

Use the space for board games, quiz nights, and other events, and you’ll have fun being competitive with others.

Games nights are a fantastic way to see what everyone’s temperament is like, to work out who’s on your wavelength and most importantly who can help you win!


4. Go On A Pub Crawl

One of the best ways to get to know your new Straits Village friends is to go out on the town, and thankfully we’ve located close by to tons of pubs.

There are always loads of pub crawls and nights out that you can sign up to in university with people on your course or through different sports clubs and societies.

Why not arrange something yourself and head out to some of the many great old pubs and big beer gardens in Nottingham, such as The Embankment or The Magic Garden? You’ll definitely have a good time!


5. Head To The Gym

One way to meet like-minded people if you are into health and fitness and love going to the gym is to head on down to the on-site gym at Straits Village.

The gym is a great place to meet new people, especially as you are all in the same boat in terms of living away from home.

Having a gym on site is practical, makes it easier to stick to a routine, and you can make friends to help support each other during gym sessions.

It can become a regular thing where a few of you get together to work out.


6. Use KLIQ

Whatever it is you are attempting to arrange to meet new friends or to have a great time with your new friends who also live in Straits Village, our KLIQ App is an incredibly easy way to do so.

Whether you want to organise a quiz night in the games room, host a themed movie night in the cinema room, or just make good use of the spacious and comfortable social spaces (including the courtyard where you can just hang out with friends), KLIQ has been designed as a free service for our residents.

The app offers the capabilities to organise fun social events, whilst also acting as a way of providing important updates about everything you need to know about the running of Straits Village.


If you are looking to make friends, tips are always useful from those who have been through it and understand how daunting but rewarding moving away to university can be.

You could end up making friends for life with people who live next door to you within your student block., or you might make friends who are with you throughout your university days, and you have a lot of fun with and support each other through those times.

Making friends should be fun, and with these tips of how to make the most of your student accommodation we hope that you settle in well to student life in Nottingham!

Don’t forget to tag us in your pics of you and your besties @straitsvillage_psl.