Top 10 Festival Fashion Trends & Outfit Ideas for 2022/23

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Top 10 Festival Fashion Trends & Outfit Ideas for 2022/23

We all look forward to some buzzing festivals with all the latest festival outfits and trends that you’ve been waiting to wear this season.

Coachella, Creamfields, Glastonbury, Tomorrowland… Does not matter how many festivals you are attending this year, you’ll have the perfect set for each day with the outfit ideas you’ll find here.

Festival playsuits, leather jackets, flared jeans… Prepare your wardrobe with these top 10 festival fashion trends & outfit ideas and make space in your gallery for the load of Insta-pics you’ll take!


1. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots were present in 2021 and will be staying with us in 2022.

You can achieve the whole country look by wearing a white 90s inspired dress.

If you have a vintage leather jacket in your collection, it might also be a great choice for the whole look.

2022 is the perfect year for experimenting with your clothing, so bring up all your dresses, tops, trousers and skirts and find the style you like!

Metallic Western boot in green


2. Baggy Jeans

Comfy and cute, baggy jeans are finally trending!

This type of jeans is not just for staying at home and rolling on your sofa but is also one of the biggest festival fashion trends of 2022.

Take all the tops you have and try to create different outfit pairings. You’ll see that it does not matter what you wear, it all looks nice with a good pair of jeans!

If you are tired of denim, most of the shops also offer the same style in other fabrics and colours. Cargo trousers maybe – you’ll have tons of pockets as well, it is a win-win!

The best part is that we can find a wide range of prices for all budgets, so you don’t have to blow your entire budget on fashion; save it for the festival tickets.


ASOS DESIGN vintage look wide-leg trousers in bright apple co-ord

ASOS DESIGN Mid Rise Organic Cotton Blend Oversized ‘skater’ Jean in mid wash


3. Mix Colours

Have you asked yourself what are the colour trends this year? Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink… Exactly, they all are!!

Don’t be scared and start mixing bright colours. Why not an orange top with a green suit set? Or maybe go shopping and buy a colourful blazer and match it with the different dresses you already have in your festival wardrobe.

The new, colourful trend offers plenty of opportunities to make use of those crop tops, dresses and all clothing we thought we would never use again, and the best part is that you can buy new items without having to think too much about how you will match then!


Tailored Double-Breasted Blazer


4. Crochet Outfits


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Time to bring your needles out!

Crochet became one of the most popular hobbies during the pandemic and now it’s time to wear the results.

Crochet midi and mini dresses, co-ords and other two-piece sets are the festival outfits you will see everywhere this year.

Everyone is becoming obsessed with wearing crochet outfits, so it’s time to join the fashion crowd!


Multicoloured Crochet Mini Skirt

Halterneck Crochet Midi Dress


5. Corsets


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The Bridgerton has taken its tolls!

So many hours watching the Netflix TV show and pondering how all of the ladies look so spectacular – well, it’s the corsets!

You’ll find them with or without sleeves, in different fabrics, different colours… a huge range of options to choose from. Even Kevin Mazur, John Shearer and Sean Zanni wore it for the MET Gala 2022.


UO Harlow Tie-Back Corset Top

Satin Corsetry-Inspired Crop Top


6. Chainmail


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Who doesn’t like to shine? This festival season, shiny chainmail-inspired looks will be the trend!

Dresses and crop tops are the items everyone is adding to their wardrobes, but if you look to wear something even bolder, you can give a try to the rhinestone range!

Festival fashion is 100% going to be full of these outfit ideas!


Chainmail Cowl Neck Relaxed Mini Dress

Metal Halterneck Top

Rhinestone Top


7. Matching Sets


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Matching sets are a fashion trend this year, good news for our pockets!

Choose your favourite print and get your dream set, most fashion retailers offer tons of different looks to choose from so don’t worry about copying others!

You can always add a personal touch with your favourite outwear, shoes, a bag or other accessories!


Chocolate Rib Tie Front Cardigan and Flared Trousers Co-ord Set

Satin Wrap Mini Skirt and Top


8. Caps & Bucket Hats


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You either love or hate bucket hats, but it is a fact that these are trending this year.

Checking the accessories section of well-known brands like Bershka, Missguided and ASOS you’ll notice a huge range of different hats and bags.

For those that prefer a more discreet outfit, plain caps will give you that “Hailey Bieber” glow without drawing too much attention.

If you prefer the fun-chic look, you’ll be able to find plenty of caps and hats in different colours and prints. Just buy two or three so you can pair them with different outfits!


Cotton Twill Cap

UO Washed Canvas Oversized Bucket Hat


9. Bikinis and Swimsuits


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If you are not visiting the beach this summer but still have your favourite bikinis and swimsuits in a box, don’t worry, someone came up with the great idea of using them as normal clothing!

Wide Leg trousers with a Bikini top or that famous red swimsuit with shorts and sneakers. For more ideas, you can always check Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram profile.



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10. Euphoria Makeup and Mini-Bags

And the last touch!! First of all, if you have not seen the TV Show yet, please do it, and once you have finished it, take notes on the makeup because it is the new trending style this festival season!

Take all the glitter you have been storing for years (since Y2K maybe?), neon colours for Maddy’s Neon Look, crystal rhinestones and your favourite eyeshadow palette and start with a tutorial!

There are different looks to choose from on the TV show for all tastes and technique levels. Find the one that best matches your personality, will it be Maddy, Cassie.. maybe Lexi?




And that’s it! Get all your favourites and don’t worry – you can always bring them for Freshers – we love a sustainable queen! We will make sure that your student accommodation has plenty of space to store all of your gorgeous outfits!