Freshers Week 2021: What Is It And Why You Should Get Involved

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Freshers Week is coming quicker than you’ll believe, and we want to prepare you fully for what to expect.

If this is your first year of university then you have SO much to look forward to. Honestly, it’s going to be a wild ride so make sure you’re strapped in and raring to go!

The first few weeks can be daunting and that’s one of the main reasons uni’s organise Freshers Week. 

If you don’t know much about this particular week, then don’t worry! We’ve prepared a full guide just for you, with all the information you could need to get by. 

Keep reading to find out more…

1. What Is Freshers Week?


Freshers Week occurs at the beginning of your university journey and might also be referred to as Welcome Week. 

It’s basically a time for you to settle into your university life, meet new friends and course mates on a deeper level. 

Your uni will most likely organise a huge variety of events such as the freshers ball, freshers fair and student union nights out!

This is your time to spread your wings, pluck up some courage and go speak to people who you think you’d get along with!

It’s also a time for you to get familiar with your surroundings, ‘cos we bet most of you are moving away from home to a completely new city…

2. When Does Freshers Week Start?

calendar for freshers week 2021

This is something your university will provide information on, but generically it can start from the end of September and will finish at the beginning of October.

Wow ‘helpful’ you might be thinking…honestly, we know! If only we could have access to all the dates for you, oh how that would make our life easier!

In all seriousness, dates change frequently so it’s best to head onto your university or SU website and search for freshers week dates. Then you’ll be sure to have the correct ones 🙂 

3. What Actually Happens During Freshers Week?

people having fun in freshers week 2021

Honestly, there’s so many events you’ll find it difficult to keep up. But overall, there’s a few things you defo need to attend during this popular week. We’ve listed them below for you!

Night Outs

Freshers Week is renowned for hosting vibrant parties and nights out around town. You’ll be inundated with posters, flyers and social media posts regarding different events you can attend. 

It’s a fantastic way to blow off some steam and say goodbye to any feeling of nervousness! 

Get in touch with your course mates or flatmates, ‘cos you’ll probably find they’re itching to book tickets for these night outs too!

Students Union

Freshers Week is a great time to familiarise yourself with your new campus and especially your students union (SU).

The SU will be your hub for any advice you need, accommodation help, money talks and tips on getting through your university life!

During this week, they will most likely organise events such as fairs, quizzes, nights out and offer support and advice services.

It’s not a place to be scared of, they’re here to help so you have nothing to be afraid of!

If you’re interested in getting a job here, they usually offer a range of part-time jobs online, so make sure to head to your SU website and get cracking on your CV.


Are you interested in a specific hobby? If so, joining a society will be the best option for you!

During the Freshers Fair, you’ll get an introduction into all the societies on offer. It’s a great opportunity to chat to other students who have similar interests and see if you get along!

From here, you can write your name and number down on a list and they’ll get in touch with you to join their society. 

Most students, who’re part of a society, believe that their university experience wouldn’t have been the same without joining…so what’s stopping you?!

4. How Much Money Will I Need?


Most new students find that they don’t need much money at all during Freshers Week 2021, ‘cos most events are usually free.

Being frugal with your money during Freshers Week is kinda important, you don’t want to have to skimp through the rest of the year.

All we suggest is don’t go spending every penny of your student finance loan…we promise you’ll regret it!

5. What Is Freshers Flu? Will I Get It?


Well well well, this is definitely a topic which will have mixed opinions!

Freshers Flu is basically a British term used in student life to represent a battery of illnesses contracted by new students during the first few weeks

Common symptoms include fever, sore throat, severe headache and coughing…we know what you’re thinking – it’s basically Coronavirus?!!

This may or may not occur to you during Freshers Week, but if you do feel any symptoms you’re best to head straight to get a COVID-19 test and double check. 

If you’re negative, all you will need is to rest up, hydrate yourself and take either paracetamol or ibuprofen!

6. I’m Worried, Why Should I Get Involved In Freshers Week?

girls in a group celebrating their first uni term

There’s nothing to be worried about, Freshers Week is ace! You’re guaranteed to have an excellent time no matter what you get up to.

If you’re living in shared student accommodation, it’s a fab way to spark conversation with your flat mates. However, if you’re living in a studio apartment, this week can allow you to make friends outside of your accommodation so you won’t feel lonely!

Freshers Week gives you the opportunity to explore your new town and meet new people. It’s a big part of your first month of uni, so don’t miss out because you’re feeling worried.

Your SU will be able to provide instant support and reassurance during this period, so for more information, defo head to them!

EEK! It’s so exciting and we’re so jealous of you getting to have the best social life ever. Make the most of Freshers Week 2021 ‘cos its a once in a lifetime experience and you’ll regret it if you don’t. 

If you’re an international student, most universities will offer support for you moving over to the UK. However, we do have a blog which gives you hints and tips on how to settle into your new home! Make sure to check it out!