The Best Student Accommodation in Birmingham

Moving to a new city or country can be a daunting process, so location is crucial.

Birmingham is a big city, boasting a range of cultures and experiences.

Living in a convenient location is essential, as walking to the coach station, train station and shopping centre makes life much more straightforward. Being close to student night clubs and hotspots is also a big plus.

Bromsgrove House is located in the heart of China Town, walking distance from all the attractions above and more!

If you fancy fine dining, the Mailbox is just a five-minute walk away, as is Arcadian, where you can find all the trendy student night clubs and restaurants.

Not only is location a bonus at Bromsgrove House, you will also benefit from the unique facilities on site such as the karaoke room to test your singing skills and a cinema room.

No need to leave Bromsgrove House for movies when there is a 90-inch TV screen to enjoy!

If that’s not enough, you can also make the most of study rooms, gyms, a cook house and two gaming rooms as communal spaces.

Bromsgrove House facilities were designed to ensure your  living experience is second-to-none.

We’ve spoken about all the fun features, so what about the cost? Our deposits are the cheapest in town at £99, and all your utility bills are covered plus a spacious studio for only £175.

We make luxury living affordable with our spacious rooms, great location and all our on-site features.

For more information on Bromsgrove House click here or book and make the most of our fantastic features and low deposit!