10 Stylish Decorating Ideas For Your Student Studio Flat

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Just because your student studio flat may not be a huge living space, doesn’t mean you can’t make it look absolutely fabulous!

There are plenty of great ways to utilize the space you have and make it feel much more open and airy in many creative ways.

You want to come home from university to your nicely decorated student accommodation, because stylish interiors are the way forward, right?

So whichever studio you decide to go for, in whatever location, we’re here to make sure you make it look as wonderful as possible.

We’ve done our research and compiled a list of 10 stylish studio decorating ideas to get you started, we hope you’re ready to turn your studio into an interior design haven! 

Stylish Studio Flat Decoration Ideas

1. Soft Throws

St Giles student accommodation decoration
St Giles Studios Student Accommodation in Durham

A nice soft throw over your bed can create a nice warm cosy atmosphere in an instant!

Making your bed in the morning really sets you up for the day, and it’s these little aspects of interior design that add up to create a lovely looking studio.

Our stunning St Giles Studios Student Accommodation in Durham gives us some fabulous examples of soft throws, that make the bed look super inviting.

What colour you opt for really depends on the colour scheme in your room as well as personal preference.

Warm tones will make your studio flat seem warm and cosy, but cooler tones can give a modern edge, if that’s what you’re trying to achieve.

They may seem purely decorative to you, but soft throws can be really handy, especially when it’s starting to get a little chillier and you need that extra warmth!

Dunelm and Next sell some great fluffy throws that’ll add some serious style to your studio flat in no time, for quite a good price too. 

2. Premium Bedding

Stylish student studio decoration in Leeds
Symons House Student Accommodation In Leeds

The benefits of premium bed linen are second to none, not only do they give you a fabulous night’s sleep, but they look great and super stylish too!

With a choice of so many different colours and patterns, you can pick exactly what you think will make your student studio flat look best.

An investment in great bedding is really an investment in great sleep, and will ensure you’re feeling well-rested and ready for a day at university!

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, often when we need to be alone or need to feel relaxed, our bedroom is our sanctuary, so we need to feel good in it.

That’s why one of the best studio decorating ideas is to purchase some premium bedding so you can have a beautiful centerpiece for your room!

If you take a look at our Symons House Student Accommodation in Leeds, you’ll see how much of a difference having premium bedding makes in your studio.

Bedding can range in price, with some being particularly expensive, and others being a little more affordable.

Be sure to check out Debenhams, which often have bedding in their sale section, or even Harrods if you really want to push the boat out and experience bedding luxury!

3. Houseplants

House plants make for stylish studio decoration

Everybody loves a good houseplant, whether you go for real or artificial, they always seem to look effortless and cool.

Some say that houseplants can actually improve the performance of students, which is another good reason to have them in your studio!

They clean the air, reduce the levels of carbon dioxide increases, and add a generally stylish aesthetic to any room.

If you want to purchase an indoor houseplant, there’s plenty you can get online from shops like Waitrose, Homebase, or Amazon.

Artificial houseplants can look just as good though, and you don’t need to worry about forgetting to water them!

And if you want to decorate with some stylish plants and not break the bank, we’ll share a little secret. Take a trip to IKEA which is pretty much a plant lover’s dream, with artificial and real plants galore at student-budget prices, what’s not to love?

4. Wall Art

Student studio decoration idea with wall art,

Wall art is a great studio decorating idea, which can turn a plain-looking studio into a stylish space in a matter of minutes!

Understandably so, you can’t drill any holes into your wall at your luxury student accommodation, but you can buy these amazing sticky strips for your wall art.

They don’t leave any leftover marks on your wall either, so you don’t have to worry about damaging anything!

Pictures can really add depth to a room, giving it a burst of colour as well as a personal touch.

If you want some artistic wall art, as well as some digital prints, check out Desenio – they sell high-quality posters that you can stick on your wall with or without a canvas.

Alternatively, if you want to print your own canvas, My Picture are well known for their fabulous canvas prints in a range of different sizes.

5. Eye-Catching Rugs

Fluffy rug for studio flat decoration

Rugs are important statement pieces for your studio, they add effortless style, not to mention cosiness!

There’s nothing nicer than stepping onto a nice fluffy rug on a chilly winter’s morning to warm up your toes, right?

Whether you choose something bold to add some pizzazz to your studio, or something a little more neutral, there’s plenty of options available.

Wayfair have plenty of bright eye-catching rug options, but it really boils down to your sense of style.

Geometric shaped rugs always add dimension to a room, with the classic shaggy rug adding warmth to your studio, there are loads to choose from on Dunelm too!

6. Colourful Vases

Decorating studio flat with a vase of flowers

Why not put a nice colourful vase on your desk, filled with fresh/artificial flowers?

Not only will it make your studio smell great, but it’ll make it look very aesthetically pleasing too.

Flowers can reduce stress and seriously boost your mood, some may even help you sleep!

Pairing your flowers with a funky vase is a seriously killer combo that’s going to really impress visitors when they come to visit you in your studio.

If you’re feeling a little out there, Etsy have a whole bunch of funky vases on sale, with shops like Next having some fabulous options too.

When it comes to picking your flowers, you could grab them fresh at your local supermarket/florist, or get some artificial ones which look just as nice!

The Range have plenty of artificial flowers that aren’t overly expensive,  but if you want to splash out a bit more, Wayfair have some beautiful options too.

7. Mood Lighting

Studio decorating idea with fairy lights on the wall

Pretty lights can make your studio feel relaxing and calm, perfect for when you’ve had a stressful day at university.

Fairy lights are a great statement piece to place across your desk, to add some nice aesthetics to your room!

Globe string lights are great at outlining a feature wall, or you could clip some cute photographs on a strand of lights for a display.

There’s plenty of shops you can buy fairy lights from in a variety of colours, such as Dunelm or Argos.

Other options for stylish lighting accessories for your studio could be a lava lamp, or a Himalayan salt lamp to add some calmness to your room!

8. Cushions

Comfortable cushions for student studio decorating idea
33 Parkside Student Accommodation In Coventry

Having cushions in your studio can add serious style and comfort in an instant!

They create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to really bring a room together without being totally overpowering.

The colour of the cushions you go for really depends on the colour scheme of your studio, but we’d recommend going for something neutral for the back set of cushions, and a pattern at the front for a statement.

For an inspiring studio decorating idea, take a look at our handy cushion work at our 33 Parkside Student Accommodation in Coventry, the navy and yellow tones to together a treat!

9. Diffusers

Decorate studio flat with diffuser

If you want your studio to smell divine, you need to purchase a diffuser! Not only does it look stylish, but it also creates a lovely smelling atmosphere too.

Amazon have a range of affordable diffusers ranging from £20-£30, there’s plenty of essential oils on the website too in various different scents.

We’d recommend opting for calming scents such as lavender and tea tree to create a nice relaxed vibe in your studio.

10. Ornaments

Ornaments used for studio decorating idea

Adding a bit of personality to your studio is essential, and what better way to do this through some ornaments!

Whether you opt for traditional ornaments or something a little more modern is really down to you and your taste.

Wayfair have a fabulous range of studio décor available on their website, guaranteed to add serious style to your student accommodation.

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