Postgraduate student living

At Prestige Student Living we offer a range of properties suitable for any postgraduate study, including taught and research programmes. Our properties are all in excellent locations across the UK. It’s our prime locations and all-inclusive rents that make life so convenient for our postgraduate students.

Where to live and who to live with?

At Prestige Student Living we understand that where you decide to build your home away from home at university is a massive decision. To be successful as a postgraduate student you have to consider you options carefully before deciding what’s best for you.

Whilst cost and location are as important as ever, your priorities may have changed with your new level of study. Having your own independent space may be just what you need to achieve your goals for this academic year. Or, you may choose to create a home with friends who are also continuing their studies.

Many postgraduates and final year students choose to build their home with us, so why not take a look at our luxury student properties in your city?

Funding and finance

Funding is a key element for all postgraduate students. Some universities offer bursaries and scholarships for students in a range of different disciplines. And, many high street banks now offer low-interest loans for students interested in further study.

Certain national bodies and charities also provide funding to a limited number of students. So, don’t hesitate, take the time to research what might be available to you. If you’re a UK or EU citizen and are considering delaying your postgraduate study, you may be able to apply for a student loan to help cover your tuition fees and living expenses.


Postgraduate student living allows you to meet new people in a brand new city, creating brand new experiences. Prestige Student Living offer a fantastic student experience to build life changing memories with all of your new friends.


The world of work is a key factor for all postgraduate students, so, once settled into your new home, Prestige Student Living can offer you guidance and support to find a job that’s right for you.

By working with some key partners Prestige Student Living are offering you the opportunity to start adding skills and experience to your CV. In addition to your academic qualifications, it’s worth considering volunteering and work experience to supplement your skills base.

Speak with one of our partners COOPLE and let the right job find you.