8 Bands From Birmingham You Should Spotify Right Now

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We bet a lot of you have heard of Black Sabbath – one of the biggest bands to come out of Birmingham, and we’re sure everyone of you knows the name Ozzy Osbourne, but what about the up and coming artists?

For those lucky enough to be studying in Birmingham, you should know that you share a city with some amazing bands that you should definitely Spotify asap! Go, Go, Go.

If you’re looking for new bands from Birmingham that you need to listen to, get ready to rock n roll, and even sing your heart out to these fantastic artists.

Don’t forget your headphones so you can listen wherever and whenever you like… 

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1. Mutes

Mutes are a post-punk band from Birmingham which originally began as a solo project by frontman James.

They have come a long way from their debut in 2014 with their latest album “Dreams Of Being Cornered” having been released in 2021.

With great guitar riffs and vocal melodies, we really do recommend checking the album out.

They play a lot around the UK having shared stages with the likes of God Damn, Johnny Foreigner and Sauna Youth to name a few.

Keep up to date with their latest news by following their Facebook page.

And don’t forget to check them out on Spotify – you never know, you may find more songs to add to your fave playlist.



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2. Cut Glass Kings

Looking for some new rock n roll artists to add to your Spotify playlist? 

If so, check out the Cut Glass Kings – formed by childhood friends Greg McMurray and Paul Cross.

Cut Glass Kings released their self-titled debut album in 2019 which became an instant hit on Spotify, with songs filled full of great drum beats, nice harmonies and catchy riffs, this is a band you don’t want to sleep on!

If you are a fan of bands such as Cortes, Moses, Band of Rascals and Electric Enemy, then these are definitely for you.

So go listen, you won’t regret it! 



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3. Chartreuse

When it comes to bands from Birmingham, popular four piece band Chartreuse is not one to miss out on. 

Their sound has been described as “ambient dark-pop whilst keeping the classic sounds of folk, soul and jazz that they are influenced by”.

Members include brothers Michael and Rory Wagstaff and childhood friends Harriet Wilson and Perry Lovering.

Having toured across the UK as well as the Netherlands and Austria, we’re sure they’ll be coming to a venue near you soon, take a look at their Facebook page for all updates and upcoming events.

If they sound like a band you would love, then Spotify is definitely the place to go to check them out.



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4. Terror Watts

Terror Watts is a UK garage rock combo band who you need to add to your list of bands to listen to! 

Composed of vocalist and guitarist Tom Hughes, Bassist Jake Wilks and Drummer Olly Caunce, they have already made their mark on the local Birmingham music scene.

Having been influenced by bands such as Weezer and Descendants growing up, Terror Watts stick by the ethos of only writing songs which they can have fun with. 

We’re certain you’ll have fun whilst listening to them, and you never know, you may find your fave new artist whilst you’re there! 



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5. Table Scraps

Table Scraps are a band which are really making an impact on Birmingham’s local music scene, and if you haven’t listened to them yet, you really need to! 

Not only have this garage rock band toured Europe, but also South by Southwest in Austin, Texas where they can count Idles, Amyl & The Sniffers and Monster Magnets as new fans.

They are one of the best recent bands to come out of the city, and a must listen is their most recent album Coffin Face which was released back in 2021, and is available to stream on Spotify.

Keep up to date by following their social media for upcoming events and new releases.



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6. Cage Park

A band you should be listening to right now is Birmingham’s Cage Park!

This indie band are influenced by the likes of Sorry, FEET and Pixies and take inspiration from the post-punk scene.

The theme of their songs mainly explore whatever they come across in their lives, the music industry and relationships.

They personally describe their sound as a combo of modern UK post-punk and some old school 90s music, with interesting dynamics, structural and vocal changes to keep you on your toes.

If you and your friends are looking to get a taste of Birmingham’s vibrant music scene, head over to their Spotify to check them out – don’t miss out.



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7. The Clause

Never hear of The Clause? Well now you have!

This up and coming four piece indie band formed 7 years ago in Birmingham, when the members were only 16, having been inspired by big bands such as The Rolling Stones, ABBA and Kasabian. 

When asked to describe their sound, they responded with “having 60s swagger, an 80s groove and a 90s attack”.

One of their biggest moments is playing Glastonbury – we think that says it all!

A must-listen hit of theirs is ‘Time Of Our Lives’, go and listen to them over on Spotify now and let us know what your go-to tune is! 

Psst, they’re actually touring this Spring so make sure to check out if there’s any events taking place near you… 



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8. Dorcha

If you’re looking for a band which is out there and experimental, then Dorcha is the band for you. 

Full of synths, strings, electronics and heavy beats this five piece band explores an array of genres.

From classical to punk, trashy pop to psychedelic math-rock, they really do take you on a journey.

If you’re able to, make sure to head to one of their gigs, described as enigmatic and accompanied by visuals that excite and bewilder diverse audiences.

They released their first album “Honey Badger” in 2020 – giving you 14 songs to grace your ears.

What’re you waiting for? Add them to your monthly Spotify playlist now! 



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There we have it musical lovers, our list of 8 bands from Birmingham to Spotify right now.

Now you’ll have plenty of local artists to play at your next listening party with your friends, or to put on for a nice break between studying. 

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