8 Cosy and Homely Ways to Decorate Your Student Room

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Your new student accommodation is a comfortable place for you to set up home over the next year or three. You’ll have all the mod-cons, comfortable bed, study desk, en suite bathroom, and storage solutions to make it a great place to live.  

What about making it a real home for you though? You’ll have to think about how you wish to decorate your student room. With the right touch you can transform your everyday room into something incredible that feels like you.  

We’ve put together some hints and tips to help you decorate a student room to make it cosy and homely.  

Decorating student room

1. Bedding & Towels 

A quick fix to make a student room cosy is to invest in your own new bedding and towels.  

You can buy really comfortable and stylish bedding for quite cheap these days (from places like Primark, Wilko, or B&M). 

A few cushions and comfy pillows to pile up on the bed, and fluffy towels that add that little but of luxury will go a long way to making you feel at home in your new student home.  


2. Get A Bedside Lamp 

One of the first things you should do to decorate your student room is to think about the lighting. A nice bedside lamp can make all the difference to the ambience of the room.  

Choose a lamp that fits your personal style and has a softer light than that of the main lights in your bedroom (these can often be quite harsh and bright).  

A lower wattage will certainly help improve the mood and make it the perfect place to relax and call home after a hard day of study. 

Bedside lamp

3. Plants & Greenery 

A touch of green, a plant or some flowers can make a big difference to how a student bedroom feels. You can easily add vibrancy and colour to your room with a carefully located plant, mini citrus tree, or even a fake plant (if you aren’t the best at keeping real plants alive for very long).  

It makes all the difference to how you feel in your new home, and you can arrange them on your windowsill or in the bathroom. 

Bloom & Wild has a wide selection of plants and flowers, offering a 30% discount for students on their first order, and 20% after that. 


4. Add Your Own Favoured Scent 

At first your new student home might smell bland, or of nothing at all.  

There’s a good chance it’ll smell of cleaning products, which is a good thing as it means it’s really clean when you move in. However, you don’t want it to smell like that the whole time!  

You might not be allowed candles in your student apartment but there are other ways you can add your own favoured scent and make it smell fresh and lovely all year round.  

Flowers and plants can help with this, as can diffusers with essential oils. 

Essential oils

5. Framed Photos & Prints 

It doesn’t have to cost you much money to buy some nice frames to put up on your wall.  

Put together a selection of your favourite photos of family members and friends and frame them to go on your desk and on the wall.  

You can make a collage of pictures of friends to help you feel at home right away.  

Instead of posters on the wall, why not try framing prints of your favourite bands, films, or artists? It makes it feel less like a teenage bedroom and more like an adult student home. 

Framed prints

6. Fairy Lights 

 A few fairy lights draped around the window, above your desk and mirror and hanging above your bed can add a magical feeling to any room.  

Decorating your student bedroom can be achieved easily, transforming a boring bedroom with something simple like a set of fairy lights.  

Added with comfy blankets and bedding, a nice scent, and reminders of home and friendships around you, fairy lights can help to calm things down and keep you relaxed.  

It’ll make your bedroom a welcoming place for new friends to visit.  

Fairy lights

7. Improve Storage Solutions 

 Even though you’ve moved into luxury student accommodation, a few personalised storage solutions can make a massive difference to how comfortable your new home is.  

Separating different aspects of your room will also help you be more productive when you study, and more relaxed the rest of the time.  

Storage boxes for under the bed or on top of the wardrobe, separators and extra desk storage can keep things neat and tidy. Helping you to know exactly where your study materials are when you need them, and exactly where your next set of toiletries and clean bedding are when you need to change things.  

A simple storage solution when decorating your student room helps to make things cosy. 

Storage boxes

8. Black Out Blinds 

Every person is different when it comes to how light they like their room to be at night.  

If you are struggling with the curtains in your room and want less light to filter in at night and when the sun comes up, why not look for some stick on black-out blinds.  

You can sleep in as late as you want, comfy and oblivious to the outside world when you need that extra restful time. There are some fantastic options of black-out blinds out there, with some good quality blinds available for just a fiver 

Blackout blinds

Before you start to decorate your student room you’ve got a blank page to work with. You really can change and shape your new home to look and feel exactly how you want it.  

Your mental health, productivity, resting time, and happiness will all be improved by just making a few small changes to your room.  

Whether it’s a few plants, comfy bedding and towels, rearranging the furniture, or making sure that the lighting is low and subtle, you’ll soon feel right at home in your student room. 

That’s it everyone, we hope we’ve managed to help you with ideas to decorate your student room! We wish you all the best in your student journey.

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