8 YouTube Channels Every Student Should Follow

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Isn’t the world of YouTube fun? You can find yourself working your way through videos whilst relaxing in your luxury accommodation and find that hours have gone by!

There’s some fabulous content on YouTube out there, whether it’s cooking, true crime, influencers or gaming, there really is something for everyone.

YouTube videos can be super useful and even educational at times, it’s not just fashion and clothes hauls! (Although they are fun right?)

We’ve done our research and gathered a list of 8 YouTube channels every student should follow, to provide you with much entertainment during these strange times!

But first, lets answer a few important questions you may be wondering…

Do I Need A Subscription To Watch YouTube?

do i need a subscription to watch youtube

The good news is, you don’t need a subscription to stream YouTube videos, in fact, you can watch videos on YouTube for absolutely no cost at all.

YouTube have recently introduced a premium feature which does cost £11.99 per month, but of course, that’s entirely optional, you can just use the free standard YouTube if you’d prefer.

Just simply link YouTube with your Google account, start subscribing to the channels who put up content you like, and watch to your heart’s content!

How To Get YouTube Without Ads?

youtube without ads

If you want YouTube without the annoying ads, you’re going to have to pay!

As previously mentioned, YouTube’s new premium feature will cost you monthly, but will get rid of those pesky ads in the process.

This also includes video overlay ads, and you won’t see third-party banner ads and search ads either.

The new function will also let you download videos to watch offline, and play videos on your device when your screen is off.

Let’s get into the YouTube channels every student needs to follow:

1. The School Of Life

the school of life youtube channel for students

This channel is a collective of psychologists, philosophers and writers who are devoted to helping people lead calmer lives, with less worrying.

Whether it’s improving relationships, deepening social connections or being more motivated, The School of Life has a video for pretty much every subject you can think of!

Maybe you want to learn to love yourself more, or want to take things one day at a time? The School of Life are here to help you.

Being a student can be tough at times, and this channel is perfect for reassurance and general positivity.

2. Lydia Violeta

lydia violeta youtube channel

Lydia’s channel consists of university vlogs and plenty of advice, perfect for students to pick up some hints and tips.

She also has a range of easy student meal tutorials, so you don’t have to rely on instant noodles and beans on toast every night!

She refers to herself as a ‘Study Tuber’ inspiring students to revise and teaching viewers how to be successful in their university studies.

If you’re feeling a little demotivated, we’d definitely recommend subscribing to Lydia to help you feel prepared and ready for the week ahead.

3. Tasty

tasty youtube channel ideal for students

Get ready to practice your culinary skills, because Tasty has plenty of scrumptious recipes that are bound to impress your new friends.

Cooking meals when living away from home may be a struggle for some, which is why we’d recommend students subscribe to this channel for plenty of inspiration!

Learn how to make mooncakes or even a 4 course Italian meal on date night to impress your partner.

The great thing about tasty is the vast range of videos, there’s thousands of recipes suited to everyone’s taste buds, whatever your preferences, all simply explained too.

4. First We Feast

first we feast youtube channel students should follow

Join host Sean Evans for Hot Ones with a whole bunch of famous celebrity guests and plenty of juicy questions!

The catch is, the celebrities have to brave spicy hot chicken wings as they’re answering the questions asked.

It sounds like a pretty simple concept, but it’s actually really entertaining, and you get to see what celebrities can handle their spice!

Sean Evans is a fabulous interviewer with a lot of in depth questions that viewers are just dying to know the answers for.

This is a nice easy watch to relax to after a long day of studying in your luxury student accommodation to really unwind and chill out!

5. OfficialNerdCubed

official nerd cubed youtube channel

For any gamers out there, OfficialNerdCubed is an absolutely hilarious channel, with plenty of content to keep you busy.

His channel usually consists of game walkthroughs and reviews for the latest gaming products on the market, with some pretty useful information.

Most of the videos on his channel are quite long, and he even plays games with his father which is highly entertaining!

Check out his channel if you want to take your mind of studying for a short while and prepare for much entertainment.

6. Tea Spill

tea spill youtube channel

If you’re a big fan of YouTube drama, you need to subscribe to Tea Spill, who will keep you up to date on all the latest gossip!

Covering drama between big names such as Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson and James Charles, you don’t need to worry about missing out on anything on this channel.

Tea Spill is mainly for beauty guru fans who are into their makeup tutorials. The likes of Jeffree Star and Nikki Tutorials are big names in the beauty industry you need to check out if you haven’t already!

7. Blogilates

blogilates youtube channel for students

With a crazy 5.3 million subscribers, it’s no wonder Blogilates is a super popular channel amongst students!

The best part about this channel is that Cassey Ho has loads of equipment free tutorials, so you don’t have to spend money on expensive gym equipment to keep fit.

If you’re not in the mood to visit one of our fabulously equipped on-site gyms featuring in many of our accommodations, Blogilates is perfect for you!

From 10-minute fat burning videos to 20-minute abs and cardio workouts, there’s so much fabulous content on this channel.

It’s the perfect feel-good channel to keep you nice and motivated, especially when you may be feeling a little sluggish.

8. Vagabrothers

vagabrothers youtube channel for students

Got a passion for travelling? You need to subscribe to Vagabrothers, two wanderlust-fuelled brothers who aim to see the world.

Each video is in the style of an aesthetically pleasing documentary in different locations, guaranteed to give you the desire to travel.

Whether you wish travel in the future, or you’re just simply curious, this channel will keep students entertained for hours on end with beautiful content.

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