Amazing Activities To Do For Mothers Day 2023

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It’s March! Which means Mother’s Day is getting closer, this year it is on Sunday the 19th of March.

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration to honour the mother, motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.

Mother’s do a lot for their children and family and this certainly deserves some recognition. A mother’s love is something special and to be treasured whilst you still can experience it.

So, choose this day and even weekend to spoil her rotten and show her just how much she and everything she does is appreciated.

Your student accommodation may not cater much for this but there are definitely some amazing Mother’s Day activities you could do together.

Read on to find some inspiration…

mother's day activities

1. Spa Weekend

Mother’s are busy bees, always on the go and rarely get time to chill and relax. So, treat her to a well deserved spa weekend! 

This is a perfect time to spend some quality time together whilst enjoying a massage, pedicure, manicure or whatever you decide to do.

Take a soothing dip in the pool or lounge by the pool in those comfy robes they supply you with to have a break from your normally hectic schedule.

Buyagift offers some amazing spa packages for Mother’s Day so head on over to grab your special gift.

Although, you don’t need to spend a bunch on a spa weekend – you could still have an awesome time with a home spa weekend.

Why not transform your home into your own personal spa and put on some face masks, do each other’s manicures and pedicures, and put on some relaxing music to sooth you as you lie there? Sounds relaxing to us! 

spa weekend mother's day

2. Afternoon Tea

If you are after something more simple then how does spending time together with some afternoon tea sound?

Get away from the usual household chores by catching up and have a good time over a tier of sandwiches, cakes and scones.

It is a guaranteed perfect afternoon where you can debate whether it’s jam and then cream or cream and then jam on your scones or why certain toppings are the best.

Or better yet why not create your own selection of sandwiches and cakes that include all your mum’s favourite toppings and tastes.

You could even turn the dining room into your own little cafe for this special occasion.

afternoon tea mother's day

3. Movie Marathon

There are not many times where you can just sit and do nothing for a whole day – at least for a mum.

So a day with her feet up and watching whatever she wants is a fantastic way to celebrate this Mother’s day! 

Grab all the snacks, a blanket and the remote and get cosy on the sofa ready to chill for the whole day.

Flick through Netflix or Amazon Prime for the perfect series to watch together or maybe you have your mum’s favourite films on dvd, set them up and off you go.

You don’t need to spend a lot or go anywhere fancy to have a great Mother’s Day, just make sure she knows she is appreciated and loved.

movie marathon

4. Go For A Walk Or Bike Ride

A perfect day doesn’t mean that it has to be elaborate, a simple walk or ride together is equally as special.

Get outdoors and go for a hike together to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery on a very special day.

Or grab your bikes and head out for a nice ride together whether that is just round roads or off-road through beautiful landscapes.

A great way to clear your head and have fun at the same time.

So, research some trails and don’t forget to pack a picnic so you can make a day of it! 

going for a walk mother's day activities

5. Dinner Reservation

This Mothers Day, if you’re looking for activities then you could think about booking a table for the whole family or just the two of you at one of your Mum’s favourite restaurants! 

A table at one of her favourite restaurants can only make this special occasion even more special and definitely one for the memory books.

You could make it even better by keeping her in suspense and making it a surprise. 

Let the excitement and wonder build up till it’s time to leave and drop some hints along the way before the big reveal. 

It will be a fun and an amazing way to celebrate mum on Mother’s Day with a lovely meal and a few tipples. 

dinner reservation mother's day activities

6. Go Shopping

Who doesn’t love to shop? We certainly do!

There is no better excuse to shop than a special occasion whether that’s birthdays, Christmas or in this case Mother’s Day.

So plan a day of shopping – visit her favourite store(s) or maybe visit a local market if there is one close by.

Wherever you go be sure to treat your mum to an extra special gift.

That could be the local jewellery store for a little bling, new clothes or even a new bit of decor for the house which brings a special memory behind it.

Head on down to town and be ready to spoil her rotten, you could even finish off the shopping trip with a nice bite to eat or a few drinks. 

shopping mother's day activities

7. Explore The City

Exploring your university city with your Mum this Mother’s Day is a good opportunity to explore everything it has to offer, and better yet, you get to do it together.

Research all the popular things to do in the area and make a plan of what both of you would like to do.

Maybe there is a local museum that has caught your interest or an arcade which promises some fun, fun, fun as you channel your inner child by playing on the slot machines – are you feeling lucky?

You can show your mum the ropes and take her to all your favourite places in your new student city or town.

Good luck with your exploring! 

exploring mother's day activities

8. Game Night

If you don’t fancy leaving your house then a game night is right up your alley. 

What better way for the family to spend time together than a night with some classic board games.

Rake in the cash as you build your properties in Monopoly, or try out your sleuthing skills in a game of Cluedo – we suspect it’s Miss Scarlett with the candlestick in the ballroom!

Looking for something more interactive then how about a game of Pictionary to test your acting skills? 

It will be a fun way to end the special day but let’s not start any arguments now, it’s supposed to be a happy day.

games night mother's day

9. Bake Together

You really can’t go wrong with baking so why not bond over some baked goods you created together? 

Now everyone loves a good cookie so try Baking Mad’s Mother’s Day biscuit recipe which can be decorated with messages for your mum, such as “Best Mum Ever” and “I Love You”.

Or try a few recipes to make cookies in all your mum’s favourite flavours. We have found a few you may like the look of. How about some red velvet cookies, chocolate caramel cookies, candy bar cookies, chocolate cookies and lemon butter cookies.

If cookies aren’t her thing then baking her favourite cake will certainly do the trick – make sure you have all the ingredients first otherwise a hasty run to the shops will be required.

Well that is our list of 9 amazing Mother’s Day activities complete. We hope you treat your mum like the queen she is this Mother’s Day and treat her to a well deserved rest if nothing else.

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