7 Best Places To Find Haggis In Edinburgh

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Haggis is a savoury pudding containing sheep’s pluck, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, salt and mixed with stock.

This super delicious meal is the national dish of Scotland and is available at plenty of restaurants around the city.

When studying in Edinburgh, it’s always a great idea to get to know the local cuisine, after all, your luxury accommodation isn’t too far away from all the delicious eateries!

We’ve done some research to ensure you get the tastiest Haggis there is to offer, take a look at our list below:

1. Brasserie Prince At The Balmoral

This stunning five-star brasserie on the idyllic Princes Street is part of the Balmoral Hotel and is where J.K Rowling stayed when writing the final Harry Potter!

Combining classic French cuisine with delicious Scottish produce, Brasserie Prince by Alain Roux is a chic, relaxed restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh.

The Brasserie marks a partnership between chefs and restaurateurs Alain and Michel Roux Snr and the Forte Family.

Get ready to enjoy a delicious Prince haggis dish with ‘neeps & tatties’ (mashed potato and mashed turnip) with a boulangère gratin and whisky sauce.

2. Wedgwood The Restaurant

Paul and Lisa Wedgewood were adamant they wanted to create ‘the perfect night out’ for those visiting their restaurant.

Located on the iconic Royal Mile, Wedgewood The Restaurant produce delicious seasonal Scottish dishes in an ambient setting.

The best part is, Paul Wedgewood won the Chef of the Year title at the Edinburgh Restaurant Awards 2019, emphasising their passion and dedication for creating great food.

This restaurant incorporates the classic Scottish dish haggis into plenty of their meals, including their Inverness venison with its own haggis, carrots, celeriac, dauphinoise potatoes and kale from the evening menu.

The Wedgewood Haggis with Jerusalem artichoke and kale is another dish appreciated for its innovation, offering plenty of flavour.

3. Arcade Bar: Haggis And Whisky House

This super popular eatery on Cockburn Street is known for their love of haggis and whisky!

With lovely staff and a buzzing atmosphere, this restaurant provides great service and delicious food to match.

They offer complimentary haggis balls to try with some whisky, which is great if you’re not sure whether you want a full meal of haggis.

There’s also gluten free haggis on the menu as well as a delicious steak and ale pie we’d urge you to try!

4. Henderson of Edinburgh

If you want to try some vegetarian haggis, Henderson of Edinburgh on Hanover Street is the place for you!

Their haggis is absolutely delicious and mainly consists of lentils, kidney beans, mushrooms and spices served potatoes and swede (of course!)

All other options on the menu are vegetarian and vegan, making this a generally fabulous place to visit whilst studying in this beautiful city.

5. Sir Walter Scott Tea Room

Why not relax in the Sir Walter Scott Tea Room? Offering traditional Scottish food, it’s the only place on Princes Street with waitress service!

Whilst enjoying your food, you’ll be able to soak up the beautiful scenes around you as Princess St. Gardens and The Castle are right next to this venue.

On the menu, they offer a “Tastes Of Scotland” menu available from 2pm everyday for just £12.95 per person.

You can pick any 3 dishes and enjoy some delicious taster plates; we’d highly recommend the traditional haggis with oatcakes and chutney or the cullen skink with freshly baked bread.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can even swap one of your taster plates for an ice cream sundae if you’d prefer something sweet to go along with your meal.

This charmingly classic eatery is tucked away on the third floor of Scottish gift shop Romanes and Paterson’s, so be sure to keep your eye out!

The staff are all dressed in traditional tartan, which really adds to the atmosphere, offering a warm friendly service and some delicious local haggis to match.

The food here is always made completely fresh, which is another bonus to add to this lovely venue.

6. The World’s End

This pub is known for its bustling atmosphere and great range of beer along the iconic Royal Mile.

The name of the pub itself derives from the sixteenth century when the pub was right next to the old city walls, making this a really historical place to visit.

Aesthetically, the dark, cosy interior with dimmed lighting adds to the cosy atmosphere when visiting here.

With a whiskey and cheese sauce option to go on top of your haggis, The World’s End pub makes Haggis that little bit extra interesting for your taste buds.

Although you might be a little dubious to try Haggis for the first time, this eatery makes it much easier with their tasty options for the dish.

We’d urge you to try the haggis nachos if you feel like something uniquely delicious, it’s also important to note that the portions are very generous at The World’s End!

7. The Last Drop

If you want atmosphere, then you need to visit The Last Drop on Grassmarket, a classic Scottish pub brimming with friendly staff and delicious food.

It’s said that the area of this location was one of the main gallows in the city where crowds would flock in huge numbers to see public executions.

Grassmarket also used to be where local farmers brought their hay and other produce for sale, making this eatery full of rich history.

If you don’t feel like having a full haggis meal to yourself, you can try a taster of haggis, neeps and tatties for just £6.

The Last Drop in particular are known for their unforgettable haggis, with plenty of sterling reviews about their twist on the classic Scottish dish.

As well as the usual classic haggis dish, they also have meals with hints of haggis, including pork and haggis sausages with mash with gravy, as well as balmoral chicken with haggis and bacon served with a creamy mash.