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London is a vibrant and diverse city, bustling with opportunities for students from all walks of life. But with such a vast array of neighbourhoods to choose from, finding the right area for you can be daunting. In this blog, we’ll explore the best areas for students to live in London, from trendy hotspots with bustling nightlife to quiet residential areas with easy access to universities. 

Whether you’re seeking an active city vibe or a more laid-back atmosphere, we’ll provide insights and recommendations to help you find the ideal locality for your university experience in the bustling metropolis of London.

Top view of London

Is London a good place to live as a student?

London is one of the best places to live as a student if you want to make the most of your university life.

This city is filled with trendy cafes, restaurants, and bars and always has so many exciting events going on. 

At the same time, it’s important to note that the city is also relatively expensive compared to others. With it being the capital city, London is known for its high cost of living.

But with good budgeting, you should be able to get the best out of the city without breaking the bank!

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London Transport Zones

London is known for having excellent transport links, meaning you can get around the city with ease even without having a car. 

While thinking of the best places for students to live in London, it is very important to know about the different transport zones which are there in London, so you know how long it can take you to get to uni.

The transport zones in London go from 1 to 9. 

Zone 1 is around the centre of the city with popular attractions like Big Ben, and the Tower of London are others within easy reach from there. 

Zone 9 on the other hand includes the outskirts of London with residential neighbourhoods and green spaces that are farther away from central London.

To sum it up, the closer the zone is to 1, the closer you will be to central London. Read this article on London Underground: The Tube to find out more details on the different zones. 

Once you have a clear idea about the different zones, you can then narrow down your search when it comes to looking for the best places for students to live in London. 

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Localities in London 


Paddington is a lively and diverse neighbourhood in London, offering a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. 

With its central location and excellent transport links, it’s a popular choice for students seeking convenient access to universities and the city centre.

Students can enjoy exploring iconic landmarks such as Little Venice, as well as nearby green spaces like Hyde Park. 

With a vibrant atmosphere, cultural attractions, and plenty of amenities, Paddington provides an ideal base for students looking to immerse themselves in the bustling city life of London.



If you are looking to make the most out of the cultural life in London, then Camden is definitely a place that you should check out. Famous for its markets and buzzing nightlife, you will never run out of things to do here.

It is also one of the best places in London to immerse yourself in the local music scene with jazz bars and local venues hosting events all year long.

Nature lovers can head to Primose Hill where you can enjoy the best views of London amidst stunning green scenery. 

Read this blog on Fun Things To Do In Camden to get an idea of how you can enjoy your student life in Camden. 

Camden Market- best places for students to live in london

Notting Hill

Notting Hill, located in West London, is a vibrant neighbourhood with a rich cultural scene. Students looking to move there will find a mix of trendy boutiques, bustling markets, and charming cafes lining its beautiful streets.

Known for its colourful houses and annual Notting Hill Carnival, the area has a lively atmosphere. 

You can explore Portobello Road Market for vintage finds and immerse yourself in the local arts scene at venues like the Notting Hill Arts Club. With excellent transport links and a diverse community, Notting Hill is a great city for students to call home.

Notting Hill


Wembley is a popular area for students to live in London. You will find different types of residential areas and cultural attractions that you can enjoy.

Home to the iconic Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena, the area hosts major sporting events, concerts, and performances, ensuring that you have plenty of entertainment choices. 

You can explore the bustling Wembley Market for food, fashion, and so much more. 

The excellent transport links make getting around the city so much easier. Overall, Wembley is a great and well-connected locality for students to experience the best of London!

Wembley - best places for students to live in london


Shoreditch, located in East London, is a vibrant neighbourhood known for its creative energy.

This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a hub of artistic expression, trendy cafes, street art, and hip boutiques.

With its diverse community and thriving nightlife scene, there’s always something happening, from live music gigs to pop-up markets. 

In your free time, you can explore the famous Brick Lane and the diverse food range that it offers, discover hidden gems in vintage shops, and soak up the unique street culture which is truly like no other!

With excellent transport links and a buzzing vibe, Shoreditch offers an exciting and vibrant locality for students looking to embrace London’s creative spirit.

Street art in Shoreditch - best places for students to live in london

Where is the cheapest place to live in London for students?

There are several localities in London that are cheaper than central London. Lewisham is a well-known area in London that is known for its cheaper rent without compromising on any of the amenities. 

Croydon, Suttoon, Havering, Bexley and Harrow are some other less expensive areas to live in London as a student as well. Read this article on the 10 cheapest places to live in London to find out more.

London road view

In conclusion, London offers an array of diverse and vibrant neighbourhoods for students to call home. Whether seeking the bustling energy of central areas like Camden or the artistic flair of Shoreditch, there’s a perfect fit for every student’s lifestyle and preferences.

From the cultural richness of Notting Hill to the dynamic atmosphere of Wembley, each neighbourhood has its own unique charm and amenities to explore. With excellent transport links and a wealth of opportunities for entertainment, dining, and recreation, students can truly make the most of their London experience by choosing the best place to live for their needs and interests.

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