Books To Add To Your Reading List During Black History Month 2022

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Coming up this October is Black History Month 2022 in the UK, to celebrate we are recommending 6 must-read books on Black history that you should pick up this month or any time of the year.

To learn about and celebrate Black British achievements and the contributions people with African and Caribbean heritage have made to the UK’s history and culture, make sure you add these books to your reading list this October! 

Black History Month

Why is Black History Month Important?

Black History Month is an annual celebration and commemoration of Black people around the world, and their achievements and contributions throughout history.

The first Black History month was in 1987 and has continued ever since to promote racial equality and help tackle the fight against discrimination within the UK. This year’s Black History Month theme is Time for Change: Action Not Words.

There are many reasons why it is important to celebrate Black history – not only for the month but all year round.

For one, a better understanding of Black history helps people to realise that it is also British history. It is a part of this country’s past that should never be forgotten but should be taught, learned from and celebrated.

A better understanding will help to reduce discrimination and makes it harder for people to ignore the existence of racism.

A place to comfortably discuss race – challenge misconceptions and a way to learn from one another to break down those barriers.

Plus a way to pay respect to those who fought for freedom and to those who were not credited for their work and contribution to society that you see today.

But most importantly it represents the continued fight for racial equality, with racism still experienced today – in the workplace, schools and in everyday life.

Black History Month highlights the inequality and discrimination that is still around in society today and why change is still very much needed.

This October be part of this fight to stop racial discrimination, learn more about Black accomplishments and their experiences, voice your own experiences and be part of the change this country needs!

If you want to read more about Black History Month 2022, please head over to the official website here



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Book Recommendations for Black History Month

These 6 books will help educate you on Black history, the remarkable achievements of Black British people over centuries, what needs to change and how you can help fight racism and bring the change society needs.

We bring you a variety of books from stories told by the points of view of African women to events throughout history that have shaped how Britain is today.

So here are 6 books to add to your list this Black history month!

Black History Month books

New Daughters of Africa: A International Anthology of Writing by Women of African Descent: 2

The New Daughters of Africa book portrays the richness, range and diversity of African women’s voices through a collection of stories.

Told in various ways – autobiography, memoir, letters, short stories, novels, poetry, drama, humour, journalism, essays and speeches – each tell a story of their remarkable achievements.

On top of that they pay tribute to their heritage and discuss common obstacles they experience around issues of race, gender and class.

This book is told from many peoples perspectives and a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about the experiences of women of African descent throughout generations.

Grab your copy here.



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Black and British: A Forgotten History

Black and British: A Forgotten History has been fully revised and updated to include chapters covering the Windrush Scandal and the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

It draws on genealogical research, original records and expert testimonies to bring you Black history dating back to Roman Britain.

Highlighting how Black British history is intertwined with the cultural and economic history of Britain.

David Olusoga confronts taboos and reveals unknown scandals to bring to light how the lives of Black and White Britons have been woven together for centuries.

This book will give you great insight of the issues of racial discrimination throughout the years – you can purchase the book here.



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100 Great Black Britons

100 Great Britons honours the remarkable achievements of Key Black British people over the years.

The book was built on the back of Patrick Vernon’s 100 Great Black Britons campaign in 2003 – focusing on the role of people from African and Caribbean descent in British history.

The campaign was a major success with Black historical figures being included on the national school curriculum and statues and memorials built and blue plaques put in honour of them and more.

This book has been updated with a list of new names from role models to little known historical figures – each entry exploring in depth the individual’s contribution to British history.

These contributions to history should be acknowledged and celebrated, so pick up your copy here.


Everyone Versus Racism: A Letter To Change The World

“I just want equality, equality for all of us. At the moment, the scales are unfairly balanced and I just want things to be fair for my children, my grandchildren and future generations.”

Patrick Hutchinson was photographed carrying a white injured man to safety in 2020 when there was a confrontation between Black Lives Matter demonstrators and people who protested against them in London.

Here he writes a moving letter to his children and grandchildren, describing the realities of life as a Black man today and why we need to unite to inspire change.

A fantastic and informative book on why we must keep fighting for change – grab your copy here!


Me and White Supremacy: How To Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the World

This book is great for anyone who wants to self-reflect on their own behaviours and help be the change the world needs.

Me and White Supremacy shows the readers how to rid themselves of privilege and how they can help others do better.

It has been updated and expanded for a more deeper look into the issues you see today with historical and cultural contexts, sharing stories and includes expanded definitions and examples.

If you really want to help change the world, then pick up a copy here


Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

Emmanuel Acho in Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man takes on all the questions white people are afraid to ask – no matter whether they are large, small, insensitive or taboo.

He explains what is at the heart of concepts from the likes of white privilege, cultural appropriation and reverse racism.

This book gives the reader a better understanding of racism and how things need to be changed with a compassionate and understanding discussion.

The book is available here.



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So that’s the end of our post on Black History Month 2022. Why not take a read of these insightful books in your student accommodation and celebrate the contribution Black communities and individuals have made to help shape the diverse country we have in the UK?

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