Discovering Durham: An Adventure Sitting On Your Step

Situated on the River Wear to the west of Sunderland and to the south of Newcastle, Durham City is a place for adventure.

An interesting fact about Durham is that its name derives from the Celtic word ”dun” meaning a hill fort. The city today can be traced back as far as AD 995, which is evident from Durhams scenic landscape and beautiful architecture.

Bearing in mind the cities robust medieval history, Durham has the perfect blend of adventurous and historical activities.

Here are some of those adventures waiting to be discovered:

Haswell National Route 14 Cycle Route

Exploring Durham City can come in many different ways and one way to do this is by bike.

image of two girls cycling

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Conveniently, your bike journey in discovering this amazing city starts at Territorial Lane in Durham City Centre.

This Is Durham (.com) provides thorough written directions for bike riders including a map of the cycle route (see link below).

This is a perfect way to explore the city for any adventure or cycling fans.

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Durham University Botanic Gardens

Since its official opening in 1988, the Botanic Garden at Durham University continues to satisfy the environmental and science connoisseurs of the world.

Positioned on the periphery of Durham City, the 25-acre site attracts approximately 80,000 people a year. This is no surprise, as the Botanic Garden provides a wide variety of natural and man-made beauty.

For instance, the Botanic Garden hosts a collection of exotic plants from countries, such as South Africa, China and South America. Additionally, the garden is home to tropical insects and includes a science trail for the education and science appreciators.

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Escape Rooms Durham

Described as a combination of ‘The Crystal Maze’ and ‘Cluedo’, the Escape Rooms is a popular choice for people who acquire the taste of a challenge.

Situated in the heart of Durham City, the Escape Rooms offers the visitor ”something different” when it comes to experiencing adventurous activities. Here, you are part of a team of 3-6 people, whose goal is to solve puzzles in order to escape the room you are locked in.

The Escape Room staff are known to derive from various working disciplines, including the theatre, West-End musicals, and gaming.

This is certainly an experience that requires the effort of teamwork, as well as your thinking caps!

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Durham Castle Tours

If you are fascinated with the medieval era then the Durham Castle Tours may be of interest to you.

image of Durham Castle

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The City of Durham boasts of its extensive and rich medieval history and the castle tour experience allows the visitor to step back in time to this medieval period harnessing a truly unique experience of British antiquity.

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Top Gear Indoor Karting

If you have an aptitude for racing, speed and fun then Top Gear Indoor Karting may be a place for you to consider.

Situated close to Durham City, this indoor karting experience offers fun coupled with a hair-raising experience for people looking to share an exciting afternoon with each other.

Top Gear Indoor Karting is a 200-metre track accompanied with various amenities, including food and drink.

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