The Wellbeing Hub: 10 Insta-Worthy Walks in Durham

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Your student accommodation in Durham is in one of the best locations in the country if you like to go out for walks in the countryside.

There are plenty of walking and hiking routes out in the open air in County Durham, all within easy reach of Durham itself.

In fact, it’s hard to narrow down the best walks in Durham, but we’ve had a go at it.

So, get your walking boots out, your waterproofs on just in case and marvel at some of the best countryside walks you’ll find anywhere in the UK.

1. Derwent Reservoir

Derwent Reservoir

One of the easiest walking routes, which is a great one for beginners, Derwent Reservoir has a multi-user path that has some absolutely stunning views of the reservoir and surrounding areas.

Start your journey at the visitor centre and you’ll have a path that goes two miles down to Pow Hill Country Park or 3 and a half miles to Millshield where there is a lovely picnic spot.

Derwent Waterside Park is a fantastic spot for scenic walks along the reservoir, with plenty of wildlife for nature enthusiasts and the darkest and clearest of night skies that must be experienced to be believed.

2. Heritage Coastal Walk

Heritage Coastal Walk

Starting at the North Dock in Seaham, this walk is an 11-mile route that goes south towards Crimdon along the coast.

For those of you looking for walks in Durham that offer spectacular coastal views, this one is for you.

There are breath-taking views from the cliffs, brilliant areas of grassland that is home to some fine wildlife, such as the Durham Angus butterfly, and an all-around awe-inspiring experience.

3. Finchale Abbey

Finchale Abbey

Founded in 1196 on the site of the hermitage of St Godric, Finchale Abbey is a site of ruins with some interesting history behind it.

Just a 10-minute drive outside of Durham itself, the Abbey is a nice spot to sit for a while with some lovely walks in and around the site of the former Abbey.

During World War II, it is thought that the German Luftwaffe mistook the Abbey for Durham Cathedral, bombing the site as clouds obscured the majestic cathedral at the last second.

True or not, it’s a wonderful story to think about on this lovely Durham walk.

4. Nose’s Point

Nose’s Point

A great example of a post-industrial landscape that has been transformed into something natural and beautiful.

Nose’s Point is the gateway to the Durham Heritage Coastal walk, with meadows full of wildflowers, sea caves that are eerie and fascinating, and Blast Beach, which was used as the background for the opening scenes of Alien 3.

As far as Insta-worthy walks in Durham go, this is one of the best for some weird and wonderful photo opportunities.

5. Durham City

Durham City

A weird one this, as you might think it’s odd to suggest the entire town as an Insta-worthy walk, but it makes sense when you think about how stunning Durham is at every turn.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site has scenic walks along the river, little alleyways to explore, peaceful parks, and the looming Durham Cathedral that can be seen from every single part of the city.

What it means is, that wherever you walk in Durham, you’ll have the chance to take some amazing photos.

6. Low and High Force

Low and High Force

Although this scenic walk is around an hour away from Durham itself in the car, it is worth the journey.

A five-mile circular walk that takes in both High and Low Force waterfalls and between the twosome of the most stunning countryside views within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

When you first see the biggest waterfall in England, you’ll understand what we mean by Insta-worthy walks.

7. Weardale Way

Weardale Way

If you are looking for a much longer walk to take up an entire day, or weekend, the Weardale Way takes in 77 miles of some of the best nature that County Durham has to offer.

There are different ways to approach it, from the Killhope Lead Mining Museum or the mouth of the River Wear. Along the way, you’ll pass by Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral.

8. Teesdale Way

Teesdale Way

Adding to the distance of the Weardale Way, Teesdale Way takes the route to a spectacular 100-mile route that starts at the source of the River Tees up in Cumbria and goes all the way to South Care on the Teesside coast.

The 20-mile stretch in Country Durham that is part of this trek includes Langdon Beck, the High and Low Force waterfalls, and some quaint little villages, such as Egglsetone and Cotherstone.

9. Castle Eden Dene National Nature Reserve

Castle Eden Dene National Nature Reserve

When exploring the Durham Heritage Coast, you’ll find Castle Eden Dene is an exquisite example of how Britain used to be, centuries ago.

The wildwood scenery is exactly what this country used to look and feel like, and this woodland trail winds through various ancient trees, oaks, rocky outcrops and provides some exhilarating walks and some fantastic opportunities to stop and take some great photos for your Instagram account.

It will honestly feel like you have stepped back in time, miles away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

10. Hardwick Park

Hardwick Park walks in durham

What we do well in this country is the changing scenery throughout the year.

When going on Insta-worthy walks in Durham you’ll find a completely different setting in some areas if you go out for a walk during spring than you would in the autumn time.

At Hardwick Park you’ll experience some of the best examples of this changing landscape, with beautiful golden falling leaves during autumn, the bright greens signifying hope during spring, or the crunchy, frosty ground beneath your feet during winter.

Hardwick Park is beautiful no matter what time of year you visit, and you’ll definitely find some spots for incredible photos for you to wow your followers on Instagram.