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Are you considering studying in Glasgow? If you’re keen to know what sets this vibrant port city on the River Clyde apart from other student locations then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this post we’ll be discussing what exactly Glasgow is famous for, and why it’s such an amazing place to call home whilst studying at university. 

Hopefully you’ll come away from reading this blog knowing more about this iconic Scottish city, and you’ll feel set on heading to Glasgow for the next academic year. 

Sit back, relax and discover more about Glasgow below! 

Glasgow famous for

1. Largest City In Scotland 

Glasgow is the largest in Scotland, yep that’s right, it’s actually bigger in terms of area and population than the capital city of Edinburgh. 

That’s not all either, it’s also one of the biggest cities in the UK which means there’s plenty to do and see to keep you busy during your student years, with something for everyone to enjoy. 

With a student population of around 67,000 from 140 different countries, you’ll meet people from all walks of life whilst studying here too.

So, if you’re wanting to make unforgettable memories and friends for life, Glasgow may be the student city for you! 

Glasgow famous for largest city in Scotland

2. UNESCO City of Music

Glasgow has been named a UNESCO City of Music since 2008 so this city has you covered when it comes to live music and entertainment. 

With tons of world-class artists and bands hailing from the Scottish city, from Franz Ferdinand to Belle and Sebastian to Deacon Blue to Simple Minds to Primal Scream and many more, it’s safe to say that the music scene in this city is impeccable.

If you’re a music lover wanting to experience everything that Glasgow has to offer, you can head to one of the many iconic venues such as King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Barrowland Ballroom, OVO Hydro and The Garage to name a few. 

No matter the genre of music you’re into, this city hosts intimate gigs to sell-out arena concerts to incredible festivals so you’re bound to be impressed! 

Glasgow UNESCO City of Music

3. One Of The World’s Friendliest Cities

Moving away from home to study at university can be daunting, but thankfully when you choose to head to one of the 4 universities in Glasgow, you’re sure to feel at home in no time at all. 

Don’t just take our word for it, Glasgow is famous for being one of the world’s friendliest places and the city’s slogan is ‘People Make Glasgow’ so you’re bound to be surrounded by many warm and welcoming Glaswegians! 

You can explore Glasgow, engage with its diverse communities, and make the most of your student life in this remarkable Scottish city. 

people make Glasgow

4. World Class Museums & Galleries 

Glasgow is a culturally-rich city home to a variety of museums and galleries, and many are even free to visit so you don’t have to stretch your student budget for a day out. 

If you’re wanting to learn more about the history and culture of this Scottish city, you can head to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, The Gallery of Modern Art, The Burrell Collection, The Riverside Museum and so many more places. 

With so many world class museums and galleries across the city, you’re bound to find somewhere that suits your cultural tastes – we’ll leave the exploring up to you! 

World Class Museums & Galleries Glasgow

5. Historic Architecture

Another one of Glasgow’s famous attributes is its 19th-century Victorian architecture and early-20th-century “Glasgow Style” architecture developed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. 

Did you know Scotland’s most famous architect,Charles Rennie Mackintosh, attended the Glasgow School of Art? Interesting right! 

Walking through the city is like taking a trip back in time with architecture from mediaeval times to the Victorian era so you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities on every corner.

There are so many impressive buildings in this Scottish city such as the Riverside Museum, the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens, Glasgow City Chambers, Mitchell Library, Glasgow Cathedral and tons more historic buildings. 

Glasgow historic architecture

6. Big Filming Location 

Glasgow is such a remarkable place to live and study, with its impressive architecture, ranging from mediaeval buildings to modern structures, this city is a popular filming location for Hollywood films and TV shows. 

There have been all kinds of films and TV shows shot in Glasgow, from Trainspotting to The Batman To World War Z to The Flash to Batgirl and so many more. 

Once you move to Glasgow, you can check out the locations in the city where some of your favourite films and TV shows were filmed, and you never know, you may even see some camera crews during your student years as it is a popular filming hub! 

An event you must attend if you’re a film lover is the Glasgow Film Festival, which is one of the UK’s leading festivals, showcasing the best of local and international cinema from February through to March.

Glasgow filming locations for tv shows and films

7. Sporting Excellence 

Glasgow is renowned for being a city of sporting excellence, being home to two of Scotland’s major football clubs, Celtic F.C. and Rangers F.C, who are known for their intense rivalry, referred to as the “Old Firm.” 

If you’re a football fan, you’ll be amazed to know that the first international football game in the world actually took place in Glasgow, where England and Scotland played against each other in 1872. 

Another fun-fact about Glasgow is that it is home to the oldest swimming club in the world, the private Arlington Baths Club, which opened on 1 August 1871! 

Whilst studying here, you can head to one of the city’s many professional sporting events whether it’s watching a football match, rugby match or basketball match. 

Glasgow sporting excellence

8. Food & Drink Scene

What else is Glasgow famous for? Well, Its award winning food and drink scene is definitely one to rave about. 

This Scottish city is home to cuisines from all over the world with fine dining, Michelin star restaurants, pop-up cafes, street food vendors and much-loved independent restaurants for you to make the most of. 

If you’re keen to try some Scottish delicacies like Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Glasgow boasts an array of restaurants serving traditional Scottish dishes. 

Glasgow’s thriving bar culture means that there’s no shortage of hotspots to visit for a few tipples with your friends and some first class entertainment.

So, if you need to unwind and let your hair down after a busy day at uni, there’s bars to suit all tastes and budgets! 

food and drink scene

Our student guide has gone over just a few of the many reasons why Glasgow is famous and loved by students and locals alike.

The Scottish city’s vibrant culture, historical architecture, friendly locals, thriving music scene and so much more make it a brilliant student city with so much to offer!

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