The Student Guide To 10 Romantic Winter Date Ideas

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With Winter being the gloomiest season of them all, it will soon be time to pile on a layer of clothes with a big fur lined coat, and to grab a pair of gloves and a scarf to keep you warm in the cold months ahead.

But don’t let that get you down, because Winter brings you one of the best holidays of the year  – CHRISTMAS!

We believe Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year after Valentine’s Day, and brings you plenty of more things to do that you can do together.

So no matter if you are looking for something to do for a first date or you’re in a long term relationship and wanting to find something romantic to do, these 10 Winter date ideas will be perfect for you.

1. Ice Skating

Ice skating is definitely a skill, some take to it like a complete natural whilst others don’t quite get the hang of it.

It is a good way to bond, especially if you are both bad at skating. You can hold each other up and help each other if you fall.

We are sure it will be an hour of fun that you can have a good laugh over with a cup of coffee or some delicious hot chocolate to warm you up afterwards.

So head down to your local ice rink or visit a temporary ice rink set up just for Christmas like Skate Manchester for a romantic and exciting date on the ice!

Ice skating rink winter date

2. Christmas Markets

Every city holds a Christmas market each year full of tasty food, traditional drinks and unique little gift stalls that are great for those token Christmas presents.

A perfect setting for a romantic date – strolling through the market together under the beautiful Christmas lights, having a drink of mulled wine or eggnog, enjoying some sweet treats and possibly buying a little gift for your date.

There are Christmas Markets across the UK so we’re sure they’ll be one in your uni city or town. 

If you’re wondering where the best Christmas Markets are, take a read of this guide. 

If you’re wanting to find one near to you then do a search on Google – we hope you enjoy the festivities!

Christmas Markets winter date

3. Christmas Lights Display

Our next winter date idea is to visit a Christmas Light Display with your significant other. 

There are many places across the UK that hold festive displays so there should be some near you to visit this Winter.

So why not experience a magical date together under the twinkling lights?

Walk through the gardens of stately homes, all dressed up for you to enjoy this festive season or visit the city centre for the Christmas lights switch on.

To find some of the best Winter wonderlands have a read of this guide – you won’t regret it, we promise!

Christmas light display winter date idea

4. A Cosy Weekend Getaway

If a break is what you need, then why not spend a weekend away together to relax. 

How does a romantic getaway in the country sound?

Book a cabin for a few days where you can keep toasty and warm in front of the fire for a nice and quiet evening in your partner’s company. 

Take a morning walk together in the cool fresh air – don’t forget to wrap up warm to keep the chill out. 

And overall get away from the hustle and bustle of the city where everyone is busy, busy, busy.

Click here for some inspiration for a countryside holiday.

Cosy weekend getaway

5. Indoor Ski Resort

Winter is the season for snow but here in the UK we don’t always get enough to create a makeshift slope that we can sledge down. 

So why not head down to an indoor ski slope instead?

It can be something you can learn together if neither of you have skied before – it will be a great experience for both of you! 

Or if one of you can ski but the other cannot, teaching your partner how to ski will be a great way to bond and spend time together.

There are 9 places across the UK where you can ski, to check them out click here.

Indoor ski resort winter date idea

6. Watch A Film

Some of the best dates are the simplest ones that don’t cost a lot or no money at all. 

Going to the Cinema or staying home to watch a film can be one of the best date ideas, especially in Winter when it’s likely to be raining and maybe even icy.

Plus you have a variety of genres to choose from – settling down with some popcorn and watching a romantic film to set the mood, or even a Christmas film to keep it festive and lighthearted. 

If there’s a drive-thru cinema in your area why not go with your significant other and have a movie night?

Nothing says cute vibes quite like cuddling up and watching Love Actually, eh?

Just make sure you can agree on what to watch!

Cinema winter date ideas

7. Go For A Walk

To stay on the simplest dates can be the best theme, if you live near a nice park or greenspace why not go for a nice long walk together? 

It will be a nice little date that can clear your head and set you both up for a great day. 

Plus it doesn’t cost a thing, unless of course you want to make a little Winter picnic or grab a warm brew for your walk! 

Winter walk

8. Cooking Classes

If the outdoors is not your thing, then why not go to a cooking class together? 

It’s an activity that you can do together whilst staying out of the cold and rain.

Make that dish you have always wanted to make, find new recipes you’ve never heard of and broaden your experience with different cuisines all whilst spending some quality time with your loved one.

Find some of the best cooking classes across the UK here.

This way, you’ll be prepared to cook your Christmas dinner! 

Cooking classes couple

9. Theatre

As Winter and Christmas approach, pantomimes start to come to theatres near you, and what an ideal winter date idea. 

You can have a few drinks and maybe even a bite to eat, whilst having a laugh and a good time with your partner! 

What show is on depends on the theatre near you so be sure to check what is local here.

Definitely look into what your theatre has to offer this Christmas, there’s tons of pantos to suit everyone. 

Theatre show panto

10. Bottomless Brunch 

Finally on our list of winter date ideas is going to a Bottomless Brunch. 

Did someone say UNLIMITED festive tipples? They sure did!

Enjoy some bevviesm some tasty food, sing along to some cheesy hits and afterwards maybe even make a night out of it? 

If not, you and your partner can go home, get cosy and watch some Christmas films. 

If you enjoy going out for food and drinks, you might as well pay a certain amount and go bottomless at a local bar or restaurant! 

Bottomless brunch date

Well that is our list of Winter date ideas, we hope you have fun and make some amazing memories. 

If you are stuck in your student accommodation over Christmas, then check out this blog of tips and activities to have a fun time.