National Book Lovers Day: 10 Ways to Celebrate

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National Book Lovers Day is just around the corner on the 9th of August, and it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in your passion for books! 

Whether you’re a literature enthusiast or simply looking to discover new reading material, this special day is all about celebrating the magic of books. 

If you’re searching for ways to celebrate this exciting annual day, we’ve put together 10 different ways to make the most of National Book Lovers Day. 

national book lovers day

1. Organise A Book Exchange 

This National Book Lovers Day, there’s no better way to celebrate than by rounding up your book-loving buddies and hosting a book exchange party. 

You and your friends can bring a book you’ve enjoyed and swap it with someone else, this way you’ll be able to discover new reads and learn more about others literary favourites. 

If you don’t want to host one in person, there’s plenty of online book exchanges out there where you can swap with other bookworms, like Bookswap

You never know, you might just discover a new favourite read from swapping with your pals! 

organising a book exchange

2. Host A Book Club 

This National Book Lovers Day, why not start a book club with like-minded students on campus? 

You can choose a thought-provoking novel and arrange a gathering to discuss the plot, characters, and themes. 

If you’re living in our luxury student accommodation, you can make use of our fantastic communal spaces to host your own book club event! 

Book clubs are also a fantastic way to make new friends and meet new people who share the same interests as you. 

hosting a book club

3. Explore Local Bookstores 

If you’re a bookworm after something to do for this annual day, check out the charming bookstores in your university city or town. 

You can spend a lazy afternoon strolling through the aisles, browsing through various genres, and perhaps even finding a hidden gem you didn’t expect.

Shopping online for books is great, but being able to look through a diverse array of literature in-person is unbeaten! 

See if your flatmates are up for it and head out for the day to your local bookstores, we’re sure it’ll be a day well spent. 

exploring a new bookshop

4. Read Something New 

Simply just reading something new for National Book Lovers Day is a day well spent if you ask us. 

Transform a corner of your student apartment into a cosy spot to read in, with some comfy cushions, fairy lights, and a shelf to pop all your favourite books on. 

You could even challenge yourself to read a new book that you wouldn’t typically pick up and is out of your comfort zone. 

Whether it’s a classic, a non-fiction work, or a genre you’ve never explored before, you might discover unexpected treasures! 

reading something new

5. Start A Book Blog or Social Media Page 

If you love reading as much as us, why not share your thoughts with the world? 

You could start a book blog or a Bookstagram account where you can share reviews and book recommendations with others. 

By engaging with the online book community, it can lead to exciting discussions and you may even make new friends who share your passions!

Social media is also a great way to find out about new book releases with the likes of #BookTok being filled with recommendations. 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BookLoversDay to connect with fellow book enthusiasts worldwide. 

starting a book blog

6. Have A Book-Themed Film Night 

This National Book Lovers Day 2023, get together with your friends and find film and TV-show adaptations of your favourite books. 

You can grab some of your favourite snacks and get cosy with some book-themed movies, and if you live in one of our properties, we even have cinema rooms! 

It’s exciting to compare the book and movie versions and discuss the differences between the two, it’s like your imagination is coming to life. 

book themed film night

7. Tune Into A New Audiobook 

For those days when you’re on the go whether it’s heading to campus or travelling to a new city or town, consider trying audiobooks. 

Audiobooks are a fantastic way to enjoy books during your commute or whilst multitasking, and they can help stories to come alive. 

Studies even suggest that people who listen to audiobooks are able to recall more information than those who read from a traditional book! 

listening to audiobook

8. Join A Virtual Event 

In this digital age, virtual book events and author discussions have become more accessible than ever. 

This August, lookout for online events for National Book Lovers Day to participate in conversations with authors or fellow readers from around the world.

These virtual events enable readers and authors from across the globe to connect and share in a love of reading. 

joining a virtual event national book lovers day

9. Attend A Creative Writing Workshop 

If you have a passion for writing, this National Book Lovers Day seek out creative writing workshops or classes in your local area. 

Chances are you’ll learn valuable tips from experienced writers and be inspired to explore your own storytelling ability, as well as receive feedback from others. 

There may even be a creative writing society or class you can get involved with at your university, so make sure to check it out! 

creative writing workshop

10. Test Your Book Knowledge 

Bookish quizzes are just the best, they’re a chance for you and your besties to put your knowledge to the test and answer trivia questions on your favourite books and literature. 

You can discover who out of your bookworm friends is the most clued up about certain books and characters, and have a prize for the winner! 

For example, if you all love the Harry Potter books, you could sit down and do a themed quiz – sounds like fun, eh? 

quiz with friends national book lovers day

On National Book Lovers Day, you have endless opportunities to celebrate your love for literature with fellow book enthusiasts. 

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for how to get involved with this special day thanks to our guide. Have a great day however you’re celebrating! 

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