How To Make The Most Of Artificial Intelligence At Uni

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With recent developments in artificial intelligence systems, comes a growing demand for university students who want to understand how AI works, what it’s capable of and how to utilise it to enhance their education. 

It’s no surprise that those in higher education want to make the most of the systems shaping our world today, after all the influence that AI has on the world around us will only develop further, as will the education system. 

From automating grading to additional support from AI tutors to helping with assignments to recommending jobs and courses to students, there are so many ways both teaching and learning can benefit from using artificial intelligence. 

Find out how to make the most of artificial intelligence as a student and discover how it can bring value to university life within our guide. 

artificial intelligence uni

What Is Artificial Intelligence? 

For a lot of people, the first thing that crops up in their mind when they think about AI is robots or C-3PO from the Star Wars films, and they’re not too far off – Sophia the Robot strikes an uncanny resemblance. 

Needless to say, artificial intelligence has grown rapidly in the 21st century with self-driving cars taking to the roads, Siri assisting with our everyday lives, Alexa turning on the lights in our home and playing our favourite songs, and so on. 

We’ve watched huge advancements in this technology take over in the past decade to solve real world problems, and who knows what developments are to come in the years to follow. 

Whilst this type of technology or rather technologies, have been around for quite some time now and are assisting with our everyday lives, it can be hard to grasp and get your head around what exactly it is, and how to utilise different software’s, even if it is all around us. 

In simple terms, artificial intelligence refers to systems or machines that can mimic human intelligence to perform tasks. 

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence In Education 

Quite recently, artificial intelligence has started to move into higher education with many effective tools enhancing the lives of university students across the globe.

We’re not at the point where robots are teaching lecturers just yet (albeit, we’re not too far off), but there are many different artificial intelligence systems which can hugely influence university life.

Artificial intelligence technologies offer powerful opportunities for both students and teachers alike. One only has to look at the phenomenal impact that AI had on virtual learning during the pandemic to see the impact it can have on global education systems.

AI is already rapidly changing the way we can learn and helping tackle many different challenges that education systems face. 

Artificial Intelligence In Education 

How Students Can Utilise Artificial Intelligence 

It’s important that every student understands the different ways to optimise AI systems to enhance their education. From using AI to gain inspiration for assignments to using AI artwork creation tools to using AI powered study aids, there are so many possibilities. 

It’s likely your university already uses a ChatBot for helping with student support and providing access to information.

Have you ever sent a message to your university online and received an automatic response? There you have it, it’s artificial intelligence! 

Get prepared for an AI world and how to make the most of these technologies at university in our next section! 

How Students Can Utilise Artificial Intelligence 

Artwork Creation Tools 

If you’re a frequent TikTok user, you may have seen or even used the viral AI art generator, DALL-E 2 which can create realistic and original images and art from a simple text description. 

It gives you the ability to create images of practically anything you can think of, yep, that’s right, any whacky idea you have, it can create it. You can even upload your own work, and create variations of it! 

AI Time Machine is another viral platform that can show you what you may have looked like in different eras, from Ancient Greece to the Roman Empire to the Viking age and so on. 

As a student, using artificial intelligence software’s such as these can be beneficial if you study a creative course as they can be valuable tools to improve your artistic ability or gain inspiration.

If you have imagery in your mind, you can simply type your idea into the search bar and you’ll have a result – it’s no longer just a mental image! 

DALL-E 2 artwork creation tools

Study Aids 

Whilst at university you can make the most of artificial intelligence Chatbots to help you with studying whether it’s providing flashcards, quizzes, practice questions, study materials or other interactive learning tools. 

This technology is immensely useful especially if you’re in need of help outside of your university office hours as they can provide fast and reliable answers to any questions you have or help you discover new study methods – what a game changer, right? 

There are tons of Chatbots out there which you can utilise to help you study, some can even help you stay on top of your assignments and deadlines by sending notifications when it’s time to crack on with your work! 

study aids chatbot

AI Tutoring 

There are tons of tutoring platforms that use machine learning and artificial intelligence which can be beneficial to make use of whilst at uni. 

Artificial intelligence software’s can be used to assess your understanding on a certain subject allowing you to create a personalised learning experience and gain new knowledge and skills outside of the lecture hall. 

These virtual tutoring platforms are able to track your progress, pinpoint areas of weakness and offer explanations for different concepts, which is ideal if you didn’t quite grasp the way your teacher explained things. 

It may also be useful to use virtual tutors if you’re someone who struggles with anxiety and reaching out for help, you can receive support and feedback on your work from artificial tutors instead – use it to your advantage! 

Likewise, if you’re wanting to learn more about artificial intelligence itself and gain new skills, there are many tutors and even courses out there to learn more about the principles and techniques of the AI technologies shaping the world today.

AI Tutoring 

Learning Foreign Languages 

International students can make the most of artificial intelligence whilst at university to help them learn foreign languages and gain fluency and confidence. 

It isn’t just international students who can benefit from using AI learning systems either, if you’re someone who wants to learn a new language, there are many AI-powered platforms out there to utilise as a student. 

Chances are, you’ve already used the popular education app and website Duolingo, but there are other AI learning software’s out there like Babbel which can help you to learn a new language through conversation-based lessons. 

There are many different features available to help you in your journey to learn a new language (whatever it may be) including a flashcard option which uses AI to help you memorise words and phrases. 


Mental Health Support 

Gone are the days of solely relying on traditional forms of mental health support, those at university can now use artificial intelligence to receive help with their emotional wellbeing. 

There are many ChatBots out there which can offer information and resources on mental health, including stress management techniques, how to cope with anxiety and depression, or symptoms on different mental health issues and so forth. 

There’s even AI tools out there which offer self-assessments and screening tools for mental health conditions. Whilst at uni, this is a convenient and accessible tool as there are times when other forms of support aren’t available, although it shouldn’t replace professional help. 

mental health support chatbot

Academic Research & Writing 

Whilst at uni, there are many AI-powered writing assistants out there to utilise including the popular Grammarly which can help check spelling, grammar and punctuation automatically. If you somehow haven’t used it yet, be sure to give it a go for mistake free writing. 

In this digital world we live in, people everywhere are using artificial intelligence systems to produce high quality content in a fraction of the time it would take a content writer to produce.  

We’re not suggesting software’s like this should be relied on exclusively to produce work whilst at university as this is academic plagiarism, but they can be useful in the research process to help students find answers to questions on various topics, as well as brainstorm ideas for essays and assignments. 

Some students are naturally good at essay writing, whilst others are not. One way you can get help with your essay writing outside of the classroom is by using, an artificial intelligence copywriting tool. This cutting edge technology can read and analyse text, identify key points, and even suggest content to include. 

using ai university work

Writing Emails 

It doesn’t just stop at essays or assignments, students can use AI software’s like Jasper or ChatGPT to help with writing emails, cover letters, blog posts, press releases, social media captions, or even love letters – the perfect Valentine’s Day solution! 

There’s a wide range of AI email writing tools and assistants out there which can help provide you with high quality content in just a few seconds, voilà you have the perfect email to send out without having to stare at your screen for ages! 

It’s ideal if you quite often suffer with writer’s block or you struggle with what to write for an email, whether it’s sending them to your lecturers, course mates, job applications, you name it. Artificial intelligence platforms can even automatically change the text to personalise it for each recipient you’re sending it to – is there anything they can’t do?

writing emails chatgpt

As a student, knowing how to utilise this ever-changing technology is important as artificial intelligence can not only make a big difference to your everyday life, but also your academic life too. 

There are many different tools to make the most of whilst at university to transform your education and overcome challenges, as well as provide you with practical skills for the graduate job market. Go out there and give them a go! 

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