Things We Wish We Could Say To Our Parents

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Talking to your parents or guardians about certain topics or things can sometimes feel difficult and awkward. It’s good to go to your parents for help and support or even just to have them as a friend to talk about your day. But what are some of the top things we wish we could say, or things we wish we could say more often? 

Talking to parents

1. “You’re so important to me, I love you!” 

Most people tend to end phone conversations with “Love you” when talking with family or friends. However, even if you have a close relationship with your parents, it can sometimes be hard to tell them how much you care about them and show them how thankful you are. That’s absolutely not a bad thing and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it if you don’t sit there telling them how much you love and appreciate them all the time.  

Sometimes, we just don’t want to be too soppy, or we can’t find the right words. It can be more sentimental if you don’t sing your parents praises all the time but instead every so often. So, if you do wish you could be more affectionate to your parents, then just tell them how you are feeling. You could send a simple text “I love you and appreciate everything you do for me”.  

2. “I’m seeing someone” or “I have a partner”. 

What is it about telling your parents about a new love interest or significant other?! It’s just SO awkward no matter how old you are. However, when you’re young and haven’t dated as much, it can be a hard topic to just bring up.  

Telling your parents about a new person can have you asking yourself questions like “When is the right time to tell them? “What picture do I show them? “Where do I tell them we met?” Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, and we all still cringe. Although, the chances are that your parents are going to be super happy and excited for you meeting someone new! 

Telling your parents about a significant other

3. “I’ve got a new tattoo!”  

A lot of parents or guardians aren’t always too fond on the topic of their children and tattoo’s. Most of the time it’s because they believe it will hinder your opportunities of getting job or be interpreted negatively by employers. But, in most cases, that outlook on tattoos is a thing of the past.  It’s normal to feel a bit on edge about telling your parents about a tattoo, especially if it’s your first one, but it’s usually best to be honest and open with them.  

Talking with parents

 4. “I can make my own decisions”.  

It can be hard to convey to your parents that they need to let you make your own decisions about some things. At the end of the day, you’re still their child in their eyes and sometimes they may forget you’re all grown up. Just let them know that you respectfully want to make your own choices now you are an adult, or soon to be an adult. It’s normal to feel a bit of anxiety when setting boundaries with parents, don’t worry!  

Things we wish we could say to our parents

 5. “I didn’t get into my first-choice university”.  

It can be difficult to let your parents know that you didn’t get into your first-choice university, especially if they had high hopes of you going to a specific school or getting specific grades. But try to remember, your parents are most likely still so proud of you and want what’s best for you. Let them know when you’re ready to.  

Speaking to your parents about topics such as this means they can provide you with great support and advice. If you’re waiting on a-level results day next month (Thursday 18 August 2022) then don’t be too stressed about telling your parents about your results, they’ll be able to offer you words of wisdom.  


 6. “I’m moving out” 

If you’re currently applying for university and are yet to tell your parents you plan on moving out and staying in student housing whilst studying, then we’re sure you’re probably wishing you could just tell them. You might be worried they’ll be sad about you moving out or be worried about you living independently, and they will be, but they’ll also be so happy for you to start a new chapter in your life.  

After all, whilst living independently at uni you’ll have tons of support options if you need them like property managers, accommodation staff and university staff – you’ll be in safe hands. Let your parents know of your plans and try to put any concerns they have at ease. It may be a difficult the conversation to have but you’ll feel better once you just let them know, and you can plan together! 

Moving out of parents home

 7. “I’m feeling low or upset.”  

Talking to your parents about your mental health can seem daunting, maybe you don’t want to worry them, or you might think they’ll stress too much or perhaps you think they may not understand. However, opening up to them and making them aware means they’ll be able to give you help and support about the way you are feeling. They also may have experienced something similar and be able to give you life advice.  

It may not be an easy conversation to have but telling them how you feel will most likely feel like a great relief after, and after all a great support network is what you need when you’re feeling down.  

Struggling with mental health

 8. “I’m struggling with money.” 

Letting your parents know about your finances can be scary, you don’t want them to worry about your money management nor do you want to rely on them for help all the time. If you are in this position, it’s common for students to struggle with money so don’t worry. Your parents help, and support may be beneficial and may put you at ease. 

There are tons of other options available if you are struggling with money whilst at university, such as, you can speak to your university’s student money team or academic advisor. Most of the time, your university website will have a dedicated section for money support so have a look.  

Student money struggles

That’s the end of our blog on Things We Wish We Could Say To Our Parents. To take away from this, remember that your parents can be your friends too, their job is to be there for you and sometimes you might feel like it’s hard to talk to them, but we’re all in the same boat! Your parent’s support is important within life, especially whilst at university – tell them those things you’re wishing to say!  

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