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It’s coming up to that time of the year when deadlines are looming and you’re expected to hand in tens of thousands of deadlines. Who has the time?!

Managing deadline stress is so important to ensure you don’t fall behind and provide work that is not up to standard. Many students experience it towards the end of the academic year and it can be detrimental to their overall health.

Did you know that almost half (45%) of all students in the UK feel stressed because of their course? This stat in particular demonstrates just how big of an issue it is and we need to do something about it. 

If you’re looking for a little extra guidance and help on how to handle deadline stress, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover some simple tips and tricks to manage deadline stress and get your uni work in and up to a brilliant standard!

1. Get Enough Sleep

sleeping to help with uni deadline stress

Sleep is sooooo important when it comes to managing your own deadlines. You need sleep to co-operate fully and keep your brain functioning. A functioning brain = a steady workflow. 

We’re not talking about having a strict routine, because let’s be honest, what uni student doesn’t love a spontaneous trip out on a Wednesday eve?

We’re more trying to get you to realise how crucial it is to have a good night’s sleep, rather than watching Netflix ‘til 3am on a regular basis. 

Sleeping allows your body to recharge, giving you the energy to wake up in the morning and smash your uni deadlines! Once you begin writing, you’ll feel the benefit of having that long sleep – we promise!

2. Don’t Forget To Eat

salad to eat to keep healthy

Studying all the time can sometimes leave you forgetting about food. Yep, some people even forget to eat when they’re feeling stressed (if anything, we eat more and put on the pounds, but that’s a conversation for another day…).

If you think this is you, look at your day and plan when you’re going to have something to eat! Have a lunch date out of the library, or organise to cook with your flatmates later on in your student accommodation. This will give you the social interaction you need and fuel your body to keep working.

When work becomes too much, why not take a break and grab a quick snack? There are so many delicious treats out there to pick on whilst you’re working. Whether it be nuts, dried fruit or even seeds, there are so many nutritious snacks which will keep your energy levels high.

If you’re after something sweet, buy yourself chocolate, some crisps or sweets! Forget what people say about being healthy, you’re working so hard and you deserve it. Yes, it may not be the healthiest, but if your body wants it, get it. #LifeMotto

3. Get Rid Of Distractions

man distracted on his phone

University pressure is high during exam and deadline season, don’t let distractions get in the way! Yep, we’re talking about things such as your phone, the TV and your laissez-faire friends who’re more than happy to submit a deadline 10 mins before it’s due…how do they do it?!

Why not pack up your things and head to the library instead of working at home? Libraries are quiet and have little to no distractions, allowing you to crack on with your work. 

Some of the properties we manage at Prestige Student Living even have a dedicated workspace! They’re designed for students who want to be undisturbed whilst working and are all kitted out with comfy furniture, but not too comfy where you’ll fall asleep…

4. Treat Yourself

treat yourself to manage university deadline stress

One of the biggest things students forget whilst working towards challenging deadlines is how hard they’ve worked! Despite what your mind might be telling you, you’re doing so well and deserve to be treated. 

Whether that be for a Friday evening meal, a trip to the cinema or even a relax in the park when it’s sunny! There are so many things you can do to just take a bit of time out for yourself and calm your mind. We promise it will make it easier when you decide to go back to knuckling down with work.

Whilst working, having things to look forward to and so-called ‘milestones’, such as the due date, are key for keeping productive. Plan it out and find dates for you to reward yourself, it’ll be worth it. 

5. Collaborate Well? Work With Someone Else

students collaborating to help eachother through deadlines

We’re not sure how many people can say this, but if you feel like working with someone helps – DO IT!

Collaborate, sit together, and talk to each other. If this benefits you, why stop? However, if you feel like all you’re doing is gossiping, maybe this isn’t the right path for you. 

Studying Orientated Tips To Help University Deadline Stress

All the tips we’ve mentioned so far are great for managing university deadline stress in general, but these are some tricks that can help manage your workload effectively.

6. Prioritise Tasks

tasks to complete during uni deadlines

Working on lots of deadlines at one time can enhance your stress levels to the max. The best way to get around this is by prioritising those tasks that need to be done first and leaving the rest for afterwards. 

Having a to-do list is a brilliant idea if you like visualising your day’s plans. There’s just something so satisfying with ticking off your tasks as you go about the day – right?

7. Split Tasks Into Smaller Tasks

man who has split his tasks to help with feeling less stressed

Dividing your work up into smaller samples will help you complete it faster and is less like to leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

In your eyes, the task will become more manageable, making it easier to track and achieve your goals.

8. Speak To Your Academic Tutor

managing university deadline pressure by speaking to tutor

Dealing with feeling stressed during your university deadlines can be the beginning of a slippery slope, and it’s important to let people know how you’re feeling from the moment you realise it. The last thing you want is to end up in a hole of regret – it’s not healthy!

The best people to speak to are obvs your friends, but also your Academic Tutors. Ask them for a quick meeting, let them know how you’re feeling and see if there’s anything they can do about it. They might be able to help organise your files, folders and deadlines into something more manageable, or even extend your due date/give you additional time to help your mental health state.

Don’t suffer in silence – it’s not worth it.

Why do deadlines cause stress to students?

For students, most deadlines are set within a similar time frame, making it a stressful period of time when they all come at once. Deadlines may seem far away for students, but it comes as no surprise that most say time flys by and they are here before you know it! Managing them early on and keeping organised should help ease this stressful feeling. 

That’s a wrap! We hope you’ve read this blog post and learnt some tips and tricks for how to cope with university deadline stress. Remember to start at the basics and implement a healthy routine into your life. Start early, keep hydrated, eat well and get lots of sleep – you’ll see an improvement by just sticking to these notes!

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