The Student Guide: How To Prepare For Autumn Months In The UK

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You all will have seen the weather changing; the cascades of red, orange and yellows covering park floors and pavements. 

When Pumpkin Lattes are back at Starbucks (or Instagram) you know autumn is here. If you’re lucky enough to be a student in the UK during autumn, it is the most magical time. 

The changing of the seasons brings beautiful frosty mornings, longer nights and the opportunity to have cosy nights in, wrapped up walks and experience some of the best live music and club nights.

Here’s the definitive guide on how to get ready for the autumn months.

1. Clothes 

Autumn months clothing ideas

So you’ve spent a long time packing and repacking that wardrobe, reducing it enough so that the most vital and boujee bits fit in your student wardrobe. Now it’s time to get out those autumn essentials.

AW Season Refresh

As you will already know, the fashion year is split into AW (Autumn-Winter) and SS (Spring-Summer), autumn is the prime time to give your wardrobe the bi-annual refresh you have been craving. 

All fashion retailers will have their new lines out pushing new styles, cuts and trends. 

Keep an eye on your favourite brands’ websites for the launch of their AW lookbooks so you’re sure to be ahead of the game when it comes to looking steezy.


The key accessory for autumn is a pair of boots or maybe three or four pairs, we’re not the best at making decisions! 

Boots are essential as the UK weather is often unpredictable with a propensity to be rather wet around this time of year, so make sure your boots are waterproof particularly if you are intending to get out and about in nature!


Staying dry in the UK is an age-old problem which troubles us all. Get shopping for all your necessary waterproof garms asap. 

Remember a handy pocket-size umbrella is your best friend.


Ultimately though, autumn always has been, and always will be, about layering. 

Drape yourself in heavy knitwear and incorporate as many earthy tones as possible. Fully embrace the season as your woollen garments embrace you. 

Layering is king because it keeps you warm in the chillier days of autumn and bangs on screen for the gram.

2. Nights Out

friends enjoying a drink

Autumn is THE best time for gigs and club nights. 

Every single DJ and band on earth has just come off a festival hype and is now ready to tour their newly released albums so you have to make sure to get out and hit the dancefloor. 

We recommend following some of the local venues and clubs on social media so you get up-to-date announcements of their events, what’s on and who’s playing. 

What’s even more amazing is that the weather is still mild enough not to deal with your heavy-duty winter coat, making life easier and no need for those horrific coat-check-in queues.

This year, there is the bonus of revellers and artists itching to be out after not being able to during the pandemic, we sure are expecting big things this autumn.

3. Pumpkin Picking/Carving

pumpkin picking in autumn

The humble pumpkin is autumn’s favourite ingredient. The humble and versatile squash is king for the quarter. 

Pumpkin picking is a great way to get outside and there are loads of local farms and sites that offer the chance to enter pumpkin strewn fields in search of your dream squash. 

Once you have lovingly selected the perfect pumpkin, making sure to take pics as you go in your boots, the next thing to do is carve it up. 

Pumpkin carving is a UK tradition which is linked to Halloween. How spooky can you make your pumpkins? Make sure to @ us with your designs.

Ultimately, pumpkin picking and carving is a great way to bond with your new student flatmates, making this unassuming vegetable the pumpkin of the season.

4. Halloween

posing in halloween costumes

The spooky vibe and opportunity to dress up means that Halloween is often the student party of the year. 

Being one of the all-time great student events, bars and clubs up and down the UK will be vying for your attendance so make sure you’ve picked your outfit in time and your party correctly. 

If you decide to throw your own Halloween house party, check out our Halloween decorations guide found here.

5. Scare Fests and Horror Shows

girl in bed scared off film

Aside from the great parties, Halloween also brings with it immersive spooktacular events that will scare the life out of you. 

Haunted houses, festive entertainment, rides and people dressed up in costumes and chasing you, are what you can expect on these fright nights. 

There will be some last-minute tickets up for grabs if you Google ‘Halloween Scare Fest’ or ‘Halloween Events’. Make sure you don’t miss out!

6. The Great Outdoors

autumn walks

You all need to get out of your lux student accommodation in autumn. Don’t be put off by the weather getting chiller! 

It’s pretty refreshing and beautiful being surrounded by all those beautiful colours. 

Take a stroll in the park or venture even further and do a country walk before the weather turns even chillier. 

A swift pint and a warm pasty or pie from a good old pub also make a walk worthwhile.

Autumn is amazing. Full of cosy jumpers, pumpkin spiced lattes and music. Walking to lectures in the crisp weather with a coffee in hand is pretty delightful. What we’re telling you folks is to embrace autumn and all its quirks.

Fancy a chilled night in? You need something to watch on your evening obvs, so find a show or film in our Netflix guide to ultimate watching this season too.