Must-Have Apps For International Students in the UK

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As an international student embarking on your educational journey in the United Kingdom, you will be experiencing a world of new opportunities and challenges. Navigating a foreign country, adapting to a different culture, and excelling in your studies can be exciting and overwhelming. Fortunately, in this digital age, there’s a solution for everything at your fingertips – mobile apps.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to a curated list of must-have apps that will simplify and enrich your life as an international student in the UK. From managing your finances and finding your way around campus to staying connected with loved ones back home, these apps are your trusted companions throughout your academic adventure. Let’s dive into the world of apps that will become your indispensable companions during your time as an international student in the UK.

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Transportation in the UK and the routes can seem very confusing at first but don’t worry. Several apps can help you plan your journey easily. The first app is Google Maps. Although it seems straightforward, it is one of the most efficient apps when it comes to navigating routes in the UK. You can find different ways to reach places and find out which bus you will have to take so you can reach as quickly as possible.

City Mapper is another highly recommended app by users for navigation. This is especially useful if you are in London as it helps you navigate longer journeys with ease. It also mainly focuses on public transportation and gives real-time updates about any delays and changes so you can better plan your travel. 

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Food Delivery 

If you are craving food that reminds you of your home but don’t want to travel to the restaurant, food delivery apps will become your best friend. Deliveroo is a commonly used food delivery app that has several restaurants to choose from. They also have an option to order groceries from different shops depending on the location. 

Just Eats is also another great app that can be used for food delivery. Most of the time, many of the well-known restaurants will be available on all the common delivery apps but you might be able to find better deals in some apps than the other!

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There are a lot of apps that give you exclusive student discounts on a  wide range of products and services and you should definitely not miss out on them. UniDAYS is one such app that gives you exclusive deals to major retailers like Levis, ASOS Apple, and more. You get to choose from different categories like beauty, lifestyle, and technology amongst many others. You can even avail a 6-month Amazon Prime Trial as a student from UniDAYS. 

Student Beans also offers exclusive discounts on well-known brands in several different categories to choose from. All that you have to do is verify with your student email and you can access all of these discounts whenever you need.

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The most commonly used apps in the UK when travelling by cab are Uber and Bolt. Many cities have local apps that might be more cost-efficient if you’re traveling within the city, but Uber is known to be quick regardless of where you are in the UK.

Trainline is a great app for travelling by train within cities. If applicable, you can get the 16-25 railcard for £30 a year or £70 for three years and get 1/3rd discount on all your travel. This is especially useful if you travel around a lot and can save you a lot of money. 

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Loyalty Discounts


When shopping for groceries, there are apps that you can use to rack up points and get discounts while you shop. Tesco Clubcard is a well-known app that helps you save money when you use it and it also converts to points each time you use it. Tesco even has exclusive Clubcard prices which means you will be getting a way better deal.

Lidl Plus, Asda Rewards and myWaitrose a similar loyalty cards that give you access to a lot of discounts when you shop with them. 

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Opening a bank account can be a complicated process especially if you just moved to the UK. There are online banking apps like Monzo and Revolut, both of which can be opened without having to physically visit the branch. You will need to provide proof of address and other necessary details and you will be able to open the account as soon as the verification is done. 

These banks are completely online and you can transfer money, make payments, and use it just like any other payment method. So if you are looking for an account to keep your money safely as soon as you arrive, these banks can be very helpful.

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We know it’s not easy to make friends in a new country that is so far away from home. This is why there are apps that help you connect with other students in your city and even your university.

Umii is one such app where you can create a profile and start connecting with people. It’s similar to a dating app but for university students to find friends. You will have to verify your profile with the university email address so you won’t have to worry about any fake profiles.

Bumble BFF is also a highly rated app that students use to meet other people with common interests. But always make sure to be careful and not share personal details just like any other online app as this is not just exclusive to university students. 

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In conclusion, as an international student in the UK, you’re beginning a transformative journey filled with new experiences and challenges. The apps we’ve discussed are your virtual keys to unlocking a successful and enriching academic adventure.

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Remember that the university experience is not just about academics but also about personal growth, exploration, and building lasting memories. These apps are designed to streamline the practical aspects of student life so you can focus on making the most of your time in the UK. So, embrace the process and let these apps assist you in navigating your student life in the UK with confidence and ease.