Student Guide: What To Do The Night Before An Exam?

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Are you a student wondering what to do the night before an exam? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

The night before an exam can be a super nervy time, it can be very easy to get lost in your own thoughts and become anxious.

Our best advice to those students living and studying in our luxury accommodation would be to try not to stress too much.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, but these small simple steps will help you feel more zen and ready for the day.

Just remember, it’s not the end of the world if your exam doesn’t go as well as you thought, and just stay positive!

1. Try To Relax

Try To Relax

The best and most important thing you can do the night before an exam is to try your very best to relax!

Of course, sometimes nerves can get the better of you, and that’s okay, but you need to make sure they don’t fully take control.

Things like meditation, yoga, and less caffeine are all positive steps towards relaxation and can really help.

The last thing you want the night before an exam is to be scrambling over your notes, panicking that you don’t know anything.

You need to find good distractions, fun and positive activities that’ll make you feel calm and relaxed!

2.  Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Get A Good Night's Sleep

The last thing you want on the day of your exam is to be feeling drowsy and sleepy, there’s only so much Red Bull can do!

Getting a good night’s sleep is really important, not only will it help with concentration, but your general mood too.

It’s definitely worth limiting your caffeine intake the day before your exam and try not to have anything past 4pm.

It might even be worth planning a nice pamper evening so you can really relax and feel totally chill.

Have a nice hot shower in your en suite, get into some fresh PJ’s and sink into your comfy bed!

When it comes to screen time, try to limit it when you know it’s time for bed, else you’ll find it really difficult to switch off.

The blue light from your phone screen can actually affect your internal body clock, sometimes resulting in a bad night’s sleep.

3. Have A Good Meal

Have A Good Meal

There’s nothing like a delicious meal the night before your exam to fully relax you, cooked in your very own kitchenette!

Even if you’re nervous, it’s important to treat yourself to a full meal with protein, carbs, and veggies – all the good stuff.

According to the BBC, good food can actually improve your exam results, all the more reason to rustle up something delicious.

A heavy meal close before bedtime can actually interfere with sleep, so maybe, just this once, avoid a big greasy kebab!

Try to have your last meal around 3 hours before bed, and avoid things like chocolate and caffeine just in case.

4. Grab A Hot Chocolate

Grab A Hot Chocolate - What To Do The Night Before An Exam?

If you’re still wondering what to do the night before an exam, we’d highly recommend making yourself a luxurious hot chocolate.

Marshmallows, whipped cream and all, it’s important to treat yourself before the big day – right?

Whether you grab an instant one from your local corner shop with some whipped cream or make something fancy, it’s a must.

If you want to keep your mind occupied and focused on something else, why not make this delicious homemade white hot choc!?

Don’t worry if hot chocolate isn’t your thing, decaffeinated green teas and herbal teas are always a great alternative.

5. Have A Normal Night

Have A Normal Night

We know what you’re thinking…” how can I have a normal night when I’ve got an exam the next day!?”

Well, actually, having a normal night the night before an exam is one of the best things you can do!

It’ll really help reduce that anxious feeling so that you feel calmer and cooler before the big day.

The best thing to do is occupy yourself, whether that’s on your own or with your friends, and just chill.

It’s important to note that we don’t mean to go out drinking all night though! Just have a normal, chilled night in your accommodation.

6. Get Your Notes Prepared

What To Do The Night Before An Exam? Get Your Notes Prepared

Getting your notes prepared the night before an exam is a great way of making you feel a little more organised.

If you want to, there’s no harm in reading through your notes the day before your exam but try not to think too much about it.

There’s a difference between reading through your notes quickly and full-on sitting down to revise, and we’d recommend you don’t do that.

Make sure that your notes are consolidated and easy to understand, so you can have a quick scan if you want to.

7. Don’t Cram

Don't Cram

Cramming does work for some people, but for others, it’s really best to steer clear as it can cause panic!

If you really feel like you have to, reading over your notes is much more beneficial than trying to learn anything new.

We’d advise strongly against pulling an all-nighter and trying to learn the whole thing in one go, as it’ll result in you being super tired.

Realistically, you’re not going to learn anything new the night before, so why give yourself the panic – right?

8. Watch Your Favourite Show

Watch Your Favourite Show

Watching your favourite show on Netflix is a great way of distracting yourself from the big day!

It’s very important to remain chill during exam season because it can do wonders for your general state of mind.

So, if you’re still wondering what to do the night before an exam, grab some snacks and watch some TV!

Whether it’s a binge-worthy show like The Office U.S, or something a little more dramatic like You, get ready to chill.

If you’re wanting to watch a movie on your phone, check out our best movie apps for Android blog here!

We hope you found these tips useful! At Prestige Student Living, we like to make sure our luxury student accommodation is as comfortable as possible so you can feel super relaxed. Check out our blog on how to revise to the best of your ability for some more tips on revision and exams.