The Guide To Cycling In Edinburgh: 5 Insta-Worthy Paths

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When you’re looking for things to do near your luxurious student accommodation in Edinburgh, we suggest unlocking your bike and cycling around town!

Not only is it a free activity, but you’re bound to discover some hot spots for you and your friends to visit whilst studying here!

Edinburgh itself is oozing with scenic areas to see, this is mainly because of its rich history and being situated on the coast. The views you’d be able to enjoy whilst travelling on a bike…we’re drooling!

If this sounds up your street, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 cycle paths in Edinburgh for you to explore, with an ‘insta-worthy’ twist, keep reading to find out more!

1. Holyrood Park

Queen’s Drive, Edinburgh EH8 8HG

parks in edinburgh

Being Edinburgh’s largest green space of 650 acres, it comes as no surprise that Holyrood Park is number one on our top cycle paths. 

It’s located just south-east of the city centre and boasts breathtaking views of geographical features, such as Arthurs Seat and the remains of an ancient volcano.

It’s free to roam around and, to get the best insta pic, we suggest heading to the top of its hills. This may take you time on your bike but trust us, it’s worth it.

Despite not having official off-road cycle paths, Holyrood offers a shared-use path for both cyclists and walkers. 

It’s important to keep at a slow speed if you’re wanting to cycle here, just to ensure you don’t crash into any wandering dogs or children! The path is a family-favourite and you really need to be on alert to avoid any injuries! 

If you’re staying at our student accommodation during your time at uni, Holyrood Park is basically on your doorstep! So make sure you make the most of it before you have to head home.

2. Silverknowes Beach

Edinburgh EH4 5ES

girl on edinburgh promenade cycling

Who doesn’t love a good beach view? Especially when you’re out on a scorching hot day and the sun reflects off the water…unreal!

When it comes to cycle routes in Edinburgh, Silverknowes Beach should definitely be at the top of your list.

This scenic path is simple and great for beginners on bikes who don’t fancy travelling uphill for long periods of time. 

As an added bonus, it gives exceptional views over the Firth of Forth. ‘What’s that?’ you might ask…well it’s basically an estuary of several scottish rivers, including the River Forth! 

3. The Meadows

Melville Dr, Edinburgh EH9 1ND

Trees in Edinburgh in the meadows

When route planning for your day trip out, make sure to pop The Meadows on your list. 

This cycle route in Edinburgh is wide and levelled with great lighting, making it not just a great place to cycle, but fab for taking an insta pic. 

The park itself is enormous and packed full of cyclists, runners and dog walkers throughout the week. Similarly to Holyrood Park, it’s important you keep to a slow speed to ensure you’re aware of everything going on around you.

Why not plan a picnic here with your friends and flatmates? The reviews on tripadvisor rave about how quiet it is in comparison to other parks, a perfect spot for you to visit during your time at uni!

4. Craigmillar Castle

Craigmillar Castle Rd, Edinburgh EH16 4SY

craigmillar castle in edinburgh to see on bike

Nestled near the city centre of Edinburgh,  Craigmillar Castle is Edinburgh’s ‘other’ castle, which is less known and without the bustling crowds.

In 1566, this castle was a safe haven for Mary Queen of Scotts, making it a historical landmark you NEED to see whilst it’s term time.

To experience the  inside, you only need to pay a small fee of £6. Would you really want that double vodka and coke when you know you could spend the money visiting here? We think not!

Cycling routes such as this are only small, but can give you magnificent views over the scottish capital! 

5. Portobello Promenade

Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 2EB

beach in edinburgh to cycle

Last but not least, Portobello Promenade is one of the most loved cycle paths in Edinburgh as it provides stunning views over to Fife.

The promenade is a short 2.2 miles long, but from your student accommodation we’re sure you can add another 2-4 miles on your trip to make it feel that little bit longer!

The tranquil setting and scenic views are guaranteed to make you feel refreshed after a long hard day working at uni.

It’s even home to some spectacular Georgian and Victorian architecture, so we suggest locking your bike up for a bit and snapping a shot for your insta! We’re sure the friendly faces of Portobello will be happy to take one for you.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 insta worthy cycle paths in Edinburgh…are you itching to go? ‘Cos we are! When travelling around Edinburgh for uni, cycling isn’t the only way you can get to and from everything. Make sure to check out our student travel guide to ensure you know how you can get from A to B.