The Student Guide: The 8 Best Law Universities In The UK

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Wondering what the best law universities in the UK are? Don’t worry, we’ve collated all the info from The Complete University Guide for 2021.

Studying law in the UK is a great way of improving your English academic skills, as well as writing in-depth.

Granted, it’s a challenging field to choose, but there are countless careers available once you’ve finished your degree.

Fun fact: law degrees in the UK are often shorter than in other countries such as Canada and the USA!

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the 8 best law universities in the UK, all a stone’s throw away from our luxury student accommodation.

1. University Of Cambridge

Of course, The University Of Cambridge bags our top spot for the best law universities in the UK, because why wouldn’t it!

This is a hot spot for budding solicitors and lawyers, not to mention the fact that Cambridge the city of Cambridge is absolutely stunning.

Studying law at Cambridge allows students to understand the law in historical and social contexts, and develops skills in analysis.

If you want to, you can also study theoretical and sociological aspects of law like criminology too.

Many of their graduates go on to qualify as barristers or solicitors and find employment within the Civil Service, local government, banks and many more.

Did you know? Qualifying law graduates who finish the 7 ‘foundation’ subjects meet the academic standards to train as a solicitor or barrister in England/Wales!

2.  University Of Oxford

University Of Oxford

Coming in at number two is The University Of Oxford, with their undergraduate course taking 3 or 4 years.

The reason their undergraduate course is so fab is because it helps students develop a diverse set of skills as well as become qualified generally.

There are two law courses in Oxford, the first one is a three-year course and the second one is four years.

The longer one follows the same syllabus, but the third year involves a year abroad in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or The Netherlands!

Many students say it doesn’t feel like you’re just studying politics, it’s more a mixture of politics, philosophy, and even sociology!

3.  University College London

University College London

For third place, we’ve got University College London! Their three-year programme combines theory and research with skill-based training.

If you want to, you can even extend your studies by a year and spend part of your degree studying abroad in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, or Singapore!

A-Level entry requirements are A*, A, and A, so get ready to do some serious studying before you come here.

For international students wondering about entry requirements, click here for some more information and select the specific country.

All of their undergraduate degrees are compliant with the QAA benchmark statement for law and contain the “Foundations of Legal Knowledge.”

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4.  London School Of Economics And Politics

London School Of Economics & Politics

Still looking for the best law universities in the UK? The London School Of Economics And Politics are known for their incredible quality of teaching and legal research.

You should definitely consider them if you’re looking to study law, they have a 91% student satisfaction rate too!

Covering modules like public law, contract law, and criminal law during the first year and in your second year, it’ll be tort, EU and Human Rights Law, and many more.

Your final year is all about choosing 120 credits from a list of optional modules – which is deffo something to be excited about!

Please note these modules could change, so be sure to keep an eye on their website for any updates.

5.  University Of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

Want to study law in the stunning city of Glasgow? We don’t blame you!

Ranked 40th in the whole world for law is The University Of Glasgow – pretty impressive, right?
Their undergraduate degrees focus on the principles of the fundamental areas of law, as well as developing your analytic and critical skills too.

There’s some generally fabulous opportunities at The University Of Glasgow too, including access to summer internships and employability events.

Whether it’s Scots Law or Common Law LLB and LLM law, the world is your oyster and it’s all down to you!

During the common law undergraduate degree, you’ll cover the law of tort, criminal law of England & Wales, EU law, land law and many more.

6.  King’s College London

King's College London

Still looking for the best law universities in the UK? Well, of course, King’s College London makes the list!

Their LLB degree is a highly established course, pretty much recognised around the world for its teaching excellence.

The best part though? King’s College London is in an unrivalled location for law, with the Royal Courts of Justice, Law Society, and Inns of Court right on your doorstep.

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7. Durham University

Durham University

Next for law, we have Durham University – hooray!

Their award-winning academic staff has produced some pretty impressive research and they even made the top 50 in the world by subjects in 2021.

The LLB course is flexible, full-time, and delivered over three years where you’ll become fully approved as a qualifying law degree for careers like barristers or solicitors!

You’ll have the opportunity to specialise across specific modules from public law and human rights to corporate and international law.

Check out their website here for more details.

8. University Of Edinburgh

best law universities UK university of edinburgh

Our final spot for best law universities in the UK goes to The University Of Edinburgh, coming in at 8th in the UK for law in 2021.

Designed to give you a law career in Scotland, the LLB undergraduate degree is the ideal foundation for further study.

It’s not just straight-up law you can go into after studying this though, how about politics and policy and government work?

It offers you a strong focus on written and oral skills, with local access to the Edinburgh Sheriff Court, Supreme civil and criminal Scottish courts, and many more.

For more information on the course, click here!

We hope you found this student guide to the 8 best law universities in the UK useful, law is a very in-depth and tough degree – but so worth it in the end. Be sure to consider these fabulous universities, as well as our luxury student accommodation based in the heart of it all!