The Top Edinburgh Student Influencers to Follow in 2024

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Welcome to the blog on Top Edinburgh Student Influencers to follow in 2024 where we highlight the creatives that you can be supporting in this vibrant city. Edinburgh is a city brimming with creativity and talent, and we’re thrilled to showcase the individuals who are shaping the social landscape and inspiring fellow students across various platforms. 

From fashion influencers to fitness gurus and cultural enthusiasts, Edinburgh’s student influencers embody the beauty of the city. Join us as we delve into their unique perspectives, captivating content, and invaluable insights, providing you with a curated list of must-follow influencers for a dose of inspiration and entertainment.

Whether you’re seeking style tips, culinary adventures, or motivational content, these influencers have got you covered.

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What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who has a following on social media platforms, within a particular niche or sector. They consistently produce content, such as posts, videos, or blogs, that resonates with their audience, spanning a wide array of subjects including fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, lifestyle, and beyond.

This blog aims to explore not only influencers who are currently students but also individuals from various life stages who can serve as sources of inspiration for students.

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Edinburgh Student Influencers

Emma Louise 

If you are a student in Edinburgh, then you should definitely be following Emma. She is a YouTuber and a student at Edinburgh University who has gained over 289K subscribers.

Her day in the life of vlogs will give you a clear idea of what you can expect as a student at Edinburgh University and her range of content surrounding different places in Edinburgh will definitely inspire you to romanticise the city a lot more!

She also has helpful videos on how to revise for different subjects and her study with-me videos will give you the motivation you need to start working hard!

Be sure to check out her Instagram and YouTube profiles and support this amazing Edinburgh student influencer. 


Hannah Scranz 

Hannah is a content creator on TikTok who has gained 17.2k followers for her engaging videos around food, travel and lifestyle. 

If you are looking for the best places to eat or the newest activity to try out in Edinburgh, then Hannah’s account is perfect for that. 

You and your friends will never have to think twice about what to do on the weekends, since her account has all the recommendations that you will need!

Be sure to check out Hannah’s TikTok and Instagram profile, we are sure you won’t regret it!

@hannahscranz An absolute must try brunch in Edinburgh, all you can eat buffet ? Gleneagles townhouse was ansokutely fantasfic?? #Brunch #Edinburgh #EdinburghFood #EdinburghBrunch #Food ♬ original sound – Hannahscranz ?


Amelia Salmon 

Amelia is the perfect content creator to follow for all things wellness-related.

As a 25-year-old who works full time, she shows people how it is possible to balance a busy routine while still trying to stay active. This is ideal for students who are struggling with the same!

From videos on how to get started on running, to healthy meal ideas, her videos will give you the motivation you need to start on your fitness journey while acknowledging the barriers that come with it. 

Be sure to check out her TikTok and Instagram profiles, we are sure you will be inspired!

@barbelleuk pov you finally decide 2024 is the year you’ll turn things around ?‍♀️✨ … with the 6 week guide to set things into place, I’ll be helping & guiding you every step of the way. Want to be involved? Drop me your email address before Jan 7th ? #turningyourlifearound #2024goals #fitnessgoals2024 #fitnessplans #healthandwellbeing #the6weekguide #wellbeingguide #wellness #fitness #wellbeinguk #runclubuk #runclubtiktok #running #gymlife #gymtiktok #hybridfitness ♬ original sound – Danielle_Nance

Olivia Yasmin

Olivia Yasmin makes content relating to all things lifestyle and Edinburgh-related. 

If you want to level up your fashion game and want inspiration on how to style new pieces, you will absolutely love Olivia.

She also makes videos of places to visit in Edinburgh where you can find the best food in the city, making her the ideal content creator to follow in Edinburgh for students. 

Make sure to follow Olivia on TikTok and Instagram and support this talented lifestyle influencer!

@oliviayasminn ?tipo – yesterday we tried tipo on hanover street for lunch and it was honestly some of the nicest pasta ive ever had. the restaurant is gorgeous and the food is incredible, the price is really reasonable too. highly reccomend if youre looking for lunch or dinner in edinburgh soon #edinburghfood #edinburghfoodie #lunchedinburgh #dinnerspotsedinburgh #edinburghdinner #edinburghpasta #tipoedinburgh #thingstodoinedinburgh #edinburghscotland #edinburghfoodreview #edinburghrestaurants #fypシ ♬ There Is Something on Your Mind – Big Jay McNeely & Band

Jena Bishop

Jena is an American veterinary medicine student in Edinburgh who makes content surrounding her experience at the University.

She makes videos about all her study sessions and her experience which gives a great insight into the life of veterinary medicine student. 

It can be incredibly hard to find the motivation to keep on top of your studies with all the workload, and Jena’s content can give you the push you need!

Be sure to follow Jena on TikTok and Instagram and support this amazing content creator. 

@futuredrjena all jokes aside cell bio is important #study #studywithme #storytime #cellbiology #biology #stem #bio ♬ GREEDY x GIMME MORE by Adamusic – Adam Wright

How to become an influencer?

If you’ve been inspired by these remarkable content creators to embark on your own journey, here are some invaluable tips to initiate your path:


  1. Define Your Niche: Identify a specific area that resonates with your passions, whether it’s a lifestyle, cuisine, university experiences, or any other topic that sparks your interest.


  1. Create Captivating Content: Produce compelling, top-notch content that highlights your expertise, originality, or distinctive viewpoint, incorporating visually appealing elements and engaging captions.


  1. Plan Your Platforms: Begin with 1 or 2 platforms and gradually expand your presence as you gain traction, ensuring consistent engagement with your audience.


  1. Embrace Authenticity: Embody your unique identity and values to establish an authentic personal brand that distinguishes you from others.


  1. Foster Audience Interaction: Engage with your followers, address their comments, and seek collaboration opportunities within your niche to broaden your reach.


  1. Monitor Your Performance: Utilise analytics tools to assess the effectiveness of your content, refine your approach, and adapt to evolving trends.


  1. Exercise Patience and Perseverance: Cultivating a following takes time and effort, so remain patient, flexible, and dedicated to your craft, knowing that success comes with persistence.

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In conclusion, exploring the vibrant world of Edinburgh’s student influencers has been an inspiring journey filled with creatives. From fashionistas to foodies, these remarkable individuals have captivated audiences with their unique perspectives and unwavering passion.

Whether you’re a student seeking inspiration or simply curious about the dynamic landscape of Edinburgh’s influencer scene, remember to follow these trailblazers as they continue to shape and redefine the narrative of student life in 2024 and beyond.

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