The Ultimate Guide To World Gin Day 2023

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World Gin Day 2023 is right around the corner with its celebration taking place on 10th June, which btw guys it is on a Saturday, so it means you won’t have a midweek hangover – yay! 

It has been a popular international event for those that love the wonderful alcoholic beverage since 2009, but we think 2023 is going to be the best year to date.

Set up by Gin Monkey, the concept behind the event is to give a platform to those that love the beverage and to celebrate all things gin related.  

For gin lovers across the globe (18+ only we hope), this is a great day to raise a glass and celebrate the spirit, whether it’s going to a gin bar in your area or even creating a tasty gin cocktail at home.

We’ve put together this guide of events happening across the UK to help you get your excitement on.  

We will also be discussing the best gins you just have to try, with a list of recipes you can create on this special day from traditional G&T’s to your modern favourites! 

It’s gin o’clock… 


World Gin Day 2023 Events

Looking for inspiration for what to do for World Gin Day 2023? There are tons of gin celebrations planned across the UK from in-person celebrations to virtual events.

Three Little Words, a cocktail bar in Manchester, will be putting on a Gin Journey event, a World Gin Day Special.

The event will feature a tasting tour of Manchester’s finest craft gin with five special samples included with your ticket. 

Also taking place in the Northwest, is Liverpool’s Gin Journey event where you can learn about the cities botanical trade and visit hidden bars and distilleries on your tour of Liverpool.

If this sounds like a bit of you, then find out more on their website.

If you’re living in Leeds, Farrands Bar is hosting a gin tasting session on June 10th, where you can try a variety of gins and tonic waters. You can also discover how gin is made and distilled – we’re super jealous! 

The Gin Journey events also take place on selected dates throughout the year in London (Soho and Shoreditch), Leeds, Brighton and Chester.

So, if you can’t make it to celebrate on June 10th then don’t worry you can plan another date in a variety of cities.  

Whilst we haven’t mentioned all the World Gin Day festivities taking place in the UK, we know it’s going to be a fabulous day of gin loving, no matter where you are!  

Gin and tonic

Gins You Must Try & Where To Buy Them 

Stop right there! If you’re a gin drinker, then you must add these amazing drinks to your home bar.  

Gin has been dubbed the UK’s most popular spirit, so, it’s no surprise that there are gin brands after gin brands popping up nowadays.

It would take ages to try all of them, but we’ve listed a few of the top dogs for you to try.

We’ve combined traditional and modern gins so there’s something for everyone’s taste buds! 

Gins You Must Try & Where To Buy Them 

Malfy Con Arancia Sicilian Blood Orange Italian Gin 

Malfy Gin Con Arancia is a colourful Italian gin made with blood oranges from Sicily.

With a refreshing and summery taste, this drink will be perfect for the UK’s upcoming hot weather.

Enjoy this citrus gin with tonic or lemonade in your favourite cocktail – check out our cocktail recipes below.  

A 70cl bottle is only £29 at Morrisons so, grab yourself a bottle just in time for World Gin Day 2023.

After you’re finished with the bottle, its orange tint makes for a lovely piece of house décor from a fairy light lamp to a candle holder! 

Malfy Con Arancia Sicilian Blood Orange Italian Gin 

Photo by: Morrisons

Tanqueray London Dry Gin

For those that love a more traditional and classic gin, we recommend Tanqueray London Dry Gin.

If you’re crazy about gin, then you’ve most likely already tried this award-winning gin but for those that haven’t then get on it.

We’re sure it’ll even convert those that they say they don’t like gin! 

This Tanqueray Gin has a perfect balance of botanicals juniper, coriander, angelica and sweet liquorice to give it its unique and crisp flavour.

You can’t go wrong with this everyday gin, it’s great for any occasion from catching up with old friends to the office summer party.

No faff is required to make a lovely T&T, simply add your gin, tonic, some ice, and garnish with lime to finish.

You can get this classic gin from Tesco for just £22 with a club card. 

Tanqueray London Dry Gin world gin day 2023

Photo by: Tesco

Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Gin 

Any gin drinker knows you can’t miss with a good old Whitley Neil gin.

Our personal favourite is the Mango & Lime gin because of its exotic flavours – it just tastes like a holiday!

Distilled in London, this delicious gin is only £22, we know cheap right? Get yourself one from Morrisons.

With a refreshing juicy taste that isn’t too sweet, this gin is best served alongside a light tonic and a slice of orange over ice. Toast to good times with good people! 

Whitley Neill Mango & Lime Gin world gin day 2023

Photo by: Morrisons

Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger 

Next on our list of yummy gins is the Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger flavour, which is a less traditional drink that is perfect for summer cocktails.

This flavour of gin is lovely with its sweet pink taste and soft hint of ginger to complement. 

Enjoy this easy to drink gin with some soda water and ice cubes whilst relaxing in the garden.

Fancy trying this gin? You can get some on the Tesco website for £15 – bargain aye! 

Photo by: Tesco

How To Celebrate World Gin Day 2023

Are you wondering how to celebrate World Gin Day 2023? If so, our list of top picks is sure to get the good vibes flowing for June 10th.

Gin lovers, you’ll want to check this out…

How To Celebrate World Gin Day 2023

1. Host A Gin Tasting

A great way to observe World Gin Day this year is by getting together with your friends and making your own cocktails using your favourite bottles of gin.

You could even do a competition between your group to see who makes the best one!

Need some inspo? TikTok is a great place to find delicious gin cocktail recipes.

If you’re living in our luxury student accommodation, you can plan social events using our residents app KLIQ.

host a gin tasting session world gin day 2023

2. Make Your Own Gin

If you want to level up your celebrations for 2023, don’t stop at buying a botte of gin, you can make your own.

There are plenty of gin-making kits available online for you to purchase from the likes of Amazon, and it’s easier than you would think to create your own spirits.

You just need vodka for your base alcohol, and then some botanicals to infuse.

Not only will you have some great tasting drinks to cheers to the good times, you’ll also learn more about the gin-making process.

making your own gin

3. Head To A Bar

For those who aren’t much of a cocktail connoisseur, why not head to a gin bar within your university city or town? We’re sure they’ll be some special deals on for the big event.

Better yet, book a bottomless brunch for unlimited gins allllll afternoon long, along with tasty dishes. Gin and food, who could say no to that!

However you want to celebrate, whether it’s creating your own gin party at home or hosting friends, we hope you have the best time and do it in style! 

How To Celebrate World Gin Day 2023 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our World Gin Day 2023 guide, and are just as excited as we are – roll on June 10th!

Don’t forget to spread the gin love and upload a selfie with your favourite drink @prestigestudentliving.

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