Top Party Games Apps to Play in Your Communal Lounge

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Sometimes the best time is a night in with your mates! At Straits Meadow, you’ve got the best of Edinburgh student apartments to live, study, and relax in. 

Edinburgh is a wonderful city, and you’ll love it, with plenty to see and explore during your time at university.

However, sometimes, all you want to do is stay in, save some money, and play some games with your mates at home for the night. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the best party games apps for you to enjoy – check them out! 

party games apps

1. Heads Up! 

Heads Up! is one of the most popular party games apps around at the moment.

It is a fun twist on the classic game of charades, with a minimum of 4 players. 

You take it in turns to put your phone on your forehead, showing the name of a celebrity, a character, a movie, book, or song, and your mates will shout out clues to you. 

You’ve got 60 seconds to guess who you are, with different categories that makes it loads of fun. 

Whether you’re singing a song or putting on an accent, there’s laughs after laughs to be had with the Heads Up! app.

Heads Up! game

2. UNO!

A digital app version of the family-friendly classic card game, UNO! is an easy way to get the party started. 

It is a really simple card game to play and is a lot of fun. 

You can pick it up quickly, wherever you are with a pack of cards or this simple app. 

For this app version every person playing will need to download the UNO! app on their phone, but it is compatible across Android and iOS.

A handy feature on the app for any person who’s never played UNO! before is the ‘I’m new’ button on the home screen. 

This allows you to play a quick game with step-by-step instructions present. 

Once you’re ready, create a room to start a private game of UNO!, customise the room to suit the rules you want, create, and share the room ID with your mates. Simple and fun!

uno! party game app

3. Smule

There’s nothing better than karaoke is there? Before you can even think about it, there isn’t. 

It’s a real leveller, brings people together whether there’s a drunken night going on or not. 

Smule gives you access to over 10 million karaoke songs from all your favourite genres of music. 

You don’t even need to leave your student apartment and find a karaoke booth. 

It saves you money, your mobile is your microphone, and you can sing all night long. 

Bring out that inner singer and belt out the ballads or the rock classics with your mates.

You’ll all be embarrassed so don’t worry about letting yourself go!

Smule party game app

4. Picolo

If you’re looking for something a little bit more exciting to do during pre-drinks before you head into town for the night, why not try Picolo? 

It is so simple to get started, all you need are the drinks in your hand and the app. 

Type in everyone’s names, choose the level and start playing. 

There are different categories of questions, which can get progressively spicier and heavy on the drink. 

Starting with simple questions, moving through things like ‘take a drink if you are employed’, and onto levels that include ‘the floor is lava’. 

You’ll be smashed and having a laugh in no time at all!

It’s available for both iOS and Android – go download it now! 

picolo app


 Another great pre-drinks game, PSYCH! is from the same people who created Heads Up! 

Your mates will come up with some outlandish answers to a range of questions prompted on the app, and you have to choose the right answer from the fakes. 

You win points for guessing the correct answer and also for ‘psyching’ your mates into choosing your wrong answer! 

It’s a great way to have some fun and learn some new things about your friends.

It’s also the perfect game to play before you go out, when you’re on a road trip, or you have a free space in between lectures during the day.

Download for either iOS or Android today, go on then, get playing! 

PSYCH! party game app

6. Spaceteam

If you don’t mind your mates screaming in your face (or you want to scream in their faces!) Spaceteam could be the perfect party game app for you! 

It is chaotic, runs at a fast pace, and can be incredibly stressful, but what’s a bit of stress between friends. 

The best gameplay often comes through tension, and the Spaceteam card app certainly offers that by the bucketload. 

Your task is to fix a malfunctioning spaceship whilst coordinating your space team to do the work – all within a 5-minute timeframe and the constant, nagging, countdown clock. 

It’s a great game to break the ice and to see how well you are bonded with your friends!

You can download for iOS or Android, take your pick. 

Spaceteam party game app

7. Evil Apples vs. Humanity

An absolutely filthy card game that will split your sides and make you look at your friends differently, if you can even look them in the eye again! 

Inspired by Cards Against Humanity, Evil Apples vs Humanity is the evil twin. 

You are given a red card with a blank statement to begin with and players choose statements from the white cards they are holding to come up with the funniest or most gruesome statement that fits. 

Some of the answers are funny, some are horrendous, but all are guaranteed to bring you together in a fun time that you’ll not talk about outside those four walls to anyone outside the group!

Get the app for iOS or Android and let the games begin! 

Evil Apples vs. Humanity party games app

Our Straits Meadow apartments are top of the range for Edinburgh students. The bedrooms are comfortable, with your own space to recharge your batteries, get a good night of sleep, have a big study spot for your own, and the best place to live. 

Aside from your personal apartments though we also offer a fantastic common room and a games room. This gives you the best spot to relax and chat with your new friends or to jump on the pool table for hours of fun. 

Alternatively, why not choose the communal rooms as the spot to use your party games apps and get in the spirit of a good night in!