We Combed Through TikTok Fashion Content to Find the Top 7 Festival Trends This Summer

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Festival season is back, baby! With Coachella having just taken place over in America, the excitement is on for British festivals to get underway, and there’s no better time to get your festival wardrobe ready. 

Whether you’re living it up in the fields of Glastonbury this summer, heading down to All Points East, getting your dancing shoes on at Creamfields or even grooving at Boomtown, no matter the festival you’re going to, we’ve got you sorted with what to wear. 

Whilst partying it away with your friends, watching your favourite artists live, and capturing all the best Insta-pics with a drink in hand, you want to be looking and feeling your best.

To help you out, we’ve combed through hours of fashion content on TikTok to find the ultimate fits for 2023! 

summer festival trends

1. Crochet 

If you thought that Gen-Z would have had enough of the crochet fashion trend by now, think again. 

Searches for crochet dresses have definitely peaked after the release of Prime Video’s hit TV Show, Daisy Jones & The Six. 

If you haven’t seen the stylish boho-chic look take over your TikTok feed recently then do you even have an account? We’re living for the crochet outfit inspo videos! 

Whether you order a crochet dress paired with a nice belt, a crochet top with a pair of denim shorts, a cute crochet cover up to pull your outfit together or even wear a crochet bucket hat for the ultimate accessory, you’re going to be killing it this summer!

summer festival trends crochet

2. Fringe Everything 

This year, the love for 70s fashion is really being ignited with another popular summer festival trend being fringe clothing and accessories. 

From fringe mini dresses to leather fringe jackets to fringe bags, there’s so many amazing pieces you can purchase to get your festival outfit looking fire.

The fringe summer festival trend is really popular on TikTok with countless outfit ideas that channel a western vibe to help you elevate any look. 

You’ll have fellow party-goers coming up to you left right and centre asking you “Where did you get that?” when wearing a fringe piece! 

fringe clothing trends

3. Tennis Skirt 

When it comes to summer festival trends, Tennis Skirts are having another comeback. 

Festival-goers we’re obsessed with them in 2022, and they’re once again the moment for this year, due to being super versatile. 

TikTok is full of outfit inspiration so you can see how the fashion girlies are styling tennis skirts.

For an edgy look, you could style a tennis skirt with a pair of boots, some black sunglasses, and a cami top like this TikTok user.

You’ll be serving looks whilst running to your favourite artists set this summer, so if you haven’t already got a tennis skirt in your wardrobe, what’re you waiting for?! 

Take a look through the collection of tennis skirts from Pretty Little Thing.

tennis skirts festival fashion

4. Cowboy Hat 

We’re really honing in on the top summer festival trends for 2023, and an accessory which is already doing the rounds on TikTok is Cowboy Hats.

With the highly anticipated release of the Barbie film, cowboy hats were all the rage at Coachella, and they’re going to be just as popular at British festivals. 

Cowboy hats are the ultimate festival essential, with so many different styles to choose from, whether it’s classic straw hats to animal print hats to sparkly glitter hats to leather hats, you can take your pick! 

Not only do these western style hats look amazing, but they’re a lifesaver when camping as you can cover up your unwashed hair, if dry shampoo isn’t quite doing the trick. 

Need help with where to buy? Etsy is a great place to look, as you can find a one of a kind piece and support a small business! 

summer festival trends cowboy hat

5. Shrugs 

To level up your festival wardrobe this summer, one thing you need to bring with you is a shrug. 

Shrugs are a popular choice for British festivals as the weather can be pretty temperamental.

If you need an extra layer if you don’t want to drag a jacket around, they’re perfect as they’re light and they’ll warm you up in the evenings. 

From knitwear shrugs to crochet shrugs to mesh shrugs to fishnet shrugs, there are an abundance of styles out there to suit everyone.

You can pair a shrug with your favourite top or summer dress for the cover-up you need this festival season! 

If you need a little helping hand with how to style a shrug, inspiration is rife on TikTok with videos here, there and everywhere. 

Don’t worry, every fashion brand is like Urban Outfitters and ASOS is adopting the shrug trend so you can add one to your wardrobe. 

urban outfitters shrug festival summer

Photo by: Urban Outfitters

6. Glitter 

Let’s face it, festival season is when everyone’s inner fashionista comes out, and something which is sure to get you feeling fly this summer is glitter. 

Glitter is a staple of festival fashion, and there are so many sparkly items out there to choose from, whether it’s glitter flare trousers, sequin dresses, glitter halter neck tops, the list goes on. 

You’re certainly going to be turning heads and taking centre stage this summer if you wear a glittery outfit! 

If you love a TikTok fashion hack, the glitter spray trend is one you need to check out.

What does it involve? Well, users are spraying the skirts, tops and dresses they already have in their wardrobe with glitter to sparkle them up, rather than buying a new piece. 

How helpful is that, you don’t even have to buy anything new, you could get a black top you already own and give it that little extra jazz with a spray of glitter. 

glitter festival fashion trends

7. Cargo Skirts 

Cargo Skirts were a strong trend for last summer, and they’re making a return for festival season 2023. 

These skirts look so cool and effortless, and come in a range of different colours, styles and lengths, from mini to midi to maxi styles, you can find the skirt to suit your festival wardrobe. 

If the weather forecast is looking a little dull, longer skirts are a great option to see you through from AM to PM for those chilly fezzy days. 

On the other hand, if it’s going to be cracking the flags, you might want to opt for a mini cargo skirt, paired with a baby tee to give off those 90s vibes! 

When it comes to skirts, the beauty of the cargo style is that they can be dressed up, or dressed down – what’s not to love? 

If you’re in need of some cargo skirt styling tips, TikTok videos are your best bet. 

Nasty Gal is a great place to browse for the cargo skirt of dreams. 

nasty gal cargo skirt

Photo by: Nasty Gal

There we have it fashion kings and queens, all the summer festival trends you need to get on board with and add to your wardrobe.

From tennis skirts to cowboy hats to crochet pieces to fringe styles, these clothing pieces are sure to get you looking on trend. 

Whilst we hope our guide has given you the ultimate wardrobe inspiration, it’s important to remember to own your individual style and wear what you feel comfortable in. 

You’re going to be spending a lot of time on your feet, walking to different stages and dancing with your besties, so bear this in mind! 

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