What To Pack For University: 8 Things You Wouldn’t Think To Bring

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It’s almost time for you to move into your new student accommodation, we bet you can’t wait! When it comes to packing for university, it can be easy to forget to pack certain things, which is where we come in handy.

We’ve previously done a checklist on what you need to pack for your first year, however, this blog will focus on the things you wouldn’t have thought of for this academic year. Rest assured though, we’re experts when it comes to what to pack when leaving home.

Keep reading our post to find out about the 8 unexpected things you wouldn’t think to bring with you…

Pack for university

1. Fancy Dress Outfits

Firstly, on our list of things you wouldn’t think to bring when packing for university, is fancy dress outfits.

Trust us, don’t forget to bring along some costumes and accessories to use during fresher’s week, Halloween and on pub crawls.

If you’ve already got some outfits at home bring them along, rather than forking out loads when you get here, they’ll come in handy!

Although, we don’t recommend bringing along tons of outfits, just a few or your faves. You won’t have buckets of storage space at your accommodation so remember that!


2. Mini Hoover

Next up for things you wouldn’t think to bring along, is a mini hoover.

These handheld vacuums are perfect for your student flat, as the hoover in your accommodation will be communal so you’ll have to take it in turns to use.

Plus, if you can’t be bothered to go and get the hoover and plug it in, this is a better option.

If you get a mini one for your room, you can use it whenever you want, whether it’s hoovering up crumbs on your desk or having a quick tidy of the floor.

They’re cheap to buy and due to their size, they’re easy to store away. Most sizes will fit in your desk draw!


3. Mini Toolkit

When packing for university, you should get your hands on a mini toolkit.

This unusual item will come in handy when it comes to installing or repairing things whether it’s in your accommodation or student house.

A multi-purpose tool set is useful to have in case of an emergency and they’re affordable too, you’re looking at under a tenner.

Although, you should consider that doing DIY can risk causing damage to the property, such as don’t hammer in photo frames as you’ll risk losing your deposit if there’s damage to the walls.

You’ll be able to speak to the maintenance team if there’s anything that can’t be fixed using your mini toolkit.


4. Sewing Kit

It’s not just fashion students that should bring along a sewing kit to university, everyone should pack one of these university essentials.

If you get a rip in your favourite t-shirt or the button comes off your jacket that you wear every day, you’ll be gutted!

You can get mini sewing kits for under a fiver on sites like Amazon, and you can just keep it in your drawer as it hardly takes up any space.

It’s one of those things that you’ll be grateful you brought along with you, as they have everything you need for emergency garment repair.


5. Wrinkle Release Spray

Next up on our list of things you wouldn’t have thought to pack is wrinkle release spray.

What is it?! Well, this item is an easy-to-use spray that smooths out wrinkles in seconds and leaves clothes smelling lovely and fresh.

It’s great to bring along to uni with you because if you’re short on time in the mornings before heading off to lectures or seminars, rather than having to iron your clothes and get rid of creases, you can just get this bad boy out!

It works on most fabrics and you’re only looking at paying a couple of quid for a bottle, it’s £2.50 at ASDA so it’s not bad at all. Who doesn’t love convenience!


6. Portable Charger

You may be thinking, “I’m moving into a student flat not attending a festival” but trust us when we say, a portable charger or portable power bank is something you must pack.

It will come in handy when it comes to heading to and from uni or if you’re going to freshers’ events, you can use this on-the-go charger to get your battery back-up.

Not to mention, if you’re heading on a train or bus journey, it can be useful to carry around.

They also prove to be an essential piece of tech if you like lying on your bed on your phone when it needs charging, as you don’t have to stretch to plug it in. It’s the simple things really, isn’t it?!


7. Formal Clothes

Formal and student are two words you probably didn’t think go together, but there will be times where you need to be looking your best and be smart for the occasion. Such as, society events, university trips or uni balls.

It’s best to pack along some formal attire with you just incase, you don’t want to have to spend your pennies on getting a posh fit.

Get that prom outfit in your suitcase and away you go! You never know when you might need it so, strut your stuff in style.


8. Clip On / Portable Fan

With autumn incoming, we doubt you’ll be needing a portable fan any time soon, but when it comes to the warmer months this item can be super handy to have.

It’s something you deffo won’t have thought of due to the UK’s unpredictable weather!

You can get clip on fans which are perfect to keep on your desk to stay cool. They’re easy to operate and you can buy one for as little as a tenner.

#You don’t want to get to summer and you’re scorching trying to complete uni work indoors.

So, add it to your ultimate uni checklist and take one to university!


And there we have it, we told you that you wouldn’t think to bring these items! Get them added to your list, or basket.

If you’re soon to be moving away from home for the first time and due to arrive at student accommodation, we wish you all the best. It’s really came around fast, hasn’t it?!

You’ll have an amazing time, don’t worry if you’re feeling stressed about packing for your university checklist, everyone’s in the same boat. If you do realise you have forgotten anything during the first few weeks, chances are it won’t be the end of the world (shops do exist).

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