What's New To Netflix UK? Your Full Guide For Autumn 2021

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It’s the end of September already, and you’re almost certainly getting settled into your new luxury student accommodation – finding your flow and making your new university-town home. What better way to feel at home than to sit back and chill with a bit of Netflix? After all, they always say ‘Home is where the WIFI is’.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new (and more importantly good) on Netflix this Autumn.


Starring Michael Keaton as an attorney and Stanley Tucci as a widower, this poignant drama focuses on the aftermath of 9/11.

The opening scenes set the tone for the entire film, which focuses on an ethical question as old as time, “Is it possible to place a monetary value on human life?”. 

The film deals with a real-life court case that was brought by the grieving families of 9/11 to challenge the insurance companies’ valuations attributed to their loved ones’ lives. 

It highlights the injustice people fought against to challenge the stereotypes. Resulting in their relatives’ lives being down-valued compared to those occupying “traditional” social spaces, Worth is a great watch and is available now.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (1982)

Based on the very snappily titled “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (We don’t know why they changed it either?!) Blade Runner is currently on Netflix and is a must-watch for everyone! 

Set in Los Angeles in 2019, this sci-fi classic paints a malevolent picture of a future ravaged by social decay and environmental ruin. Sound familiar?

Harrison Ford plays the grizzled replicant-hunting Detective Rick Deckard, tasked with finding four escaped replicants. 

Replicants are bioengineered beings that, conveniently for casting, look almost identical to humans, who were originally designed to serve humans. 

Deckard ends up falling in love with one of these sexy, yet illegal, future robots. 

A fascinating relationship takes centre stage in this compelling, stunning and thought-provoking masterpiece.

P.S. Ryan Gosling is not in this one.

How to Be a Cowboy (Series 1)

How to Be a Cowboy follows Dale Brisby on ‘Radiator Ranch’. Oh yeah, it’s very real. 

Dale is a Cowboy who embodies everything a true American Cowboy should be. 

Along with raising cattle, they also train Rodeo riders adding drama and an exciting athletic slant.

Believe us when we say How to Be a Cowboy is your new favourite reality series. 

This Netflix original is brand new to the platform and we love it. It’s an easy and addictive watch, something we all need from time to time.

Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space (Series 1)

The countdown is the new slick, stylish and watchable docuseries from the same guys who created the equally addictive The Last Dance. 

The show concentrates on the recent and internationally controversial SpaceX and its pioneering civilian flight into space. 

Featuring interviews and insights from all members of the SpaceX team including Elon Musk himself, we think you’ll love this for sure.

Money Heist (Series 5 – Part 1)

We cannot wait to get stuck back into the new and final series of Netflix’s Spanish crime cult hit! Don’t worry, there aren’t any disappointments as the show continues to deliver the same heart-racing drama we have come to expect and love. 

The stylised cast and aesthetically pleasing sets all work together to deliver thick, wonderful tension by the bucket load. 

If you haven’t seen the first four series give it a try and thank us later. 

As this is only Part 1, you’ll most certainly be left wanting more but never fear you only have to wait until December.

Hotel Del Luna (Series 1)

A new and exciting Korean drama series, Hotel Del Luna is based in a hotel that caters to ghosts! 

Smoothly shifting between past and present, the show provides a captivating combination of tense horror and jumpy moments with wonderful comedy. 

Each episode is so perfectly written, that it will feel like a standalone story. But the true beauty is how every episode is interwoven into the overarching plot. 

A quirky new watch with the added benefit of allowing you to seem fully cultured in conversation when you drop in that you’re into K-drama. You’re welcome.

Into the Night (Series 2)

This series is a captivating environmental disaster thriller. Into The Night continues the fight for survival; an unfair match of the people vs the sun. 

The sun is killing everything in its path and the cast must travel at night to search for a safe place. 

For those of you who haven’t seen the first series, get on it now. We’re certain you’re going to binge-watch this arresting thriller.

Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali

This docu-series about two massive global cultural icons promises to deliver on every level. Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali explores the relationship between the two men and examines their deep influence on the American Civil Rights movement. 

It’s a Netflix Original documentary so you’re guaranteed a fascinating and illuminating watch.

The Chair

The Chair stars the wonderful Sandra Oh of Grey’s Anatomy and Killing Eve fame and is yet another brilliant example of how amazing she is. 

Oh is oh so magnificent in this dry, witty and often heart-warming series. The only problem is that there are only six episodes.

Bruised (Available 24 November)

Halle Berry directs and stars in this cage fighting epic. Bruised follows a disgraced professional fighter aiming to rebuild her career. 

It’s the classic tale of strife, pain, sweat and redemption we have all come to expect within the fighting film genre. 

Bruised delivers a new take on a well-worn fighter’s robe, want to know if there is a montage? You’ll have to watch the film.

You can get into a serious rabbit hole on Netflix, trying to find something great to watch, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Tell us your recommendations or what you thought about our suggestions on our social channels. Fancy some food with that Netflix and Chill? Here are some easy and healthy veggie recipes.