World Environment Day: How To Save The Environment As A Student

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World Environment Day is coming up on 5th June and it is a timely reminder of how much work continues to be needed in terms of how to save the environment.

We all know how difficult it has become to envisage a world where we take back control of the environmental damage that humans have caused the planet, but it is important to do what we can.

This can encompass protesting for political change and action by big corporations, as well as looking after the little things in our daily lives that can make a small difference to living a sustainable life.

Our actions give the planet the best chance to recover and not succumb to the long-term dangers of global warming and extreme climates that are becoming the norm.

There is a lot of hard work to be done, but what can you, as a busy student, do to help save the environment?

What Is World Environment Day?

what is world environment day

World Environment Day has been celebrated every year since 1974 on the 5th June.

It is a day where governments, businesses, and citizens of the world are engaged with the pressing environmental issues of the day, encouraging awareness and engagement with a view to protecting the environment.

As the world gets warmer, we are seeing greater numbers of catastrophic examples of the impact this is having on the environment.

The world loses enough forest every three seconds to cover an entire football pitch, around 50% of coral reefs on the planet have been lost.

Even if we limit the increase in global warming to 1.5 degrees, up to 90% of coral reefs could be lost by 2050, alongside other disasters for ecosystems the world over.

World Environment Day is about engagement, community, and making sure we all know the part we have to play in making the world a better place.

As a busy student, it can be really difficult to consider how to save the environment. There are a few things that we can change easily in our lives, but let’s start with the biggest.

Protest And Pressure

protest and pressure

As much as the little things that we change in our daily lives do make a difference, the only way that real and sustainable change can be made, and for the global emissions targets to be met, is if governments the world over and big business change the way that they operate.

It is important to keep our voices heard through political engagement, pressure, and protest where necessary.

The time is now to make sure governments are fulfilling the wishes of the people and if you believe enough in the fight to save the planet.

Make sure you put pressure on your local MPs, your local council to change the way in which certain aspects of life are changed, and put pressure on brands and global businesses to work in a more ethical and environmentally sustainable way.

Use Reusable Bags

use reusable bags

Plastic bags should be a thing of the past. Landfills, lakes, rivers, and the sea are all full of plastic and cause great damage to the environment long-term.

It takes so long for plastic bags to decompose that they cause danger to the environment.

Whenever you are out shopping, think about the type of bag that you are using. Whether you are doing your weekly grocery shop, out for clothes, buying books, or any other items, use a reusable bag that you can take with you time and time again.


how to save the environment recycling

Changing the way you think about your rubbish is such a simple thing, but unless it has been forced on you many people don’t think about it too much.

When you are out and about on your university campus, take the time to look for specific recycling bins so that you throw any recyclable waste away in the right place, and not with the non-recyclables in a ‘normal’ rubbish bin.

Separate your biodegradable waste from your non-biodegradable and make sure your home waste is always recycled when possible.

Eat Better

how to save the environment

Your choices in how you eat and where you shop are vital to a positive change in your habits and the impact you have on the environment.

One of the biggest positive changes that we can make as a civilisation is to move towards a plant-based diet. If you are a meat-eater, think about ways in which you can decrease your meat consumption.

It doesn’t have to be that you become a vegan overnight if you are not ready, instead, make it that once or twice a week you eat a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Look for brands that offer free-range meat, organic, hormone, and antibiotic-free.

If you eat seafood, make sure that it is marked as sustainable seafood, and plan your groceries carefully.

Try your best to not over-shop, leaving yourself with too much waste at the end of the week. Shop only for what you need and not anything and everything that you want.

Change Your Transportation

change your transportation

If you drive or use public transport to get everywhere you need to be, think about how you can change your ways to lessen your impact on the environment.

Driving is such a massive cause of pollution, that just switching the majority of your travel to using bicycles or walking can make a massive difference to your own carbon footprint.

If the journey is a short one, go on foot or use your bike whenever you can.

It can seem like there is just too much to be done when it comes to the environment and living sustainably.

From your luxury accommodation as a student, working out how to save the environment is such a massive question to answer as an individual.

The big corporations and government hold the key to helping global emissions reach the much lower figures that need to be met.

As a student leading a busy lifestyle though, there are some things that you can be doing in your life that are positive and can help work towards a sustainable life and to help the environment.

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