Edinburgh’s Must-See Attractions

image of Edinburgh skyline
A tale of two cities, Edinburgh stands as one of the UK’s most exciting cultural cities. The Scottish capital is bound to medieval history and heritage with much of its Gothic infrastructure remaining in existence today, particularly in The Old Town of Edinburgh. While this city continues to embrace its rich heritage, Edinburgh exists to be a robust cosmopolitan city. In terms of recognition, established disciplines, such as education, have long been associated with the Scottish capital. Notably, education avenues including the study of medicine, law, literature, science and engineering have all been at the centre of Edinburgh’s standards.
image of Edinburgh landscape
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With a growing population of over 500,000 people, the City of Edinburgh is a popular destination for tourists and students.

After all, given the cities favourable attractions, Edinburgh is the UK’s second most popular place to visit. Notably, some of the popular and famous cultural features include ‘Edinburgh International Festival’ and ‘The Fringe’. Uniquely, the design of the city forces you to explore Edinburgh that can only be achieved on foot. More so, much of Edinburgh’s secret wonders lie beneath the city in the form of hidden tunnels, caves, and stairways. Edinburgh offers plenty of exciting adventures that are just waiting to be discovered. So, here is our pick of some of the City’s best attractions to visit:

Edinburgh Castle

Identified as one of the UK’s most prominent landmarks, Edinburgh Castle is a popular attraction for anyone visiting or studying in the city.
image of Edinburgh Castle
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Perched neatly on top of Castle Rock, the castle overlooks the old town of Edinburgh. As Scotland’s most paid tourist attraction, visitors have the privilege

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