7 BREATHTAKING Beaches In Liverpool You NEED To Visit This Summer!

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Everyone likes to be beside the seaside, especially in the summer, and there are plenty of Liverpool beaches to visit!

Luckily for those students living at our luxury accommodation in Liverpool, you can be at the beach in just 10 minutes by car.

That’s what makes Liverpool so wonderful, it’s full of surprises and hidden gems.

We’ve gathered a list of the top 7 beaches in Liverpool to keep you busy this summer, so get your sunglasses on!

Whether you decide to make a few sandcastles or take a dip in the chilly sea, you’re bound to have loads of fun.

1. Formby Beach

Formby Beach

The National Trust’s Formby Beach is one you won’t want to miss, it’s absolutely stunning with dramatic sand dunes and fab views.

Formby Beach can be super busy during summertime, purely because it’s such a popular destination – but it can’t be missed!

You really get the best of both worlds here, with acres of woodland as well as sandy beaches.

There are some fabulous walking trails, and if the sun is shining, you should definitely take a picnic with you!

2. Crosby Beach

Crosby Beach

Slightly closer to your luxury student accommodation is the famous Crosby Beach (roughly 20 minutes by car!)

It’s the permanent home to the ‘Another Place sculpture by artist Antony Gormley as well as sweeping views of Wirral and North Wales.

The coastal path is around 22 miles and a section of the national cycle path runs the length of the park too!

Stroll along the wide beach with golden sands and take in the Insta-worthy views this summer with your friends.

3. New Brighton Beach

New Brighton Beach Liverpool Beaches

Coming in at number three for our fabulous Liverpool beaches in New Brighton Beach in Wallasey, perfect for a beach day!

It’s a ¾ mile stretch of golden sands and is a super popular destination in the summer months – all the more reason to visit.

Grab a classic Fish & Chips and take in the scenery or visit one of the many restaurants on the modern promenade.

The promenade has actually had a £60 million redevelopment scheme, and it really shows, with a cinema, ice cream parlour, and many more.

The best part about New Brighton Beach? You can easily spend a day there, so brush off on your mini-golf skills and get going!

About a 20-minute drive from your luxury accommodation, you can be home in no time to shower off that sand in your modern en suite.

4. West Kirby Beach

West Kirby Beach

Slightly further afield is West Kirby Beach, it’ll take around 26 minutes to get there by car and offers some seriously scenic views.

You’ll be able to catch a glimpse across the Dee Estuary and towards the hill of North Wales, some views we bet you didn’t realise Liverpool had!

From the beach, if you look close enough you can see the red rocks of the Hilbre-Island archipelago (Hilbre Island, Middle Eye, and Little Eye.)

These islands are accessible when the beach is at a low tide, and definitely worth a visit when living and studying here.

Just make sure to be safe and allow sufficient time between tides, you can find more advice here about this!

5. Meols Beach

Meols Beach

Another lovely beach on the Wirral peninsula is Meols, between Hollyake and Wallasey (about a 25-minute drive away.)

Sand buggying and horse riding are particularly popular activities here, so if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, definitely come and visit!

It’s a 4-mile coastal walk that runs from Meols Dove Point to King’s Parade at New Brighton.

Although a lot of these beaches mentioned are on the Wirral, it gives you a great opportunity to explore Liverpool properly.

Because believe it or not, there’s a lot more to Liverpool than just the centre, with some fantastic and picturesque surrounding areas.

We’d definitely recommend this beach for a summer picnic, a very popular choice amongst visitors and locals.

The sunsets here are amazing, and definitely Insta-worthy, so make sure your phones got enough battery before you come here!

6. Thurstaston Beach

Thurstaton Beach Liverpool Beaches

Coming in at number 6 for our Liverpool beaches is Thurstaston Beach, it’s super breath-taking, and very clean too!

Whether you fancy a bit of bird watching, a nice stroll, or a picnic, there’s plenty of ways to make a day of your visit.

We’d definitely recommend bringing a pair of wellies with you because it can get pretty muddy on the walk to the beach.

But it’s so worth it! It’s very similar to Formby with a mixture of woodland and beach, which is what makes it so fabulous.

Although it’s about half an hour away from your luxury student accommodation, it’s so worth it for a break from the big city.

7. Southport Beach

Southport Beach Liverpool Beaches

Our final top pick for Liverpool beaches is Southport Beach which is about a 40-minute drive from your student accommodation.

The long sandy beach stretches around 22 miles across Sefton, with panoramic views in a peaceful atmosphere.

It’s home to the second-longest pier and has everything you need for a great summer day out with your university friends!

Stroll along the path and trails through the dunes and soak up the views, because you’re going to love it here!

And that’s it, everyone! Our top picks for Liverpool beaches that you definitely need to visit in summer 2022. The best part about these Liverpool beaches is the fact some of them give you the best of both worlds, with picturesque forest scenery and golden sands. You’re bound to have an amazing day out with your friends wherever you choose all a short drive away from your luxury student accommodation. As it’s coming up to exam season, you may be struggling with anxiety or sleep deprivation, that’s why we recommend a relaxing day at the beach with plenty of mindfulness. Need some more tips? Check out our 8 free sleep meditation apps for students’ blog to give you a helping hand.