8 Things To Do On Valentine's Day In Nottingham

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Valentine’s Day is a super special day for those of us that are loved up, or for those that just feel like giving themselves a bit of self-love!

You don’t have to have a partner to make the most of the 14th February with many modern traditions such as Galentine’s day taking the world by storm.

If you are spending that special day with your partner, you might be struggling for some ideas – which is why we’re here to help!

For those students living in our luxury accommodation in Nottingham, we’ve gathered a list of cute things you can do on Valentine’s Day in Nottingham without having to leave your cosy student living.

1. Netflix Movie Marathon

netflix movie marathon on valentine's day in nottingham

There’s nothing more romantic than snuggling up to your significant other and having a Netflix movie marathon!

If you choose to live at The Vantage, you get your very own cinema room, giving you the perfect opportunity for a movie binge in the comfort of your own luxury accommodation.

So grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and pick your favourite genre, because Netflix has it all!

Perhaps for added romance, you could pick the first movie you ever watched together? A very cute, thoughtful idea that gives you both a chance to reminisce.

2. Cook A Delicious Meal

cook a romantic valentine's meal together

It’s time to test your culinary skills and get ready to impress with a delicious romantic cooked meal.

Sometimes, the best nights are spent in the comfort of your own home as opposed to going out!

You can really enjoy each other’s company this Valentine’s Day in Nottingham, with a nice bottle of vino and a dish of your choice, and it won’t cost as much either.

With amazing features like a fine dining room in our luxury accommodation, you can really make the most of your own private space.

Stuck for ideas? There are plenty of simple recipes online that don’t require much work but are still super tasty!

You could either cook it yourself for your partner, or you could both have a go and make it a team effort, either way, it’ll be a lot of fun.

3. Create An At-Home Spa

at home spa for valentines day

If you’re feeling a little stressed out from studying, an at-home spa might be the perfect idea for Valentine’s day treat!

You’re already halfway there with the relaxing vibes at our luxury accommodation, so why not go extra and create your own spa?

Self-care is very important for all of us and you can easily transform your student living into a makeshift spa with facials, hot showers, and a fabulous night’s sleep.

Spray your pillows and surrounding areas with a little lavender spray to set the mood and get your chosen face mask ready.

There are loads you can purchase in Boots, whether it’s a sheet mask or a clay mask, high-end or drugstore, it really is down to you.

Have a nice hot steamy shower in your en suite with some lavish shower oil, put on a fluffy robe and get the best nights sleep you’ve ever had, bliss!

4. Valentine’s Day Breakfast

make a valentine's day breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? So why not cook your loved one a romantic breakfast to start their day off right, the perfect present!

You could even push the boat out and have it in bed if you haven’t got university that day, the ultimate luxury experience.

Check out the recipes online and pick what your partner would like the most, eggs benedict with smoked salmon and chives is always a winner in our opinion!

If you’re wanting a vegan recipe, you could try the vegan tomato and mushroom pancakes, a yummy breakfast bound to put a smile on their face.

5. Create A Scrapbook Of Memories

valentine's day in nottingham create a scrapbook of memories

This is a really fun activity to do on Valentine’s Day in Nottingham, especially if it’s raining outside!

Take a look on Pinterest for some serious inspiration and get ready to be creative and most of all…super romantic.
There’s so many different scrapbooks to choose from, so think about what you actually want to include in the scrapbook before you purchase it.

It’s probably best to compile plenty of relationship memorabilia before creating the scrapbook just so you can fill it, whether that’s old movie tickets or cute photos.

If you’re planning on writing a lot in the scrapbook, it’s probably best to get a lined paper scrapbook, you don’t want it to look messy after all!

This is a nice thing to do together so you can look back on memories and have a giggle, love will definitely be in the air.

6. Do Some Baking

valentine's day baking in notttingham

With plenty of Valentine’s baking ideas online, students are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what to bake their loved one!

Of course, baking isn’t for everyone, and you need to ensure you’re being extra safe when baking in your student accommodation.

As long as you’re being sensible when baking a sweet treat, there’s no harm in treating your loved one to something delicious.

These Valentines cookies are easy to make and don’t require many ingredients, ideal if you’re not too familiar with baking.

Serve them with a nice hot drink, get cosy, and enjoy your day!

7. Play A Boardgame

play a board game on valentine's day in norwich

Put all the cute stuff aside and get competitive with your loved one, because why not! It’s fun right?

There’s a lot of boardgames out there specifically for two people, you could test your knowledge of each other with a couples quiz, or have a go at trivia with a card game.

Playing boardgames with your partner can be a real good laugh, perfect for making even more memories with that special someone on a special day!

8. Recreate Your First Date

recreate your fist Nottingham date

Maybe it was a hot chocolate for two, or a walk in the park? Whatever your first date was, it’s a fabulous idea to recreate it this Valentine’s day.

Recreating your first date can bring back lots of nostalgia, and is a super romantic, inexpensive activity to do on that special day.

It’s time to be grateful you’ve passed that awkward stage of a first date and you’re both going strong!

We hope you found these ideas helpful for your Valentine’s Day in Nottingham! There are plenty of romantic, sweet things you can do in the comfort of your own luxury accommodation, you just have to put your mind to it. We hope you have a lovely day celebrating with that special someone!