Five Reasons to Love Living in Southampton

These are exciting times to be living and studying in Southampton. The coastal city is a hub of creativity and innovation, and that is thanks in no small to the presence of more than 30,000 students.

You will be hard-pressed to find a better environment in which to mingle with fellow academics, share experiences and make life-long friendships.

Boasting some of Europe’s leading sports events, scenery that will take your breath away, and an enviable status as one of Britain’s top-five cities for economic growth, it’s fair to say that Southampton feels like the right place at the right time.

Unsurprisingly there are countless things for students to get up to when they are not buried in books! Here is the cream of the crop:


The new £70 million shopping centre is one of the newest, shiniest jewels in Southampton’s crown. Home to entertainment venues, luxury shops, restaurants and a cinema, the state-of-the-art complex spearheaded a £1.6 billion revamp, and is a huge hit with the student population.

NUS card discounts are available at a number of outlets at Westquay, so be sure to bag a bargain!

SeaCity Museum

Such is Southampton’s relationship with water, it would be a crying shame not to check out the SeaCity Museum and learn more about the city’s fascinating maritime history.

The museum offers an insight into the tragic Titanic, which went down at sea on its maiden voyage five days after pulling away from Southampton. Indeed, the museum opened its doors for the first time on the 100th anniversary of the doomed passenger liner leaving the dock.

Southampton City Art Gallery

This is not your run-of-the-mill art gallery by any stretch of the imagination. Southampton City Art Gallery is known and respected around the world for a stunning collection of work that spans no less than eight centuries.

As well as revealing the journey of art from the Renaissance to modern day, the gallery also hosts breath-taking exhibitions which are rotated regularly to ensure every visit is a fresh experience.

Bring & Mix

Of course, no university city worth its salt can claim bragging rights without offering up a thriving nightlife, and Southampton certainly delivers on that front. The streets are lined with clubs, bars and pubs that cater to the tastes of every reveller.

One of the most enjoyable and quirky is Bring & Mix, a unique cocktail bar where you take your own spirits and they mix them! No beverage is too ‘out there’, and it is created in front of you and your friends at your table.


If your relatives are due to visit (they probably can’t wait to have a snoop around your new surroundings and check you are eating properly), you will be tasked with entertaining them! Look no further than award-winning Beaulieu, a day out for the whole family.

It is the home of the elegant Beaulieu Abbey, Palace House, and National Motor Museum. You can stroll around the sprawling grounds, ride the monorail, or jump on the 1912 replica Veteran Bus!