Hey, You! Why Don't YOU Follow Joe Goldberg Around All the Filming Locations in London

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Netflix’s thriller series You, starring Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg has returned back to our screens recently after just over a year, with the series premiere taking place on February 9th.

Who else has been doing nothing but binge watching the first five episodes?!

Considering filming for season 4 took place in London, it’s even more exciting for all of us fans in the UK.

Yep, that’s right the dangerously charming stalker Joe has been across the pond taking to the streets of the capital, and things couldn’t be more different in terms of location, and the plot.

You can find out here all about what to expect in this season of Netflix’s highly popular TV show, as well as the different filming locations in London, so carry on reading!

you season 4 london

You Season 4

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t already started watching the recently released series (come on, you’ve had a few days to watch part 1), then we’d urge you to stop reading now because we’re going to be talking all about what happens.

At the start of the new season of Netflix’s hit stalker drama, we see Joe move to The Big Smoke to start fresh with a new identity, new characters, a new job as a professor and of course, a new obsession which starts to take hold.

As he vows to bury his sinister past and start anew, an anonymous killer starts targeting members of his rich social group and pins the murders on him – in all fairness, it’s about time he was the one being stalked!

We won’t give everything away about the plot for all of you busy students who haven’t finished the first five episodes, but you get the gist.

Joe’s back and the tables have turned, will he return to his murderous stalker ways? Or will this be the end with someone framing him? All will be revealed when you get streaming the first five episodes.

You can watch the trailer below for You season 4.

How To Watch Season 4 Of You 

All four seasons of You are available to watch on the streaming platform Netflix with a subscription, but prepare to be left on a cliffhanger as part two of this season doesn’t air until next month.

If you somehow haven’t watched the psychological thriller TV series, we’d urge you to check it out.

Whilst we do have to wait a whole month to find out what happens in the next half of season four, we can of course spend this time getting to grips with the different filming locations in London.

If you’re studying in the city, you can go and explore Joe’s stomping ground for season four for yourself – check out our next section below!

How To Watch Season 4 Of You 

Photo by: Netflix

You Season 4 Filming Locations

Filming for the fourth season of You started on March 21st 2022 and wrapped up on Aug 27th 2022.

So, unfortunately you can’t expect to see Penn Badgley roaming the streets of The Capital anymore (we know, we’re gutted too).

Although, there are plenty of TikTok sightings of Penn Badgley, and you can go and explore the filming locations for yourself ahead of the second five-part release on March 9th!

It feels weird seeing Joe being the one being stalked, and it being in London of all places, don’t you think?

Nonetheless, we’re buzzing about seeing him being played at his own game during the series and can’t wait to visit the filming sights.

We’re sure you’ll recognise most of these spots, you never know, a few might just be on the doorstep of your luxury student accommodation

you season 4 filming locations

Photo by: Netflix

Royal Holloway, University of London

Darcy College may be a fictional university, and Joe may not be a real English professor, but Royal Holloway campus is in fact very real.

Despite its name, Royal Holloway is actually not in London at all, it’s actually in Egham which is a town on the outskirts of Surrey.

For fans living here, why not explore the University’s courtyard outside the Founder’s Building for yourself?

This walk is slightly closer than Joe’s 40 min walk in the show, or the more exact 9hr actual walk it would take him to get between Kensington and Egham if this were real-life – quite the commute aye?

Although, thankfully, it’s fictional and there isn’t an intensely obsessive lecturer working on campus under the guise of a false identity, Professor Jonathan Moore.

The geography might not quite add up, but we’re still loving this season regardless.

If you want a short walk to visit the filming location which features in several scenes in season 4, it’s less than a 15-minutes walk from our Straits Garden student accommodation.

Royal Holloway, University of London

Photo by: Netflix

St Pancras International Station

St. Pancras Station has been the backdrop of many TV shows and films being an iconic staple of London.

Of course, it just has to feature in season 4 of You as Joe’s first stop in England.

This time, the filming location is actually in London, and for those living in the city centre, you can take a trip to the station and see where Joe kept a low profile and read The Daily Day – looking creepy as ever.

For reference, check out the picture below or just stream episode one of the newly released season of You for yourself. C’mon, get with it!

St Pancras International Station

Photo by: Netflix

Kynance Mews, South Kensington

Here at PSL, we’ve done all the hard graft for you and researched all of the varying filming locations for season four of You. 

Considered to be one of London’s most picturesque streets, Kynance Mews is also featured in the recently released season 4 of You as Joe’s new home where he’s living quietly.

In the first episode the character states “I’m in a Hugh Grant movie,” referring to his new West London Pad, and he’s not far off.

It was actually Hugh Grant’s home whilst filming for Love Actually – we love a subtle reference, don’t you?

Considering the rent prices of this area of London, we’d imagine that university job must pay him well!

If you’re wanting to be like Joe and live on a beautiful street like this, our student accommodation Chelsea Lightfoot Hall is in an equally desirable location and is affordable for your student budget.

Kynance Mews, South Kensington

Photo by: Netflix

Knebworth House, Herefordshire

Many scenes of You’s season 4 were filmed at the stunning Knebworth House, which is where The Crown was also filmed – a double whammy if you’re fans of both shows!

Though yet again, this filming location is not technically in London and is in Herefordshire, it’s still a noteworthy mention and somewhere you should certainly check out if you wanna follow in Joe’s footsteps.

Although, you can’t just turn up at this filming spot, you do have to plan a visit in advance.

To put it into context, Knebworth House is the backdrop of where Joe and his new rich social group spend some quality time across episode 4.

Nicknamed Hampsie, this spot is the countryside home of aristocrat Lady Phoebe (Tilly Keeper).

Knebworth House, you season 4

Photo by: Netflix

Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square

We know, we did say this post was about London filming locations, so you’ll be glad to know this next one actually is in the city, and it’s easily found.

Recently featured in the comedy drama The White Lotus, The Four Seasons Hotel is apparently also a backdrop of You (although, it’s unconfirmed).

During the series, we see Joe head to a party at his wealthy ‘friends’ Lady Phoebe’s luxury flat.

He’s doing alright for himself with his new life heading to these lavish get-togethers after the events of season 3, aye?

The best part is, if you’re wanting to head to the filming locations, this one is only a short underground journey from Grosvenor House.

you season 4 london filming locations

Photo by: Netflix

Grant’s Quay Wharf, Old Billingsgate

Joe’s getting out and about and making the most of London life in this season of You, with another recognisable spot he ventures to being Gran’t Quay Wharf in the City Of London.

You’d be surprised, but even violent killers who stalk their love interests need some peace and quiet from time to time.

Why not take a trip for yourself and see where the iconic Penn Badgley sat?

The views over the Tower Bridge are a sight to behold, trust us!

Grant’s Quay Wharf, Old Billingsgate

Photo by: Netflix

Lincoln’s Inn Library, New Square

Whilst working as an English professor, Joe frequents the Darcy College, which is really known as Lincoln’s Inn Library.

In the show, the charming professor talks with English undergraduate student Nadia, played by Amy-Leigh Hickman.

Sadly, you do need a Law degree to visit this filming location as it’s a training centre for lawyers, but it’s still got some pretty impressive interiors even if we can’t visit it for ourselves.

Photo by: Netflix

The Builders Arms, Kensington

The next filming location for You is none other than The Builders Arms in Kensington, which appears in various different shots during season 4.

Though our favourite creepy sociopath doesn’t actually take a trip inside for a pint of the good stuff, we see the exteriors of the leafy pub several times.

Make a trip out of it and head to the bustling venue for a few drinks with your flatmates!

The Builders Arms, Kensington

Photo by: Netflix


Another unconfirmed but rumoured filming location for the fourth season of You is London’s premier nightlife venue, Fabric.

It’s not confirmed whether or not the party scenes on the TV show at Sundry House did actually take place here, but fans are speculating they did.

Btw, you can actually visit this film setting in real life, and we’re sure as a student you’ll love it!

It may look a little differently to as it did when Joe took a visit, though.

Fabric season 4 you netflix

Photo by: Netflix

Now you know a bit more about the different standout settings of season four of You, you can go out and visit them for yourself whilst studying in London!

This way you can get the excitement flowing for the release of next month’s episodes, or just get fangirling at where Penn Badgley also ventured.

Series 4 of You is certainly worth a watch if you haven’t done so already, get the popcorn ready, get logged into Netflix and prepare to be on the edge of your seat!

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