How to Make the Most of Your Christmas in Student Accommodation

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So, it’s almost Christmas, and just because you might be staying in student accommodation, doesn’t mean you won’t have a super fun time!

Wherever you may be over Christmas, you’ve still got plenty of excuses to eat loads of scrumptious food and have a laugh with your family and friends.

Luckily for those staying in our luxury student accommodation, there’s lots to keep you occupied over the festive period, yay!

Whether it’s catching a festive flick in one of our fabulous cinema rooms, or getting competitive with your new friends in the gaming area, you’ll have enough to keep you busy.

We’re here to tell you how to make the most of your Christmas in our wonderful student accommodation to get you in the Christmassy mood, let’s go!

1. Cook A Christmas Dinner

christmas dinner in student accommodation

Whether your sharing a kitchen, or have your very own studio, you can make the most of a nice quiet kitchen and practice your culinary skills over Christmas.

There are loads of recipes online for a yummy Christmas dinner for one, and you’ll even have some leftovers for boxing day too!

You don’t have to purchase a huge turkey for your Christmas dinner (unless you have a big appetite) a simple chicken breast will be just as tasty.

Complete it with all the trimmings and a nice glass of something special to top off this special day!

2. Festive Movie Marathon

christmas things to do in student accommodation watch netflix

Why not stream a few Christmassy movies on Netflix on your laptop or visit the snug in one of our fabulous luxury accommodation buildings for ultimate cosiness.

Make sure you have plenty of snacks, and have a movie marathon in the comfort of your own home.

Whether it’s Elf, The Grinch, or The Holiday, it’s safe to say there’s plenty of Christmas films out there bound to get you in the festive spirit and put a smile on your face.

If you’re not into Christmas films, check out our top Netflix movies for students in self-quarantine blog here for some film inspiration!

3. Decorate Your Accommodation

christmas decoration make the most of christmas in student accommodation

Got a little spare time on your hands? It’s time to decorate your student accommodation!

You don’t have to make it festive if you’d rather not, you could always treat yourself to some décor and add some pizzazz to your student living.

If you are feeling festive though, why not purchase yourself a cute little mini Christmas tree to place on your desk?

Grab yourself some fairy lights to make your room extra cosy and Christmassy and maybe some tinsel too if you’re feeling extra.

4. Zoom Call With Family/Friends

zoom call on christmas from student accommodation

We understand that being in your student accommodation over Christmas may be a little lonely, especially for those with families very far away.

That’s why we’d recommend setting up a zoom call with your family and friends, it’ll give you something to look forward to as well as that all important human interaction!

You’ve probably already got Zoom because of online lectures, so it’ll be super easy to set up a call, you just need to give your family or friends a code.

Why not have a bit of fun and set up a Christmas themed quiz?

5. Read A Book

read a book on christmas in your student accommodation

Now more than ever would be a fabulous time to lose yourself in a book and get nice and cosy.

The best part is, it’ll be nice and quiet in your luxury student accommodation so you can fully focus and relax!

If you’re feeling extra productive, you could always do a bit of studying, but don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s Christmas after all.

6. Binge Some TV

christmas in student accommodation watch tv

It’s time to get tucked up in your comfortable bed and watch some television, because why not!

As a busy student, you may struggle to find the time to catch your favourite show on Netflix, or re-watch some classics that you love.

If you’d prefer to watch a bit of YouTube, don’t worry, we’ve got 8 YouTube channels every student should follow in our blog here.

You could even treat yourself and visit one of our wonderful cinema rooms like our one in 88 Bromsgrove House to watch your favourite box-set!

7. Embrace Self-Care

embrace self care for christmas in student accommodation

There’s nothing wrong with embracing self-care and treating yourself, because guess what, you deserve it!

When you’re staying in your luxury student accommodation over Christmas, you can really use this time wisely and relax and unwind.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for chilling out and taking a break from your studies if you feel like you need it, it’s these steps that are so important for your general well-being.

If you’re not sure what self-care involves, or you’re struggling for ideas, check out our blog here for inspiration!

Whether it’s a spot of yoga, some mindfulness meditation or a warm snuggly nap, self-care is very important for students.

8. Break A Sweat

hit the gym during christmas when you're staying in luxury student accommdodation

If you’ve got some spare time over Christmas in your student accommodation, why not take a trip to the gym and have a big workout. 

All of our gyms are fabulously equipped with top tier equipment, destined to give you the best gym session!

Exercise is known to release endorphins, a brain chemical associated with happiness, confidence, and lessening anxiety, all the more reason to get out there and break a sweat.

Reward yourself with a nice hot shower in your luxury en suite, and get into some comfortable PJ’s ready for a cosy festive night in.

9. Treat Yourself

make the most of your christmas in student accommodation with online shopping

Why not treat yourself to a bit of online shopping over Christmas in your student accommodation?

Of course, Christmas is all about exchanging gifts with loved ones, but it’s also about treating yourself too, right?

Keep a lookout for any Black Friday deals around November and early December time and you might be able to find a good deal!

Whether it’s a brand new outfit, or a nice new bag for uni, don’t be afraid to treat yourself!

10. Work On Your Hobbies

make the most of christmas in student accommodation with a knitting hobby

If you have a hobby you want to pursue, now would be a fantastic time to give it a go, with minimal distractions in your student accommodation!

Whether it’s painting, poetry, or knitting, Prestige student living creates the perfect calming environment for students to do what they love.

It’s definitely worth using this time wisely, whether it’s for relaxing or working on your skills, whatever makes you happy 😊

We hope you find our tips useful, it’s important for students to remember that they’re not alone over Christmas and to keep communication with family and friends regularly.

Maybe you could use this time to decorate your studio flat? Check out our stylish decorating ideas for your studio flat on our blog here!