Black Friday Online 2022: ASOS, Apple & All the Best Deals for Students

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That special date is nearly here! Black Friday is on the 25th November 2022, and we hope you’re ready to go on a shopping spree (if you haven’t already blown your budget that is…)

We know just how much you all love shopping online, so that’s why we’re bringing you all the top deals you can get from the comfort of your own luxury student accommodation.

Get ready to really treat yourself and your loved ones, because why not? Everyone love’s a treat! 

Black Friday deals

What Is Black Friday?

online shopping

Black Friday was first mentioned back in November 1951. The Factory Management and Maintenance journal actually used the phrase to describe people calling in sick after Thanksgiving!

The day after Thanksgiving has been regarded as the beginning of the United States, but the actual term ‘Black Friday’ was not widely used until recent decades.

Many stores offer a whole bunch of fabulous Black Friday deals, with some even opening extra early to mark the occasion!

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

Cyber Monday

In the UK, the term ‘Black Friday’ originated when the Police and The NHS referred to the Friday before Christmas.

Emergency services would come up with a plan to tackle the busy Friday night, filled with bustling shops, pubs, and bars.

Traditionally, Boxing Day has always been the busiest day for shopping in the UK, with heaps of January sales on offer.

However, the US tradition of Black Friday has recently become super popular here and is increasing in popularity as the years go by.

What Is Cyber Monday?

cyber monday deals

Cyber Monday is much more recent than Black Friday, with the same amount of awesome deals for shopping.

The term was created in 2005 to describe the Monday after the Black Friday sales where people continued to shop online after going to work!

It’s now often referred to as ‘Cyber Weekend’ with plenty of online shopping deals to keep you busy on Saturday and Sunday too.

This year it takes place on November 29th, and it’s well worth being on the lookout for deals on tech and fashion products.

If you see a deal you like on Black Friday, it might be worth waiting until Cyber Monday to see if you get an even better discount.

Black Friday Deals For 2022 

We’ve done our research and gathered the best Black Friday deal for students, to make sure you’re not missing out on these amazing prices!

Let’s take a look at some of the best so you’re prepared for November, there’s nothing wrong with being ahead of the game. 

Black friday deals online

John Lewis 

Everybody loves John Lewis, they’re known for their fantastic deals around Black Friday and high quality products.

It might be worth downloading the app ahead of Black Friday, just so you can keep an eye on potential deals.

Last year, there were some amazing deals with between 20% to 70% of products across a variety of categorise from beauty to tech to homeware to fashion. 

We don’t know about you, but we certainly splashed the cash! 

This year, the retailer has confirmed they will be participating in Black Friday yet again – wooo.

You can create a wish list on their website here, so that you’re extra prepared for Black Friday 2022. 

john lewis black friday deals


There’s a ton of fresh new products that have recently been released by Apple.

Such as the IPhone 14 Pro or the new AirPods Pro model, so what better time to make the most of their Black Friday deals?! 

Last year, Apple offered some amazing discounts for Black Friday with money off iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch

We expect that this year will be even bigger and better.

Snap up a new Apple device and save some money,  by making sure that you’re prepared for the annual shopping event.

One tip we have for guys is to research the products you want beforehand, especially when it comes to tech devices as they are a big spend!

apple black friday deals


Amazon really is the place to be for the Black Friday sales, with some incredible discounts for students to make the most of. 

Did you shop Amazon’s Black Friday deals last year? If so, you would have known that they started their sale in early November.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed in hope that this happens again this year! 

Cutting prices from all the latest tech gadgets, to home appliances and beauty products, you just know this year’s sales are going to be one for the books. 

Expect some fantastic deals on the latest Amazon products, such as the Echo Dot, and if you’re a coffee lover, you might just be able to grab some cheap coffee machines…mmm. 

If you’re searching for an Air Fryer for your student home, you might just be able to bag up an impressive deal too.

Make sure you set your alarms and keep looking out for these early Black Friday week sales, you don’t want to miss out. 

amazon black friday deals


Shop designers and beauty brands this Black Friday with Net-A-Porter, who love a good Black Friday Sale!

They offer so many price reductions on products, you just know you’re getting the very best deals.

In 2021, there were up to 30% discounts across the entire site, which included new season items from the likes of New Balance, Victoria Beckham and Frankie Shop. 

Last year, the luxury brand used a discount code method for shoppers to get money off online, which we expect they’ll do again this year.

Net-A-Porter is not only a great website to purchase some clothing items to jazz up your wardrobe, but it’s also a great place to grab Christmas presents for your loved ones with something for everyone – yes please! 

Net-a-porter black friday


Argos is renowned for Black Friday deals that blow everyone else out the water.

It’s a great excuse to get some early Christmas shopping in and complete. 

With even more deals and bigger discounts expected in comparison to last year, you already know you’re in for a treat when it comes to the Black Friday weekend. 

Last year, the high-street brand started their deals off a week early, and continued to drop new deals leading up to the day.

Expect bargain prices from brands such as Nintendo, Dyson and Lego, as found from some of their 2021 deals.

We’d recommend favouriting the items you want to ensure you’re first in line when it comes to securing unmissable Black Friday deals.

argos black friday deals


If you’re wanting discounts from designer brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, Selfridges is the place to be this Black Friday 2022!

Although more high-end brands may not do discounts for Black Friday specifically, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a bargain in a department store like Selfridges.

Their current Project Earth edit is another great reason to shop here, involving the curation of eco-friendly fashion and beauty options.

In 2021, the department store offered up to 20% off designer womenswear, bags, homeware, jewelry and gifts, whilst their beauty category had a 10% discount shoppers could utilise online.

We hope Selfridges will be playing ball this Black Friday – wait and see to find out if you could save money on some great finds!

selfridges black friday deals

Harvey Nichols

From luxurious beauty brands like Dior to Charlotte Tilbury, it hasn’t been verified that Harvey Nichols will be taking part in Black Friday online this year, but we can hope!

Last year saw discounts of 20% off clothing, 15% off beauty and 20% off home, so make sure you check out their website on Black Friday.

Whether you want to treat yourself or a loved one, there’s plenty of stylish outfits, and scrumptious food & wine choices.

Hopefully we see some similar deals this year to make the most of some money off big brand items.

harvey nichols black friday discount


Online Black Friday on ASOS is a must for students, with plenty of awesome deals to ensure a Black Friday treat for everyone.

With over 850+ brands on the site, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for, whether that be coats, jackets, trainers, Insta-worthy outfits and many more. 

Whilst the discounts for this year have yet to be announced, make sure you set your alarms and get prepared for plenty of savings.

In 2021, the online retailer offered discounts of up to 80% – we’d like a bit of that!

If you shop through the app, we’re sure you’ll receive a push notification letting you know of any Black Friday promos.

Get racking up your wish list to ensure you’re ready and can grab all your fave stuff on the big day, before they sell out.

ASOS Black Friday discount


Whistles are no stranger to Black Friday online events, in fact, they’ve been taking part for the past few years now.

In 2020, the contemporary fashion brand gave their customers 25% off absolutely everything, which is very generous!

Whilst they haven’t announced if they’ll be participating in this years Black Friday deals, we sure hope they do the same as previous years and follow through for 2022.

We predict they’ll be plenty of reduced prizes so you can add some staple items to your Autumn wardrobe.

Whistles clothing brand


Black Friday at Curry’s is always a massive event, with plenty of student discounts on top tech products.

They’ve already announced that they’re coming in strong with TV deals, laptop and computing exclusives and console deals! 

With around 118 orders per minute last year, it’s no wonder they’re always a super popular choice when it comes to Black Friday shopping. 

In 2021, some great money saving deals we saw were on items such as 4k TVs, laptops, games, gaming accessories, smart tech, cameras and much more. 

Black Friday is the time to grab a laptop for university, or the latest tech product you’re interested in, whilst the prices are low!

Curry's Black friday deals

So, there you have it, the end of our guide to the best online deals for students to bag up this Black Friday.

There isn’t long until the shopping extravaganza and many more brands will be announcing their Black Friday deals as we get closer to November.

Spoil yourselves and your loved ones and enjoy the deals on offer this year!

Keep your eyes peeled to be the first to know about all the big discounts yet to come.

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