The 10 Podcasts On Spotify Students Need To Listen To ASAP

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There are an estimated 48 million podcast episodes actively available to listen to as of April 2021. 

It would seem everyone under the sun is listening to, creating or guest-starring in an awesome new podcast. 

The sheer volume of podcasts means it is often overwhelming to find a new one to listen to, especially as a student when you’re time’s busy elsewhere with uni work!

So, if you are looking for inspiration, or your algorithms are failing you, never fear! We’ve got the definitive list of podcasts on Spotify that you need to listen to right now.

1. Adulting

people holding eachother listening to podcasts

Oenone is your host bringing you all life’s lessons in neat, digestible nuggets; it’s all you need to truly progress into the large wide world as an adult. 

The podcast is full of brilliant advice from Oenone and her guests ranging from mental health, and body acceptance to tax returns. 

You can expect charming, insightful and reflective conversations that impart real-world knowledge to be used in your day to day life. 

Ultimately, Adulting makes the real world of adulting seem less scary as you start to become aware that everyone is going through the same process and most importantly, you’re not alone.

2. My Dad Wrote a Porno 

people recording a podcast for spotify

Host, Jamie Morton, discovered his dad wrote an erotic fiction novel titled ‘Belinda Blinked’ under the pseudonym Rocky Flintstone. The wholly unerotic story features the pots and pans selling protagonist,  Belinda Blumenthal, and charts her sexual escapades. 

The host and his co-hosts, James Cooper and Alice Levine read out chapters of the book and add their searing commentary with side-splitting results. 

The podcast takes the universal embarrassment that all children feel when they discover their parents are not asexual beings and cranks it up a few notches.

My Dad Wrote a Porno that will have you in tears, stitches and fits all at once… maybe not one for the bus if you don’t want to be the person crying with laughter by yourself!

3. 10 Things That Scare Me

girl listening to spotify podcast

It’s all in the title really; a new person each week sits in a room by themselves and openly discusses their biggest fears. The fears are unique, wide-ranging and move from being hilarious to quite deep.

10 Things That Scare Me is a simple idea but very well executed and one that you will be wanting to star in yourself. Think Fear Factor but better, if you’re old enough to remember…

4. A Bit of a Stretch

neon sign saying to listen to podcast

Chris Atkins is a Bafta-nominated documentary filmmaker who was convicted of tax fraud in 2016, resulting in a nine-month sentence in HMP Wandsworth. A Bit of a Stretch might not be a laugh a minute but it is a deep dive into the true nature of prison. 

From a prisoner’s perspective, the podcast brings in other former prisoners as guests to discuss their experiences.

A Bit of a Stretch is an endlessly fascinating listen, Atkins and the guests are engaging and provide a captivating insight into the daily routine of prisoners as well as the deep struggles faced within the prison system.

5. The Inform

student girl listening to podcast on spotify

A great podcast for students looking to self-motivate, increase productivity and generally get the most out of uni experiences. Although it caters to a larger audience than just students, the topics are always applicable to student life, ranging from “Digital Minimalism”, to “Building the Perfect Day”, and “How to Save Money When You Hate Budgeting.”

The Inform is light, bingeable and witty thanks to the cheerful hosts Thomas Frank and Martin Boehme.

6. The Receipts

The Receipts podcast is all about relationship advice, but this is no Dear Diedre. 

Hosts Tolani (Tolly) Shoneye, Audrey Indome and Milena Sanchez are open to discuss any topics from current celebrity news, blackfishing, friendship breakups and situationships. 

The hosts are real and seriously funny, providing advice for their listeners that are in weird and wonderful predicaments.

Expect to be hooked from the start!

7. Bad with Money

phone with computer

Host Gaby Dunn wrote a book about money, “Bad With Money”, so you know the podcast is going to cash in on the goods.

This is the podcast version of the book, focusing on helping listeners obtain as much information about money, breaking down financial terminology, pensions and the age-old question of ‘what is a stock’? 

Bad with Money also looks at finance from a broader perspective and explores economic imbalances and increasing social divides. It’s super informative and absorbing-  a must-listen if you’re too scared to open your banking app.

8. Secret Artists 

girls speaking about podcast

Moving away from the conversation between guest and host, this podcast adds in a new exciting element: art, or more accurately, creating art. Annie McGrath engages in creating art whilst chatting to her guests who are usually other comedians or funny people from all walks of life. Previous guests include Phil Wang, Alex Horne and Rhy James (comedian not Chelsea FC fullback).

The great thing about Secret Art is that guests are often more open and less guarded than on other shows as they are physically doing something; creating the art. Get ready for some brutal honesty and funny slip-ups. 

9. The Mo Gilligan Podcast

 microphone to record a podcast for spotify

From the man who bought you the classics such as 25 Grime MCs, Rasta Nursery Rhymes and Different Types Of Girls – After A Night Out, you can guarantee that this podcast will be hysterical. 

The Mo Gilligan Podcast includes some huge and interesting guests that are not often found on other shows like Rio Ferdinand and Nigel NG.

Mo’s natural, relaxed vibe and ability to seamlessly connect with the guests make this podcast a joy.

10. Tiny Leaps Big Changes

girl on computer listening to student podcast

Tiny Leaps Big Changes aims to introduce you to small, little changes that will help you live the life you truly want. Based on the book of the same name, the topics explored vary from wellness, procrastination, and feeling guilty.

True to the name, Tiny Leaps Big Changes feeds you bitesize morsels of advice which make it feel all the easier to implement these life changes one at a time.

Itching to start listening? We’re not surprised. Podcasts are a great way to chill out, especially if you’re feeling stressed with uni. Another way to find your ‘zen’ is through meditation and we have listed the best apps for you to relax and unwind!