#TravelTok Hacks for Unforgettable Summer Vacation

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Exam season is done! Ready for an unforgettable vacation? Check out the best TikTok travel hacks from money saving tips, to the best ways to travel, to tricks for packing your suitcase. We’ve done our research (watched tons of videos) and trust us, these hacks need your attention.  

Let’s get ready to take off… 

Summer holiday

Hacks to get cheap flights

Many TikTok users have shared videos on how to save money on flights and get the best deals using a variety of different websites, and we’re living for it! Who doesn’t want to get their holiday cost down? After all, flights can be so expensive especially during the summer. 

One user @hacks.travel is a previous flight attendant and states her favourite tool for sourcing out cheap flights is Google Flights. She states within the viral video that if you’re willing to be flexible when planning your trip, you can save money.

So, what exactly does the hack involve? Well, the influencer suggests using the online flight booking search service to find the cheapest destinations from your departure point. You need to change your departure, point but leave the destination box blank, as well as choosing any dates in the date range section.  

After this, results will come up in which she says to choose “flexible dates”. You can then find the cheapest locations within a specific time period such as within the video she searches flights from New York to any destination during the month of March, which gives her a range of prices for different places like Los Angeles and Toronto. The only downside to this tip is that you must be willing to be flexible with your dates to explore cheaper options.  

Why not check out Google Flights for yourself and get your flights sorted at a cheap price?  

Another travel content creator on TikTok has provided watchers with another great tip for saving money on flights. Which is to buy your tickets directly at the airport rather than buying them online, you’ll save money on those added booking fees – ew!  

TikTok user @mcmillansonthego explains in her video that you can go to the airport and purchase your tickets for a flight there and then. It doesn’t have to be for a same-day flight either. However, the hack only works with specific airlines, and you also need to make sure to go within ticket desk opening times which is normally two hours before a flight’s departure time.  

Plane flights

Hacks to packing 

Packing for a vacation can be stressful due to trying to meet the luggage requirements, ensuring the weight is under the airlines limit and making sure everything fits in your case. Arghhh making sure your liquids are sorted too and that they don’t spill! It just isn’t something we look forward to when it comes to holiday prep.  

However, this packing hack from @mrsblinks on TikTok is a great way to ensure you have more room in your bag. Instead of folding your clothing items up, she rolls them leaving much more space in your backpack or case. You don’t have to worry about your clothes creasing either –its a winner!  

Another game changer from @sideofsequins on TikTok for packing for a holiday is using vacuum pack bags. You can fit everything into your case from towels to clothing to pillows! It will save you time and means you have more space. How do vacuum pack bags work? Alls, you need to do Is roll them up to remove air from your items so don’t worry you won’t need a pump or vacuum. They’re also great for storage or for when you’re moving out of your student home to maximise space.  

Just remember, if you do use this hack ensure you’re not packing any prohibited items as opening up vacuum bags in the airport won’t be ideal for security.  

Packing hacks

Hacks to avoid hand-luggage fees

Most airlines allow you to take one piece of carry-on luggage normally weighing 10kg, on the plane for free. However, Ryanair is one of the few that charge for a carry-on bag, because they’re a budget airline and offer cheaper flights compared to their competitors. Some flights can even cost as little as a tenner! This TikTok travel hack by @orangeobviously will show you how to prevent paying extra for cabin bags and travel on a budget. We LOVE it!  

Within the video the Irish user states that you can save between €40 (£33) and €60 (£50) on your next Ryanair flight with a 10kg bag by following her steps. She states you should begin by using the Ryanair app and picking your flights and dates. Then, go back to the booking page and choose the value fare option.  

She then says to continue, and you will be taken to another page where you can add the 10kg bag for just €13. So, go with a small bag and the value fare chosen and there you have it! Remember this for next time you’re booking a flight with Ryanair, change the booking method and save those pennies. We don’t know about you, but we are for sure going to use this handy hack!  

Hand luggage hacks

Hacks to watch videos on the plane

Unfortunately, not all aircrafts have TVs on them for you to watch some telly whilst flying, it depends on the flight duration and the airline. But you can use this simple TikTok hack by @stephenedwards008 to watch videos on the plane and keep yourself entertained throughout the journey. 

To make use of this hack you’ll need a phone with a case, sick bag (you can ask for one) and a tray table. Within the video of the hands-free smartphone hack, the first step is to place the sick bag within your phone case, and then place your phone back in your case. Then put the sick bag over the tray table and put the tray table back up. There you have it, your very own make-shift TV. No more holding your phone up in different positions to stay entertained on your journey! 

Before your journey, make sure to have downloaded whatever you want to watch whether it’s downloading films or a few episodes of a TV show. Many streaming software’s like Disney Plus, Netflix and Amazon give you the option to download for offline viewing.  

Hacks to watching films on plane

Hacks to saving money on accommodation 

Okay so you’ve sorted out some cheap flights, but now the hotel and Airbnb costs are looking pricey for your destination – nooo! Well, here’s a TikTok hack for what you can do to save money and get a FREE place (or places) to stay.  

This TikTok user @idea.soup states he has stayed with strangers for free in 18 different countries using Couchsurfing.com. He states “you just have to be open to making new friends. It’s been a game-changer for traveling cheaply and traveling locally.” 

So, what exactly is Couchsurfing? Well, it’s a social networking service where you can find places to stay for free, people offer up their homes meaning you’ll get to know some local people and maybe even make pals for life.  

You can even become a host if you want to offer up your home for travellers! You do need to ensure to stay safe if you want to make the most of this travel hack, always ensure to use the review and references option on the app before staying with someone or having someone stay with you.  

Accommodation money saving hacks

If you’re going on the type of break where it doesn’t matter where you stay, because you’ll be too busy exploring most of the time and its only somewhere to rest your head then make the most of this hack!  

That’s it, the end of guide on the best #TravelTok Hacks. We hope you have the best holiday if you’ve planned to go away this summer! If you liked the content we covered here, you should check out some of our other blogs like The Ultimate Guide to Reading Festival! 

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