What to Pack for Your First Term at Uni

Your first term at university is a memory that is likely to stay with you forever. It is such a significant fork in the road and represents not only the next step in your learning journey but also vital life experience.

The opportunity to live independently, explore a new city and mix with loads of people going through the same thing as you is a lot to take in all at once, but there is a reason why millions of former students reflect on their time at university as the best days of their lives!

What those nostalgic lads and lasses would also say is that the all-important first term goes much smoother if you are prepared.

Of course, it is impossible to know exactly what to expect until Freshers’ Week is in full swing, but there is plenty you can do to ensure you swiftly acclimatise to your new surroundings. Check out our top tips for what you should pack for your first term at university.


At the danger of provoking a flashback to those early school years when your parents would take you shopping for a pencil case, your first days, weeks and months will be a lot easier if you are equipped with the right stationery!

Stationery for Uni

The old saying ‘something to write on, something to write with’ helps you get the ball rolling here, so make sure you are armed with a notepad, folder, pens and pencils. A calculator is always a good shout, unless you are allowed to use the one on your mobile phone, and don’t forget to dig out a nice selection of highlighters.

Last but not least, the beauty of owning a diary is that it not only keeps you up to speed on important academic dates but also helps you plan those eagerly-anticipated social occasions!

Kitchen utensils

You may end up staying in student accommodation that comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, but it is always wise to have more than less, especially when you are about to take sole responsibility for your cooking from here on in.

A decent set of pans, plenty of knives, forks and spoons, a baking tray and oven gloves will give you a welcome head start. Adding some Tupperware into the mix provides the handy option of storing leftovers for meals the following day.

You will soon fall into a nice routine with the kitchen duties, especially if you are sharing with friends, but being kitted out will make the initial phase simpler.

Home Comforts

Just because you have flown the nest doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying those heart-warming home comforts. In fact, you will arguably rely on them even more whilst adjusting to this unfamiliar environment, no matter how exciting the process is.

things to pack for uni

Get cosy after a hard day of lectures by unwinding in your favourite pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers, and in the winter months why not throw in a hot water bottle for good measure?

Some student flats will feature laundry facilities, and you can make that process even more pain-free by packing a clothes rack, on which your garments will dry and smell fresh.


When the notorious Freshers’ Flu strikes, you are in charge of your own recovery! Every home is better off with a first aid kit, and when the sniffles start you should be able to call upon a host of over-the-counter medication that eases the symptoms.

The alternative isn’t worth thinking about – pretty much the last thing in the world we feel like doing when we are unwell is dragging ourselves out of bed and shivering all the way to the shops and back to get hold of some Lemsip.

Have it at hand so if and when Freshers Flu does make an appearance, you’re ready for war!


There is no point packing all this stuff if you’ve got nothing to carry it in at the other end!

Student rucksacks

Countless trips from the library to lectures and lectures to home make a good bag an absolute must. While there are bargains to be had for some of the other essentials, it is worth spending a few extra pounds on a high-quality rucksack if you can afford it.

The British weather, not the least the pouring rain, causes wear and tear, so it’s advisable to find a bag that will stand the test of time.