6 Of The Best Gyms In Sheffield, Perfect For Students

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If you are a fan of the gym, keeping fit and healthy, lifting weights, and making friends during a workout, then you’ll want to know all about the best gyms in Sheffield. 

Whether you are looking for a regular, simple workout regime, you want to test yourself with state-of-the-art gym equipment, or you are searching for a group of like-minded people to become part of a local gym community, there are some great options for gyms in Sheffield for you to explore.

We’ve put together a guide of some of the best gyms in Sheffield for you to go and pump some iron or get your heart racing with cardio.

1. Hallam Active Gyms – Various Locations


Part of Hallam University, Hallam Active Gyms has 9 gyms and pools throughout Sheffield, open to both students and the general public and close to student accommodation Sheffield Hallam. Wherever you signed up for a membership and wherever you live in the city, you are close to a workout when you need one! 

A student membership at this gym is the perfect way to build your fitness, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but most of all, have fun! 

The fitness instructors are always welcoming and happy to give a helping hand on equipment and specific workout techniques, with a personal fitness programme available. 

The classes are popular too, providing a fast and fun workout for those of you with a busy uni schedule.

2. Sport Sheffield – Goodwin Sports Centre, University of Sheffield

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Goodwin Sports Centre is part of the University of Sheffield, and it is here where you can join Sports Sheffield. 

It is a state-of-the-art facility with a range of sporting options, including a 33m swimming pool, tennis courts, sports hall, bouldering wall, cricket nets, gym, and several all-weather sports pitches. 

It offers a fantastic sporting community for students and has something for every sporting taste. 

You can join the gym and use the best equipment, take part in classes with brilliant trainers, play for sports teams and clubs, or for those at the top of their sport, apply for the Performance Sport scheme where some elite sportspeople have trained in the past, including World Champions, Olympians, and Paralympians.

3. Hii Fitness – Eyre Street

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This is a boutique gym that offers specialist coaching like no other gym in Sheffield. So, for those of you looking to join a gym for a bit of fun and to maintain a base level of health and fitness during your time living in the city as a student, this place probably isn’t for you. 

What Hii Fitness does provide is the perfect support and expert guidance and advice for those people looking to lose weight by using the gym and getting active, or those people looking to build stronger muscles, to sculpt and become a bodybuilder. 

You can choose from a range of classes, including intensity workouts, recovery workouts and calming workouts, with free weights and punch bags in use. 

Hii Fitness is one of the most interactive gyms in Sheffield and well worth a visit.

4. Prime Mover Fitness – Jessop Street


Prime Mover Fitness differs from other Sheffield gyms in that it offers some additional services on top of the general gym membership and workout equipment it has in place. 

If you are looking to lose or gain weight in a healthy way, combining a regular workout with a healthier meal plan, Prime Mover Fitness can provide you with the perfect nutrition plan that will keep you focused, maintain healthy progress, and keep you moving in the right direction towards your targets. 

It is another community of gym-lovers, all willing to help and support one another. You can use the functional training area, take part in classes, core workouts or join the boxing club.

5. BFX Gym – Flora Street

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Open 7-days-a-week, the BXF Gym in Sheffield offers something a little bit different to what you can expect from other gyms in Sheffield. 

It is an inclusive gym, has plenty of space, great equipment, and some of the best trainers around. 

What you get at BXF is the chance to make good use of the three different zones of classes and the three varieties of class in each zone. 

The classes are split into The Platform (Resistance workouts), The Field (HIIT workouts to burn calories), and The Ring (boxing your way to fitness) with help from elite trainers.

6. The Zest Centre – Upperthorpe

A community-led gym that provides you with an interesting option when it comes to gyms in Sheffield. 

The Zest Centre is all about that supportive group where everyone is trying to stay healthy and fit. The equipment is state-of-the-art, there are resistance and cardio machines, a swimming pool, and you can join a range of classes, including Pilates. Another good thing about Zest is that they have a women’s only section. 

This provides a safe space for women to work out in comfort and complete safety. The Zest Centre is a good choice if you are looking to make friends in Sheffield soon after moving there. 

It is open 7-days-a-week and is easy to find in the north of the city centre.

As you can see, there are some great gyms in Sheffield to suit all tastes and requirements. If you are sculpting your muscles, hitting the cardio sessions hard, doing resistance training or aiming to get fit and lose weight at the same time in a healthy way, there are options open to you.

For some students moving to Sheffield, you might already have experience in going to the gym, for newcomers it can be quite daunting. Never fear, everyone has been in the same boat at some point and generally the gym community is a friendly one, with support and advice there if you need it, plenty of classes to get involved with, or the chance to use the highest quality of gym equipment in solitude to make the most of time on your own to clear your head. We hope you find the best gyms in Sheffield for your needs.