Cafes In Egham To Go For Your Daily Caffeine Fix

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Egham and the surrounding areas are full of interesting and pretty cafés and tearooms, restaurants and pubs. 

Lucky for those living at Straits Garden, it’s located on Egham High Street, putting you within literal spitting distance of many of the best coffee shops this university town in Surrey has to offer.

Obviously, we don’t recommend spitting towards your café of choice, instead stretch those legs a little and head down to your favourite place for a cup of coffee in the morning, whether you are relaxing on a day off or need your daily dose of caffeine to get you going for the day ahead!

As a student living in Egham there is plenty to see and do, with great slices of cake, big mugs of coffee, and charming places to sit and watch the world go by, alongside some great places to study if you’re looking for a quiet place to work. All within easy reach of your student accommodation.

Here is a list of some of the best cafés in Egham for you to try out… 

cafes egham

1. Magna Carta Tea Room 

This National Trust tea room is open every day of the year, serving freshly ground coffee to help wake you up before or after a walk round the riverside walks, art installations and moving memorials close by. 

They also serve a delicious range of homemade cakes, lunch options, and tea so you can buy yourself a little treat. 

Between April and October, the venue is open between 10am and 5pm, with shorter hours between October and March, closing at either 3.30pm or 4.30pm. 

It is a really pretty part of the world and makes for a great escape during long summer walks, stopping for a cuppa and an ice cream, or warming up with a hearty bowl of soup on a brisk winter’s day.

Magna Carta Tea Room cafes egham

Address: Windsor Rd, Englefield Green, Egham TW20 0AE

2. Eggham on Toast

Eggham on Toast is a glorious café that’s right on the doorstep of your student home in Egham. A great play on words that showcases the best of cafés in Egham! 

One of the things that makes this café stand out from the crowd is that the staff are mega friendly. 

This makes such a big difference when you are living away from home, finding a friendly and welcoming place in a café that you could soon make your regular haunt. 

Eggham on Toast serves a good cup of coffee, big English or American breakfasts, panini’s, jacket potatoes, and omelettes at lunch. 

Being just a 4 minute walk from Straits Garden, it is a fantastic place to meet friends, to have brunch, or just to relax and take a break from the world.

Eggham on Toast cafes egham

Address: 73 High St, Egham TW20 9HE

3. Golden Café

 It could well possibly be quicker to get your shoes on and walk down to the Golden Café than it would be to make a cup of coffee in your student home, considering it’s just a 2 minute walk from Straits Garden. 

Located on Egham High Street, It’s an old fashioned greasy-spoon style café with plenty of food options on the menu. 

The staff are very friendly, and you’ll always be given the choice to make up a breakfast with the items you want (not every café will let you customise without adding to the price these days!).

Every breakfast has a good portion size, is cooked fresh and well presented. 

You’ll also find good value with a hot drink included with every breakfast, so you can get a good gulp of coffee with your morning grub.

Golden Café

Address: 20 High St, Egham TW20 9DT

4. Caffè Nero

The Italian coffee house that is instantly recognisable with stores throughout the UK and Europe, Caffè Nero is a casual café that offers the comfort of familiarity.

Luckily, this Nero is located on the same street as our student accommodation in Egham. 

They have their own roastery and winning blend of coffee, so you know what you’re getting when you order a cup of coffee in one of their stores. 

There are no student specific discounts currently, but it is always worth keeping an eye on. 

They do have some free drink offers for those with O2 priority though which is worth taking advantage of! 

Caffè Nero egham

Address: 25, The Precinct, High St, Egham TW20 9HN

5. Costa Coffee 

Another familiar chain coffee shop, you know what you’re getting with Costa Coffee. 

It’s a counter-service coffee chain where you can get your hit of caffeine at a relatively good price, sweet and savoury snacks, sandwiches for lunch, and a comfortable seat to relax in for a while. 

Costa has been around for decades, growing into a massive chain of coffee shops across 31 countries. 

Although there are no current student discounts on offer, Costa Coffee does always have some sort of meal deal promotion on offer, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Alongside that, the Costa Coffee loyalty scheme ‘Costa Club’ is worth signing up for if you decide to make this your regular coffee haunt in Egham.

You’ll get a free drink out of every 8, a free slice of cake on your birthday and other great offers throughout the year.

It’s just a 3-minute walk from Straits Garden and has free Wi-Fi for cracking on with studying so, why wouldn’t you check it out?

costa coffee egham

 Address: 64/65 High St, Egham TW20 9EY

If you are a student at our beautiful Straits Garden student accommodation located on Egham High Street, you’ll find that you are in the perfect location to get your daily caffeine fix. 

Whether you are looking for a cup of Joe first thing in the morning to help perk yourself up before heading to a day of lectures and seminars, or you just like to relax with a cup of coffee on your lunch break or on your way back home after a hard day of studies, Egham has plenty of cafes to choose from! 

Do you have your own personal favourite coffee shop and café in Egham? Let us know @prestigestudentliving.

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