7 Sheffield Takeaways Students NEED To Try

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Sheffield is a city with plenty to offer in its cuisine options, and from the doorstep of your Sheffield student accommodation you won’t be far from some amazing food. 

If you are a student who loves to get a takeaway from time to time, you can order tasty food right to your apartment within the hour in most cases.

You’re in the perfect location whether you fancy pizza, noodles, shawarma, or fish and chips. 

We’ve put together a short list of some of the best Sheffield takeaways, but please let us know where you like to get takeout from in this South Yorkshire city!

Sheffield takeaways

1. The Porter Pizza Company

Hand-made, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza is the best pizza in the world, don’t you agree? 

There’s a reason it has become so popular around the UK in the last few years, and when you find a good one you hold on tight. 

We could eat this type of pizza every day, it is that tasty, and The Porter Pizza Company is the best Sheffield has to offer in our opinion. 

Their dough is made in-house and left to prove for 48 hours, the wood-fired oven achieves that charred crust and they even have some student discounts on offer. 

You can order hot and fresh Neapolitan pizza here and try out one of their many pizza toppings!

The best part? It’s just 15 minutes away by car from your student apartment – so fast delivery!

The Porter Pizza Company Sheffield

2. Shawarma Grill

Just a 15-minute walk from your Sheffield apartment is Shawarma Grill, a place which offers you that comfort food direct from the grill. 

This is the perfect kebab house out of all the Sheffield takeaways you could choose from after a night out drinking. 

There is nothing better at that time of night than a juicy cheeseburger that doesn’t cost a lot of money, or a shawarma wrap with all the salad and sauce. 

If you’re ordering for a group of you, you must order some sides to share, from crispy chicken goujons with a hit of spice and some mozzarella sticks for the ultimate cheese pull – mmm tasty. 

You can order straight from the Shawarma Grill website to your front door – give it a try! 

Shawarma Grill Sheffield takeaways

3. Proove

The most popular of Sheffield takeaways on Deliveroo, Proove is for the pizza afficionado, but they also do a selection of small plates too. 

If you’re after a quick bite at lunch we’d recommend the pesto panini, which is incredibly simple and delicious. 

In the evening, you’ve got to try one of the authentic pizzas, followed by Italian gelato for pudding – mouth-watering goodness all round!

Proove is also a great place for vegan options, alongside offering a range of gift cards, lunch deals, and student-friendly prices.

If you’re on the hunt for somewhere to grab a bite to eat and don’t fancy cooking for the night, make sure to give it a try! 

Proove sheffield takeaways

4. Ranmoor Friery

Often cited as Sheffield’s best fish and chip shop, Ranmoor Friery is definitely one of the takeout’s in the city you want to experience when living there as a student. 

It goes above and beyond what you expect from a good old British chippy. 

All the best fish and chip classics are on the menu, fish and chips, a sausage dinner, pies and peas, and much more. 

They even offer up a vegan battered sausage, so it is a forward-thinking chip shop too! 

Prices are pretty low, so you can get a big feed for a good price.

Yet to give it a go?

Order from UberEats for some delicious fish and chips, you know you want to! 

Ranmoor Friery Sheffield takeways

5. Kommune

Next up on our list of Sheffield takeaways is Kommune, which is just a 10-minute walk from Straits Manor – ideal if you don’t fancy paying the delivery fee! 

This is a little different to the others on this list, but it’s worth it because of how close it actually is to your student apartments. 

There’s nothing stopping you and your friends picking up a few dishes and making the quick journey home to eat in the private dining room at Straits Manor. 

Kommune is a Scandi-inspired food hall with a bunch of independent street food traders that will blow your mind. 

You find food markets in most cities these days, but this is a particularly good one. 

For drinks there is craft beer and cocktails from local suppliers, whilst for food, choose between sushi, big juicy burgers, Mexican or Vietnamese. 

Street food markets are a great way to try a little bit of everything, especially if you’re with a group of friends with different taste buds.

If you’re wanting something tasty, why not head out and grab a take out from one of the independent traders? 

Kommune Sheffield takeaways

6. Zeugma

An authentic Turkish restaurant that is some of the best of its kind in Yorkshire, Zeugma on London Road makes every visitor sit up and take notice! 

Although grilled meat is obviously the major selling point here, you’ll also find some great veggie dishes on the menu. 

From great halloumi dishes to rice to mushrooms to grilled aubergine – we are partial to some squeaky cheese ourselves! 

The best dishes from a Turkish takeaway are always those that have been cooked slow and low, where the meat just falls off the bone – it’s so mouthwatering! 

Sharing platters are definitely the way to go with Zeugma, and you can even order an array of beers and other alcoholic drinks from UberEats if you fancy it. 

Zeugma Sheffield takeaways

7. Noodle Doodle

It would not make any sense at all for us to leave Noodle Doodle off this list.

It is, after all, right outside Straits Manor, on the other side of the road! 

What this means is, you can get a big takeaway without worrying about delivery fees, because you can just wander over to pick up your order and take it back with you – what a winner!  

The Noodle Doodle menu is full of your Chinese takeaway classics and is one of the most loved Chinese takeaways by locals, with over a total of 300 dishes to choose between. 

They even offer delicious Asian drinks and bubble tea if you fancy ordering them. 

The staff are friendly, the portions are huge, and the quality is right there, so you can’t ask for much more from a takeaway. 

Why not order in some dim sum between you and your pals before salivating over the rest of the menu choices? 

 Noodle Doodle Sheffield takeaways

Straits Manor offers magnificent student apartments in Sheffield that hits all the right notes. 

You have a comfortable space to call your own, with a big comfy bed, en suite bathroom, and ample study space. In the communal areas though you also have access to some fantastic amenities! 

If you are considering a takeout with some of your friends, either from the list of delicious Sheffield takeaways above, or from somewhere else that has tickled your taste-buds, why not make use of the private dining room at Straits Manor?

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