The Best TV Shows On Disney+ For A Cinema Night

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Disney+ has fast become one of our favourite streaming platforms. There’s so much good stuff on there, from all those Disney films you loved as a kid, to all the films from the Marvel universe, Star Wars, as well as more grown up films and TV shows on some of the other sections on the app. 

We’ve put together some of the best TV shows on Disney+ right now, those shows you really don’t want to miss.

If any of the best TV shows on Disney+ interest you, and you are living in our Straits Garden student accommodation, why not take advantage of its incredible, exclusive cinema room. 

Grab a few of your friends, get the popcorn and cinema snacks in, get comfy and settle in for a night of quality TV!

best tv shows on disney+


A sequel to the cult classic film of the late-1980s that was loved by many from that generation, Lucasfilm served up a classic TV show that was in a different place and pace to the Star Wars behemoth we expect from it. 

Taking place 17 years after Willow, Sorsha, and Madmartigan defeated Queen Bavmorda, there is a new threat for a group of characters to overcome. 

The show is full of magic and adventure, welcoming newcomers to the world and those who love the original.

You can stream it now on Disney+. 


A prequel of sorts to the Star Wars spin-off film Rogue One, Andor follows the doomed Rebel operative, Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna. 

The story is vast though, bringing in Stellan Skarsgård and other great actors to bring a depth of quality acting to match the superb writing. 

It is a slow burn of a TV show, but the payoff is definitely worth it, especially if you love Star Wars!

Watch now today on Disney+.

She Hulk: Attorney at Law

We know all about Bruce Banner and Hulk, but She Hulk: Attorney at Law is all about how Jennifer Walters is infected with the blood of her famous cousin, Banner, before going back to her career as a lawyer. 

It is from here that things get very strange, with Walters heading-up the Superhuman law division at her law firm. 

It’s binge worthy television, get watching on Disney+ now! 

The Beatles: Get Back

If you love music, and you love the history of pop music, you’ll love Peter Jackson’s epic three-part, nine hour exploration of how The Beatles made their classic album ‘Let it Be’ (let’s be honest though every Beatles album is a classic isn’t it?). 

It’s mad how engrossing it is watching four mates sit around for hours on end, sometimes just chatting about what was on the telly the night before, arguing with each other, doodling songs that would become legendary hits, putting the hard work in, and most of the time asking for some tea and toast. 

Become friends with John, Paul, George, and Ringo with Get Back.


An original Disney+ series that was the first part of Phase Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision as they settle into the perfect, white-picket fence of suburban life. 

Except, nothing is truly as it seems. The nine episodes unravel with tension, classic sitcom tropes from every era, comedy, and a climax that offers a massive payoff. 

This follows up to the events at the finale of Avengers: Endgame sets up the next phase of Marvel perfectly. 

Only Murders in the Building

Two seasons down and a third on the way, Only Murders in the Building is funny, dramatic, and brings together one of the gloriously funny pairings of all time, Steve Martin and Martin Short, and somehow enhances their relationship by making it a three including Selena Gomez. 

The show explores how three strangers who live in the same building but have a passion for true crime podcasts, end up investigating a murder in their own building and develop a podcast of their own. 

Expect tears of laughter, great cameos, and perfect writing that twists and turns its way to the finale.

Want to watch for yourself? Get streaming now on Disney+.


From the brain of all-round genius Donald Glover (you may also know him as Childish Gambino), Atlanta is a show primarily about the unknown Atlanta rapper Paper Boi, and how he comes together with his friends to try and make it in the business. 

It’s much more than this though, it’s really funny, dark, twisted and weird like a modern-day Twin Peaks, and has strong political messages behind everything, including a few politically-charged standalone episodes that cover the cultural topics of today. 

Some of the best TV writing of modern times, Atlanta is a must watch with all four seasons on Disney+.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch

A spin-off of Clone Wars, this is another example of the great animation in the Star Wars universe. 

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is about the elite mercenary squad of clone warriors, genetically mutated and enhanced to be the best troopers. 

The Bad Batch is both a sequel and a spin-off of Star Wars, and some say it’s as good as The Madalorian, making it a really exciting tv series if you’re into Star Wars. 

You don’t even have to have watched Clone Wars to understand what’s going on, so don’t let that put you off.

Ms. Marvel

A bit of a lighter watch than some of the other Marvel TV series on Disney+, Ms. Marvel is the story of how Kamala Khan gets the ability to harness cosmic energy from a magic bangle. 

The TV show is a crucial part of The Marvels which is due for release in the summer of 2023. 

They say life gets better with super powers, but is this the case for Khan? Watch the trailer below to find out more and get streaming! 

The Simpsons

33. That’s the incredible number of seasons of the award winning TV shows, The Simpsons, that are available to stream on Disney+. 

It is one of the best TV shows of all time, no doubt about it. 

It was ground-breaking for years and though the quality might not be what it once was (we highly recommend going straight to the peak classic years of The Simpsons seasons 3-8!). 

Disney+ makes it easy to watch any episode from any era of The Simpsons if you want to check in with Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge, and Homer.

And so that concludes our guide to the best TV shows for a cinema night in your student accommodation, which will you be streaming first?! 

Let us know your favourite TV show on Disney+ @straitsgarden_psl. 

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